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  1. Dominik's POV: I was on the top of the tower, looking around the perimeter for any hostiles, listening to Radio Chatter as well. Then, out of nowhere, I hear shots right behind me, and a lot of yelling IG and over the Radio. I turn around and see a guy spraying down two people, so I decide to just spray him back, and I kill him. Apparently, the guy logged in on top of the tower, while the fight was ongoing. The reason I know that he did that is the fact that he stated it above in a comment, and that we had 3 people watching the stairs, so there was literally no way he could just run past it. I mean, I am not sure what else should I write down here, you can clearly see that he logged into the game, and he also wrote it in a comment above, so yea...
  2. Work-in-progress - will write the backstory when I get home, so I can use my PC for it. But now, I don't know why do I need to write this, as this is the only way to be allowed to submit it in. And now I just have to write crap, so I can get up to 500 characters so I can submit this and work on it in a little bit. I think that it would be a good idea to remove the 500 character check, as it is really enjoying for people that are trying to kit there character without writing the whole story first, so yeah.
  3. He is US Army Sergeant on a Mision to Chernarus about some kind of outbrake, they are not sure what is happening. After Long Flight we were near The Main City Cherno, we lost contact with the local PD/Army. We know that something bad is happening down there, but out of nowhere engine broke. And we crashed,. Me, and 2 other people managed to escape the helicopter before it crashed but, my Commanding Officer James Striker was still in the Helicopter. After we regroup we managed to find the Crash Site, but James was not there. We were thinking he might be alive, but the bandits what shotdown our heli finded us, and captured us. We managed to escape but one of my men died. We are trying to survive and still think Commanding Officer is Alive!
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