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  1. Seems to be working well enough now Thank you bois
  2. Hey, got Gold rank not too long ago, rank privileges were working well then, got some music to play on my main profile and some character pages. Fast forward to now, only one of the character pages even show a music player on the page. Tried removing and re-adding the link to the song. Adding entirely different songs, nothing seems to work. I've been using Dropbox for the uploads and links, so might be something up with them, as the only link that seems to be working now is the only song where Dropbox wasn't used. Are there better platforms to upload songs too? Any advice is appreciated.
  3. tick tick tick tick tick tick tick tick tick tick tick tick tick tick tick tick tick tick tick tick tick


  4. Another update on the WRX.

    Good news is, it's not a head gasket leak

    But bad news is I now have no idea what's wrong with the car


    1. Crim


      upgrade to a tesla

    2. TommyGun_


      Honestly, wish I could, but I'm fresh out of money 

  5. If need be, I can upload the rest of the video as the example @Lawused was edited to be trimmed down, the audio is glitched throughout the roughly 20 minutes, so only my voice can be heard unfortunately. Edit: I have uploaded and reviewed my footage and the exact opposite has happened, shadowplay was fucky that day and decided to not work properly. Anyway, the footage is ready if it's needed.
  6. I'm a huge fan of Japanese cars really, more so those in the rally scene, Subaru, Mitsubishi, the such. I got a WRX thats sadly fucked and probably needs a rebuild, too many spirit drives to the vape shop I guess ?
  7. Oh in case it wasn't clear already

    I like subies

  8. Carson Hernandez POV: I died earlier in the day after a run-in with @Blunts4_BreakFast at the Vybor PD. I grabbed a car on the way up and after getting enough loot, I picked up @Puncture and @Jasper, then letting Puncture drive, where we then got to Kab, we stopped to RP for a bit, were initiated on by the Green Dragons, then brought into a house. I think the whole hostage situation was already summed up well enough, I was killed during the situation by the same man who killed Jasper, Blunts4_BreakFast. I know Puncture died as well, but I cannot tell who did pull the trigger as I was dead and out of the TS END POV I've got some evidence, started while I was being brought into the house. I would like to add the second video is from that original altercation with @Blunts4_BreakFast. The audio was fucked up, but @Blunts4_BreakFast initiated on me and @Law in Vybor PD while Law was severely lagging and I killed him, shortly after this I was killed.
  9. Joining the police force immediately out of high school, Carson followed in the footsteps of his father, who was killed while in uniform. Striving to help out his community as best as he could His work in the force was going all well, mostly dealing with traffic violations, and highway patrolling. However, his work was cut short when he was shot after a serious high-speed chase. The suspects of a stolen exotic car had crashed at a blockade set by the police, and when the armed suspects had stopped a standoff was created, and Officer Hernandez was shot in the chest multiple times. After lengthy hospital visits, Hernandez's long recovery times forced him into a long "Vacation". During this time, we took a flight out to eastern Europe to meet up with his friends, who were spending time backpacking out there. After spending a few months throughout his trip, he eventually met up with his fellow officers from the TPD; Officer Micheals, Officers Stiles, Officer Collins and another from Chicago; Officer Smith. By this time Hernandez has healed enough to be heading back home, and he planned on heading back through Europe back to Moscow to head home, however getting stuck within the situations unfolding in Chernarus and South Zagoria. He and his fellow officers found themselves trapped officially when the infection showed its horrid face.
  10. Beans to anyone who can tell me where I top off the blinker fluid in my car

    1. Spartan


      That's an easy one. Pour it directly into your headlights

    2. TommyGun_


      Thank you

      I am a man of my word, enjoy the beans

    3. Spartan


      pro tip, eat your beanz with some blinkerfluid for extra trippy beanz

    4. TommyGun_


      Might mix some muffler bearing in with it too

    5. Banshee



  11. Little update on the WRX...

    Typical Subie head gasket leak. Big oofs

    1. Stickzz


      Yeah but do you rock T

      HE SUBIE OUTBACK I think not

      stoopid WRX

  12. Gotta work on my ability to fast talk.... 


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