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  1. Axel Volaris

    Chernarus Trade Federation

    Yeahhhhh Boi!!
  2. Axel Volaris

    The United Nations | (Open Recruitment)

    I'd like to throw my hat in, and potentially 3 others, I have to chat with them first
  3. we have a group of 4 currently and just outside of Kamenka, we just got raided like 2 hours ago when we were watching Game of Thrones, I dont think they despawned anything but we had 3 tents filled with odds and ends, Nothing life shatteringly special, Im assuming they must of been a group of 3 with empty bags, cause they cleaned out one tent and took it. my guess is that they had no need for the loot but wanted the tent, so they took everything to stay within the rules. case as i said all three tents were filled. thought it may protect our tents... we were wrong.
  4. its kind of frustrating eh @Saunders I understand the roleplay side of things like yes make a group of 14 roll up on a small settlement yes rob us and what not, but its like.. when you go offline to log in and see everything gone, it feels like a potentially great RP session gone. not to mention the same old dissatisfaction you'd get from setting up a base on Pub servers. Its funny to (unrelated) my current base just got raided for the first time in a few days, and low n behold it was durring the hour Game of Thrones was airing HAHA.. **sigh**
  5. Axel Volaris

    The United Nations | (Open Recruitment)

    are you still open to recruiting?
  6. Oh I just havent come up with a new name for it. thats why it says unnamed.
  7. haha, I get it now xD but yeah, Id have to contact some external group, at the same time tho people looking to raid it would just be welcomed in like anyone else. take what they need, Id have a general tent with food ammo water, and spare supplies. hopefully as a deterrent to being raided
  8. Oh, I didnt realize that, well the name is flexible, but yeah i know what your saying, and i am relying on peoples good will, there are a few justice upholding groups on the server. maybe we could petition them to help out in the law side of things, or maybe form a small group in charge of enforcing the rules. more than anything I wanna try and give people an alternative to the cut and dry (go looting, be paranoid of running into someone in the fear of them being an 8 man squad whom has nothing against you. but just wants to hold you up and threaten your life.) this way people can meet in a generally safe space form their own groups outside of knowing each other OOC and then go out looting in numbers and without as much fear. @Falk good point. depending on how many people would support this idea, maybe it would be a good idea to form a group.
  9. Just trying to get a little feedback to see how people would feel about a small open concept player ran settlement, this would be a community likely set up in a field near a road away from in-game structures (this would free them up of Infected spawns). The premise would be that anyone is welcome in the community, which would be walled off with unlocked gates. Players can bring their own tents which they can set up anywhere and keep for their own personal items, larger tents for families etc. and the general rule would be simply; be kind to thy neighbor. this wouldn't be an official group of any sort. the people next to you would mean as much to you as your neighbor in real life does. your not obligated to do anything for each other except respect each others space. I personally think this could be a great way to bring a lot of the people in our DayZ server together. and have many random rp encounters, it would give people the opportunity to give players an IC way to make friends, form alliances, or even form rivalries. I'm not going to run a pole or anything, just see how well this idea is received.
  10. Axel Volaris

