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  1. TommyGun_

    [GAME] Would you save the person above you (IC'ly)?

    Yeah why not?
  2. Oh nevermind

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  3. TommyGun_

    A doctor for Lopatino

    *Ernest presses down on his PTT and his reply is echoed by a mask* STAY THE FUCK AWAY!... These guys are nothing but trouble who abuse and beat up girls... They are monsters who rob and torture, stay in Severograd where you're treated like a human being, Quinn and Eddie are good people *he releases the PTT*
  4. Yo, all my friends are undead 

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  5. Oh boy... Uhh...

    Something happened... 

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  6. Then I'll definitely wait and see, and thanks for the suggestion
  7. @Prince I'd always prefer buying private, although I'd been a struggle finding decent cars that are fairly priced, maybe in the spring and summer more will show up @Species same as above, I have looked, nothing of note yet, and I'll add the Swedish boxes to my list of potentials @DarkStyle exactly why I've settled with a wagon/SUV
  8. That is true, probably an important thing to ask about
  9. Oh rip, for zip you could use 10001 that's about middle town Manhattan
  10. I've been looking around a few cars, but this one I think looks promising, a 2004 Forester Xt in a dealer in NYC. Just want to make sure it's a good purchase, although I'd rather a manual, the Forester is the kind of car I'm looking for, and with a turbo. Use 10001 for zip code https://www.kbb.com/cars-for-sale/453433786/?vehicleid=3434&manufacturerid=47&modelid=280&yearid=2004&forcpo=false @Prince @DarkStyle @Oliv @ExoticRainbow @Buddy
  11. I'm gonna be skiing again, pls no remove from MS-13

  12. TommyGun_

    The Kingdome* of Severograd

    Meeting the king for the first time, feels like forever ago honestly
  13. All you're points are definitely something I'll have to keep in mind when looking and purchasing, I live on the North Fork of Long Island, trucks are all the rage, and are marked up accordingly. As little as I wouldn't want to hear this, you are right with most of your points, I'd just like something more ideal, I guess.
  14. Definitely taking my time, I hardly have the money now, and I want to make sure I'm getting the right car, a BMW will definitely be something I look for