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    Wow someone shot you using the in game mechanics . Did you know in real life there's also not a camera following you around about 5 feet above your head.  Don't intimate on people if you aren't prepared to actually know what to do when they don't comply lol. Or at least watch some damn videos of dayzrp and read the rules before  making reports lmfao 

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      I apologise for Undeads poor conduct here I shall be reporting it to the staff team.



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      Thank you staff member randle my friend 

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      No problem friendo.

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      A Foul Goblin


  2. At least I know if I get robbed from behind, I can quickly 180 and blast their face off. I'm out, do what you want with the report.
  3. What I described was me behind the Alex who was laying on the ground, only to do a 180 and mow me down in half a second, while laying down.
  4. Server and location: EU1 / Novaya Petrovka Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 08:05pm. Your in game name: Yeshua Abramowicz Names of allies involved: Unknown. Can the guys from the garage please PM me or comment here. Name of suspect/s: Unknown. Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): None. Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): None. Detailed description of the events: Upon being fired at on the compound at Novaya Petrovka, myself and a few others I have forgotten the name of, began to hide and formulate a plan. While the guys at base were holding it down, I snuck out to look for the sniper. I tracked the sniper for about a mile around the bush without being noticed, when the chance finally came to get the drop on them, which I did. The suspect was laying down, facing forward and I was behind them. When I told them to put their hands up, they magically did a 180, laying down in about a split second, and killed me. Complete failRP + I feel like I've been massively cheated. If it was legit, fair enough. To whoever it was though, you owe me an apology.
  5. shhhhlp

    The Legion

    Yesh liked that creepy little person, he wanted to befriend them. He will not be happy if he ever finds out about this.
  6. *Yeshua would shiver slightly as he readjusted in his spot, cold from the chilly night air and the fog that blanketed Chernogorsk. After letting out a sigh he would begin to speak into the radio, his accent recognizable to anyone having previously met him. Click* "I am seeking any information on a group of... people, located somewhere around Chernogorsk that may have some information that I require. Not too long ago, you... met a group of people on the way to Electrozavodsk... If this message rings true, please respond" *Click. Yesh would repeat the message 5 times in 3 hours, waiting for a response*
  7. This place is awesome btw, love it, even though I haven't run into anyone yet.

    1. Phoenix


      you're looking in the wrong places then. ;) 