    Staff Feedback: RandyRP

    Link to the situation: Any supporting evidence or notes: NA Feedback: RandyRP you handled this quickly and efficiently and without bias, I appreciate your candor and your respect for both parties, and I'd like to apologize because of my misunderstanding of the Griefing rule. you have shown me the rights and the wrongs as to the proper way to respect rule 4.8! keep up the good work!! Suggestions for improvement: Maybe a tid-bit of information in the rules section stating the flexibility of the ruling on raiding a base, ie (and i know its specific) Little actual need is required to raid a base, General want of items inside is adequate.
  11. out of curiosity, would you be able to check the logs for the previous day around the same time? we had been broken into then aswell however the damages of course was minimal, and only survival items were taken, now if it were the same people twice, I would wager to assume this a form of harassment. of course I could be wrong
  12. if you read the bit on the lore youd know they are not just guidelines, and infact a singular story that ties us all together The DayZRP lore is a story that develops a structure for the server, and helps members develop their own characters and stories based around the timeline and story that the DayZRP lore provides. The lore is intended to ensure every roleplayer is on the same page in regards to the server's time, location, infection details, and the series of events that lead to the present day. If we allowed every player to create their own worldly lore story then it would make an unclear understanding of both time and place within the server, and lead to confusion. Following a single lore helps avoid conflictions between player's stories regarding the outbreak. As a new member of DayZRP you will need to read the lore, and develop a character that can properly fit into the story, which does not conflict with the lore by a large measure. For example a new member may create a character backstory that states, "In 2010 Henry woke up in Russia finding out his wife turned into an infected, and he had to escape!" The issue in this example is that the infection did not start in 2010 or in Russia. This example is considered a confliction with the official lore. If this player were to state this in character it would simply confuse others because it does not follow the official lore scope. This of course does not mean we are trying to limit creativity in player backstories. We still encourage players to have write a great backstory for their character as long as it is within the proper timeframe of the lore. Your whitelist can be denied if your backstory is too conflicting with the lore such as the example in the previous paragraph. Remember this when developing a character and entering the server because your character should by now have adopted many survival skills. Your character does not have to fully understand Chernarus' history especially if the character is a foreigner, however, your character should be familiar with the infection as it has spread worldwide. You should not be acting as if your character just arrived on the shore of Chernarus, and has never seen infected before. thats the first paragraph on the lore. this isn't Pirates of the Caribbean, and they're not more like Guide lines than actual rules. Im going to leave this for the staff as well, but given all I have seen so far, it looks like two people knew were a base was, sometime before perhaps stole a little maybe not i cannot say. logged off. then logged back on with the sole intent on stealing the car, and base supplies, then fabricated a story to defend their actions. so I suppose now that you know theres no way out you'll return the car? since you have no need of it ? oh wait i forgot your alignment is now Chaotic Neutral.... maybe the Neutral Good Kunta would have but now hes had a life altering moral standing change in the last 2 weeks? I had to get that out have at'er staff. Ill respect your decisions.
  13. as mentioned by Jake here are the convo's for some reason it wont allow me to send the final message so I will copy the text and send it. Axel_VolarisToday at 1:26 PM and a healthier player base see thats the thing if you had been starving or without protection yeah but there is no need in stealing a car i see the need there with food i even put a gun in the tent incase someone did break in and needed protection a vehicle is an unnecessary vanity item there bottom line is no dire need KidariToday at 1:28 PM Well if your IC goal is to escape Chernarus a vehicle is a very useful tool in your quest. Axel_VolarisToday at 1:29 PM its been 2 years ingame you said you had been playing since 2014 pluss you came from one of the only 2 road exits out. you know its blocked off the problem is that you can "BS" any reason for stealing it. but bottom line is that it did not directly effect your characters overall survival chances or quality of life albeit making movement more convenient(edited) KidariToday at 1:32 PM My character does not need to have been in Chernarus for all that time. I could have arrived there last week for all you know. Axel_VolarisToday at 1:34 PM only you know that, so i guess that means you have a BS card, get out of jail free card. either way, I hope the administration sees this for what it is, A violation of the rules and an exploit of convenience KidariToday at 1:35 PM Alright man. I just wanted to reach out personally but the rest is for the report. Axel_VolarisToday at 1:38 PM sounds good. as well I have nothing against you. I hope we encounter each other and have some good RP. My issue was never with you. my issue is with the fact I spent a good 20+ hours building a base, based on the rules i read to protect stuff I worked hard to get. and in my eyes that rule was broken translating into all the stuff i worked to get was gone 20+ hours down the drain
  14. as you surely know lore states that your character has been there for at least 2 years now. im sure if logs can go back far enough to show you would have had a car in the past, using a car to escape to your countries of origin is a scapegoat that you are using to defend yourselves. again, had you taken survival items it would be believable. and sleeping is not an OOC decision, anytime a character who is in an RP situation has to log out they mention they are going to "take a nap, go to sleep, lay down for a bit" that isn't news. Perhaps instead of roaming the coast looking for bases to raid you should work for your things as the rest of us has done. as a side note, I have not intended to be insulting in the least. I am merely a player who built a base and based on the rules only done so because i generally thought what i was doing was to have own support, you have been in my base, you could tell we were not hoarding or anything of the sort. and again its unfortunate that we had not been there cause had we been there we would have helped you out. maybe not give you a car but most likely the nails we wouldnt of needed to finish our watchtower. we all play peaceful traders and friendly individuals.
  15. Server and location: Server 1 Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): May 7th 4:00pm to 10:00pm Your in game name: Alex Davis Names of allies involved: Jake Lawson, Merik Davis, James Dermont Name of suspect/s: DIscord name, Misho (he contacted me) Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): 1 Olga which was stolen Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): Video proof will be uploaded tonight Detailed description of the events: our base which was completely encased with fences and watchtowers was broken into damaging the base and several items including: a generator, two floodlights, two cables, two battery chargers, 3 boxes of nails + 70 loose nails. was stolen including a car. the car in question was full of other car parts so when the other items were stolen its reasonable to believe the spare parts were taken out and left to de-spawn. i believe this is a direct violation of rule 4.8 as this is considered griefing base on the fact that our base was damaged with no need as no survival items were stolen, only items that are used to build a base, had items such as ammunition or food/water even guns been taken then i could understand a need "survival" but a vehicle is a vanity item, the only real reason for destroying a 2 man effort (eventually 2 other joined us) to build a base taking well over 20+ hours to complete, was merely only "I want it." I'll also leave not that the party involved in destroying our structure also took all but 8 nails making it extremely difficult to repair the damage, leaving us open for people to waltz in and pick our stuff dry.
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