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  1. Name: Ctac Gavrelyk Age: 26 years old Born in: Belarus Height/Weight: 173cm/93kg Ctac may not be slightly under-average tall, but he is a rather bulky and quite chubby young man. He was always a calm and rational person and a handyman, never afraid of hard physical work. He may not be the most intelligent but he is everything else than dumb, on top of that he is a fast learner too. He was born in Belarus, but in the age of 10 years his mother decided to move to Germany for herself and for Ctac's better future. Due to always wanting be there for his mother, which has raised him and his siblings on her own after two abusive, he followed her advise to going to study a well-paid job, instead of going to the military as he wished in the first place. He proceeded to do so and got his first diploma in construction engineering. After that he wanted to visit some of his relatives, which moved to Chernarus due to finding a job there. His Grandparents and the Uncle were all living in Novoselky close to each other as neighbors. After a few weaks of working there, helping out his relatives and drinking vodka with his Uncle Ruslan, he wanted to get back to germany but at the borders he got denied like everybody else. On the way back to Novoselky he realised thats something not right, but the bus managed to get him back to the village. Once there the saw all the chaos, people eating other people, humans dying and all other gory bloodshed. As he reached the house of his grandparents he found both of them dead on the floor with their cuts spread all over the place, but no signs of his uncle Ruslan or any other note. Ctac then took all the useful things he could find and ran out in the land to find shelter away from the infected and of the way of finding his Uncle. First of all Ctac is focused of survival, this means, food, water, warmth and shelter. After that he is trying to find his uncle Ruslan. Ultimately he wants to get out of that hellhole and get his normal life back in germany.
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