  8. Interested in archaeology and history from an early age, Yeshua spent most of his childhood and early teenage years on the ground in Israel, recovering long lost artifacts such as those left behind by the Romans. Upon reaching the age of 18, Yeshua was called into service in the Israeli Defense Forces. Upon completing the basic and advanced training components of the IDF, Yeshua decided to stay in the military for almost a decade and build a career, only changing his mind near the end of Operation Protective Edge in Gaza, 2014 when he was 27. It was in this operation that Yeshua lost his childhood friend and began to explore other careers options outside of Israel, although his bravery bringing his friends body out of Gaza gained infamy and respect from peers country wide. Before a career change was to happen, Yeshua first decided to travel East and Western Europe to 'find himself', eventually meeting his former wife Alla in Elektrozavodsk, Chernarus. It was Dimitri, the brother of Alla who offered Yeshua a position in his unit of the Chernarus Defense Force in 2016. Sivstev St, Elektrozavodsk, Chernarus. July 21st, 2017. Rain pelted hard against the walls of the recently abandoned café on the corner of Sivstev Street, the wind only adding to the misery as it raced through the alley ways and past street signs with a howl that would send shivers down the spines of even the worst terrorists. A white and dirtied table cloth had got stuck in-between one of the windows, flapping uncontrollably. Pressed with their shoulder against the wall would be a man of 6 feet, olive complexion and now a wet beard as droplets of water poured from the rim of his helmet that was emblazoned with the insignia of the Chernarussian Defense Force. A name tag was neatly sown onto his chest, providing anyone with his rank and name. Private Yeshua Abramowicz. Next to the name tag were a few other medals, namely for participation in Operation Protective Edge, a conflict between Israel and militants in the Gaza Strip back in 2014. Barely being able to see through the massive storm that was blanketing the entire country and causing havoc, Yesh flicked his right and gloved index finger, switching the safety off of his AK74 and aiming down his iron sights at the terrifying view down the dimly lit street. Most of the street lamps were still functioning from the backup generators that were still running from escalating situations during the week. Yeshua was not alone however and was flanked by several other soldiers set up behind a makeshift barricade of vehicles, tyres, washing machines, junk and barbed wire, all waiting for the hoard of dead to come just a little closer to ensure headshots, the same dead that were inching their way towards the soldiers, stumbling over rubbish and bumping into cars, not yet realizing the snack up ahead that awaited them. Most were snapping, snarling and grunting, with the occasional walker going into a frenzy and chasing something inside one of the buildings on either side of the street, followed by a few of their friends. Yesh looked away from the hoard for a moment to get an idea of where everyone else was. They had received word of this horde just minutes earlier and were only just able to place up a makeshift barricade to intercept the infected. Many other soldiers who were behind the line on the barricade were ferrying around crates of ammunition and explosives. Some were running back and fourth from the VS cargo trucks to the barricade, some were filling empty magazines with rounds and some were readying Molotov cocktails. Most of these troops were from the local CDF unit, but included US marines that had arrived just four days earlier that deployed from the Utes garrison to take part in the huge NATO operation, all the while their American army counterparts were sent to Chernogorsk. Since then, the situation had quickly deteriorated into a struggle for hold ground, marked by the booms of airstrikes and the smell of jet fuel. The hoard kept making its way down the street, attracted by the noises still coming from all over the city in the form of sporadic gunfire and airstrikes in the rural outskirts, until one of the dead spotted a soldier running with a crate behind the barricade. After the first few walkers spotted the barricade, they all went into a killing frenzy. Around six hundred zombies that were stumbling up the street began to enter a full sprint towards the barricade. The thundering boom of a nearby airstrike caused all of the lights in the city to flicker. The troops began to become uneasy and everyone who was not at the barricade, ran towards it in order to defend the line. Dozens of weapons were now aimed at the hoard and in the split second that they all got the order to open fire, Yesh spotted his wife who assured him she was leaving the country to stay at her mothers in Russia. She was amongst the dead. Present Day Yesh sat directly at the foot of a grave, staring down at the dirt at his feet as he rested his head in his arms. Many things went through his mind as he did this. The good times, the hard times, the night it happened. The bad times didn’t matter anymore. The night it happened, that did not matter anymore. The fact he had to wait a week to collect his wife’s body or kill two people who had attempted to rob him during that time. There was no point wondering what could have been if he had not immigrated to Chernarus from Israel two years before the infection, or joined the Chernarussian Defense Force for that matter. An upset and broken man, Yesh has always been polite and respectful of others, shown clearly to those who meet him. Not the kind of person to commit crimes or robberies, Yesh will always stand up for those in need of assistance, avoiding conflict if the opportunity arises despite the fact he is a career soldier. Unaware of what day it was or even how many days had passed since that fateful night, Yesh only had one option; keep moving forward and survive. Since then, Yesh had been sticking to the rural and forested areas around Elektrozavodsk, not ready to leave the grave of his now deceased wife, not yet willing to let go and shake the ghosts from the past continuously haunting him but left with little answers and hope, he has no choice. Somewhere out there, someone knows how this disease came into fruition and somebody knows why. Yeshua would begin to walk away from the grave that was placed next to the tree he and his wife had planted two years earlier in their backyard, his life now dedicated to researching the infected, their biology and their origins, his destination and goal, to; “Travel Chernarus and meet survivors in order to further my research on the undead and their origins, to find the answers I and every other human being, seeks” Yeshua Abramowicz Will not commit acts of terrorism, banditry or other criminal acts including raids. Will always look out for those lesser able to defend themselves, without letting them know about it. Focused on researching the dead, rather than getting involved in politics.
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