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  1. Before the Decline, Alex Davis was an Apprentice Heavy Equipment Operator, flown in from Canada to do his 2 year work term so he can earn his Journeyman papers, he spent his youth growing up in a small community on the outskirts of Labrador named Cartwright, here he learned from his father Samuel Davis how to survive off the land, being so far from any major city, it was the primary way to survive. he lived a tight nit life style with his friends and family in Cartwright, being such a small community everyone already considered each other family. Had being completed his training in Sept of 2015 Alex was all to pleased when Chern.co had called him for an apprentice position in May 2017. his stent was to be the duration of his apprenticeship 2 full years. then he was offered a full time job and the chance to also go home. Events that followed once he arrived in Chernarus were the same as everyone else, as they were for Alex. he had been moved around from relief camp to relief camp town to town, base to base, He knew the towns were the place these monsters were most dangerous so he split off and made for the woods. it had been months surviving off the wilderness and he came up with a new plan. try and find a plane or at least get home. his first stop an airport. This is where I begin.
  2. Alex was part of a relief group assigned to the region. While on tour in Chernarus, met a woman whom he fell in love with, inevitably during the out break, Светлана(Svetlana) lost her life. shot by a survivor of the out break. it was a complete mishap but Alex never recovered from his loss. now hes just trying to get by start over. even though the death of his wife haunts him. hoping for a new start Alex finds himself a little to trusting. but time will either show him the right path or put him in the ground. maybe all he needs is another person who he can be close to again.
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