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  1. Deacon had a rough childhood his father was a beat cop in the city, they never really had a good relationship, his father would beat him and his siblings, blamed them for their mom leaving. Deacon is the oldest of 3 brothers Deacon, Dante, and Daniel. Deacons father Henry would come home drunk every night and do what he wanted have his way with his wife where ever and whenever he wanted, figured "I'm payin' to keep these lights on, I'll do what I want in my house" didnt matter if his kids were watching. Deacon and his brothers would do everything they could to be out of the house as long as they could. Deacon never really was good at school, I mean he got by but really nah he didnt excel, what he was good at, was fighting, ever since junior high Deacon would pick fights with older kids this lead to the beatings from his father. You see Deacon was working his way up the food chain, and at the top was dear old dad. he was gunna put Henry in his place, and make sure he wont so much as look at his brothers anymore. One day Deacon came home to see his youngest brother Daniel unconscious in a pool of his own blood on the floor, a broken beer bottle next to his head with a huge gash in his skull, his father was nowhere to be found. This sent Deacon into a frenzy he blacked out demolished the living room, he called an ambulance and left, the next thing he did changed his life and the lives of his brothers forever. He took his fathers 1961 Chevy Impala, and headed down to his fathers beat, he shifted the car into first and floored it, topping out at 97 MPH keeping his eyes on his mirrors, eventually he seen what he was waiting for, those fateful red n blue lights, it was his father, he knew he'd be alone today because he had been complaining all night about his partner taking the day off and how the station is understaffed. Deacon turned into a dead end ally jumped out of the car and waited. the cruiser slowly pulled up to the now damaged chev and got out, walking forward he noticed the car was his and he pulled his gun, cautiously walking up to the driver side door he never noticed the tackle from behind, the gun fell from Henry's hand and he fell to the ground. Deacon was now on top of Henry pinned down and pounding on his face in, after about 5 full min of pounding Henry's face was unidentifiable. Deacon stood up and grabbed the gun Mlock 15 pointed it toward Henry's head and said "Your no longer needed here" BANG Henry's brain matter splattered all over the sidewalk. after leaving his brothers a note stating he'll see them again Deacon left and joined in with the Hells Angels, he'd quickly raise through the ranks and become on of their enforcers. A mark had fled the country owing the angels a hefty sum of money, the information he got from their now paraplegic friend was that they were heading to South Zagoria, thats where we pick up this story.
  2. In my opinion and I know this is going to be an unpopular one, from my time on the server I would watch the reports and from what I have noticed a lot of the reports are about the same people over and over. and from what I see the rules usually roll in favor of those hostile groups. not everyone is a fan of hostile RP, I'm personally indifferent, but I like to build relations with people I meet. (I attempt to host multi group competitions etc like a marksman contest up at NWAF) I never get a chance to do any of this because of the constant attacks from people or constantly being held up. a lot of my planning has to happen out of character, and I dont want that. no one would... it takes from the experience. at the end of the day I came to this server to have fun, and so did a lot of other like minded people, and for me at least being held up every time I turn on my game is not fun. I'm trying everything I can to make my opinion heard, as well for those who dont wanna come forward. This was an attempt to change a rule, to reflect how an Item works in game. I challenge everyone to look at the item in game and post any description or indication that the item is intended to be PTT and use the item how I described. my suggestion wasn't an unfair one, all it would do is at least give the victim at least one little edge against the constant wave of hostile RP.. without actually needing to resort to PVP... which usually results in a report against them. (NVFL, RDM, KOS, ETC)
  3. going forward I'll mute my discord or teamspeak obviously but my radio will still be on and transmitting ingame maybe it'll be in my pants etc. cant get a ban because my radio is on, on my character
  4. Your rationality is based on how the rules are read as is, but that's why I am motioning to have it changed, if 3rd party communication was not a factor and the radio was on, you'd either have to get the victim to turn off the radio or you do it yourself, All I am saying is that's how the rule should work using a 3rd party communication as well. as it doesn't make sense to push a button down on a radio that doesn't exist on the model So to make sense either remove use of 3rd party communication all together or give it the same limitations as the radios in game
  5. I feel as though the rule 3.6 should be altered to reflect how the radios work in game, just because your hands are up in game doesn't mean the radios are no longer transmitting, this will make the Hostiles have to take a little more effort in their hold ups and also give the victim a chance to be rescued. this would in my opinion balance the game to a certain extent
  7. @jereme511 was the officer being held up, he had messaged me after the event to tell me what had happened. I asked him if they removed his Radio, he stated that they did not, they removed his weapons minus the boot knife but never the radio, I tell my officers to double mic at all times to abide by the new Meta gaming rule, and as the Radios in-game do not have a PTT feature, I dont see a reason why they would have to turn off their discord unless their radio's were removed or physically turned off via ** or in-game otherwise. If it is determined that the radios are IN FACT PTT, I wanna take responsibility for his actions as it was MY order to keep his discord on!
