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  1. Zero

    • Zero
    • Z e r o

    What is this bullshittery I see before me?

    1. Chief


      V A L U E B R A N D

    2. Z e r o

      Z e r o

      Oh damn, another Z e r o, hey

    3. Zero


      This has to be a meme. 

    4. Z e r o
    5. BostonRP



    6. Z e r o

      Z e r o

      Im in the middle of whitelisting and see that im getting called out for being a fucking budget brand xD, amazing

    7. Elmo


      I like this Zero more

    8. Z e r o

      Z e r o

      I see how it is....

    9. Hassan


      Yes finally a replacement

    10. Z e r o

      Z e r o

      Damn, ive been here 50 mins and i already have a fan base growing xD <3

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