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  1. Friedhelm Wolff

    My name is Friedhelm Wolff. I was born at the 25th August 1985 in Flensburg, Germany. I have a wife and a 6 year old daughter. As a chiId, I was taught to hunt and to live with nature by my father. Since then, I go regulary into the woods to hunt. Later, I served as an officer in the German Navy until I left the military in January, 2017. Finding a new job was a pain in the a**, but my wife's job was saving our financial situation for the time being. However, it wasn't a long term solution. Eventually, I decided to apply abroad and finally got a job interview as a public relations consultant for an upcoming company in Novodmitrovsk, Chernarus. The job interview went well and I started working in Novomitrovsk at the 2nd July 2017. After I found a new appartment for me and my family, my wife and daughter were supposed to move to our new home. But because of the riots and the upcoming infection, we decided to wait until the situation has been resolved. Unfortunately, the situation escalated and the infection spread faster than anyone could have imagined. It was pure madness! During my last phone call, I promised my wife and daughter that I will not rest, until I have found a way to leave this doomed place to reunite with them. Since then, the situation only got worse... How I know that they're still alive? I don't, but the hope to meet them again in this live, is the only thing that is keeping me going...