  8. **Static breaks the sound of shuffling in the background** This is Alex Davis, I am with the UN... **in a disgruntled voice** I have came to rape and pillage... however... the Sons.. and Daughters... of Chernarus have caught me.. and foreigners are not welcome, slava Chernarus... is th... **static resumes**
  9. to be honest, it could very well be about trading, it could also be about trying to rebuild society, it could even be about creating bonds with people. I wasnt suggesting cutting out Hostile RP out all together, all I was suggesting was an oppertunity for characters to build powerful bonds with people. Durring the hostile moments those bonds could be shattered ultimately altering your characters dynamic. yes I understand this is a roleplay and its ment to be realistic, but its also ment to be a story for each of us where we are our own protagonists in our own eyes and views, and were all evolving our own character arks and stories. we initially created a backstory for our characters and our groups when we signed up for this server, imagine if our backstory evolved to the point that everything you put in the description Actually happened in the world you created your character in with other characters. The possibilities are endless, this is where we need to cut away from the fabric of whats realistic and create truly epic tales of how our characters evolved. "My name is Keagan, the reason why I came to South Zegoria now seems so far away its but a glimmer of a memory, since the outbreak I have tried to build connections believing the good in people, believing everyone had a conscious, I have quickly discovered... I was wrong. I seen friends fall, I have seen allies turn to enemies... Lovers betray each other. and even Old enemies raise up arms to defeat a greater foe... I went from a retired cop, to a ruthless bandit... do i regreat what i have done? I dont know... its been a long 2 years... hell feels like it has frozen over... I dont even remember my life before this hell.." All of someone details of who they are and who they will become can be effected by the world. but with the constant war. its hard if not impossible to build any type of arking stories... My intention of starting this post wasnt to create conflict but to come together as a community to discover how we can make our characters stories EPIC without nessessarily being good at PVP (apologies for typos, will fix after I eat)
  10. I get that its a roleplay server and its meant to be realistic, but its also meant to be fun, and I can tell you not everyone enjoys constant Hostile RP, most people look for an RP server cause they wanna get away from the constant PVP.. and I know yes people are interacting first but its all means to an end where they get some PVP... frankly there are many servers out there that offer just that without a whitelist selection process. dont just shoot me down present alternatives because enough people feel this way too. and it could be an opportunity to improve.
