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  1. Regan Colton

    His name is Regan Colton, he is a British man with Chernarussian ethnicity. He is the younger brother of Garret Colton. He grew up in London but was sent to Chernarus after his brother Garret got into a fight with his father and almost killed him. He never knew what happened to his brother. He arrived to Chernarus International Airport in Novigrad, he was supposed to live with his grandfather who he had never met. His grandfather lived in a small house in the woods North-West of the small town Mogilevka. He and his grandfather got along well. Though when Regan turned 18 on the 15th of March 2008 he was rallied to fight in the Chernarussian Civil War, he refused. His grandfather helped him flee to Georgia where he lived in a small shack until the war was over. In 2009 he returned to Chernarus only to find that his grandfather had been murder as revenge for him refusing to join the war. When Regan found out about this he lost it. He never buried his grandfather’s corpse, he just left it in the garden and just continued on living the house. When the infection started to spread, Regan was still living in that house in the woods and he never cared about being evacuated from Chernarus so he simply stayed there. He held up in that house until one day when he snapped and set the house on fire. The house burned down and now he is roaming Chernarus, surviving the apocalypse, and he will do anything to survive.