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  1. My name is Friedhelm Wolff. I was born at the 25th August 1985 in Flensburg, Germany. I have a wife and a 6 year old daughter. As a chiId, I was taught to hunt and to live with nature by my father. Since then, I go regulary into the woods to hunt. Later, I served in the German Police Special Forces, GSG9. At the second July 2017 our unit was sent to Novodmitrovsk, Chernarus to train local police forces against terrorist attacks. We were surprised how badly the local police was set up against terrorists and riots, so we realized that our stay at Chernarus will take longer than expected. One day, we have all been called into our headquarters. We were told that an infection of unknown cause is spreading throughout Chernarus and that our mission here is now over. We were supposed to take the next military plane to Germany. However, we never arrived at the airfield. Our bus got stuck and we were attacked by a horde of infected... I think I am the only survivor of my unit. Since then, the situation only got worse... The only think I can think about is my wife and daughter. How I know that they're still alive? I don't, but the hope to meet them again in this live, is the only thing that is keeping me going...