  11. Okay, bare with me on this, I feel as tho this community is very split between people who want Peaceful and Developmental RP (Community building etc) and people who want Hostile warlike RP, what I'm about to suggest may be an unpopular opinion however i feel like it could make a way to create stability and balance between the thrill seekers and the comfort gamers. Imagine a grace period where groups are allowed to build and stabilize and grow without incident, develop in depth character stories as well as meaningful relationships, make families or even uneasy bonds. Then Imagine after all of this were built and your character has well verse themselves into the land and people in the land, we find ourselves in a era of strife and war. an era where the uneasy alliance between the faction your with and a neighboring one breaks, resulting in skirmishes in the land, at home, and in your neighbors home. This would be an era that would eventually end leading to another growing period, with new faces and some old. Your character survived the war, but they're not the same, the things they seen the terrors they have witnessed engraved and etched into their mind can never leave them, making them a husk of the generous man or woman they were before, they dont trust they are easy to anger etc. Maybe your character felt as if Justice was served, they were once scared of conflict where as now they look to end it when it starts to grow, they have become a Peace seeker! Your character died, leaving a son or daughter behind, who you now control some time has passed and that new character wants to see their father/mothers vision come true, or maybe they wanna make sure the evil their parents caused never comes to pass again. The Concept of this idea is simple, players will be given a "War-free" grace period, where people cannot attack settlements, at least not in mass, this give the players an opportunity to grow a suitable force and community. after this Grace period the groups will enter a "Warring Season" during this time two or more group to an endless number of them will be in open conflict with one another, the community of Dayzrp will agree on a "Warring time" during server hours where players from opposing factions could freely attack and kill each other, granted the NVFL rule will still be in effect where if you are losing a skirmish you MUST surrender or be killed to the last. if your character dies or is captured during this warring time, they are either PK'd or no longer active in the war "POW." this season will last untill either faction's players will be exhausted or they surrender. and the losing faction must disband. I truely feel as though this idea will give players an oppertunity to get the best of both worlds in terms of RP. P.S. add to this or subject your own ideas I wanna see how this is recieved by the community ~Alex Davis
  12. Hi, @Mademoiselle I just want to say I appreciate how you brought this to our attention this way opposed to filing a report about it, I just wanna try and clarify something up however, I understand how it may seem like I was silent mic'ing, but the moments I got silent were simply me waiting for an opportunity to speak, there were other convo's going on around me and I personally find it difficult to say something while other people are talking. During this event Chip wasn't online at least not in the channel of discord we were using. the second time I went silent I will clarify that I was telling Dimitri to watch the OOC, I apologize for that aswell but i truly believe in that case it was a simple incident of him accidentally double clicking the voice button in game. the second issue was with how CTF conducted ourselves, our group and other groups are made up of individuals who may have different attitudes and beliefs. yes Dimitri was out of the groups morals by being rude and antagonizing, but I believe I did the groups name Justice when I tried to solve the dispute peacefully. In short I take the rules in DayZRP very seriously, and I truly believed i was acting within them, if i was out of the rules during that encounter I am truly sorry and it Definatly will not happen again. P.S. I really enjoyed the roleplay, its not often I get to roleplay out a security officer but you guys presented that for me, I look forward to your next visit. Imrich can vouch I always come say hi when hes around.
  13. they haven't run us out yet @Roland, Me and our security boys are gunna do our best! Next time your by Krasnostav, come by for some trading. Lately we have been trading in goods and Rich character stories , We got this @YAKMOUTH !!
  14. Hey guys SO sorry about the delay, I just got back from Vacation POV: So when I logged in (Woke up) I was told we were on High Alert because time members had been seen in the area and we have had a couple of run ins from them in the past, so we were turning people away for a short time at the gate. I went about my business and started doing security rounds, all of a sudden a member of Time had come over a Megaphone, or PA of some sort and announced that everyone in the compound come out with our hands up or we all die. Naturally I looked for a senior member of the group and awaited orders, My orders were as follows "Do not engage unless fired upon or if a member of time breached the gate." I rotated from several posts trying to follow movement outside the camp. there were a few individuals spotted outside to the west however they did not have armbands on so i took up an over watch position in one of the buildings awaiting confirmation on the targets. no confirmation came through and I was downed. in short the Initiation seemed more like a Ruleplay to Engage in some PVP. no demands were made simply put your hands up or die. and a great period of time had passed before the first shot were fired. if it were true that their attack was a result of us "Slandering" their name it would have been nice to know as such, they could have announced over the same form of PA system they used why they were attacking "You should learn to keep your mouths shut" "this was your own doing." "all can be forgiven if you come out and surrender " the whole situation lacked a serious RP element and just felt like Squad PvP.. and I personally didnt come to DayZRP for Squad PvP...
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