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  1. What's a good first car?

    Then I'll definitely wait and see, and thanks for the suggestion
  2. What's a good first car?

    @Prince I'd always prefer buying private, although I'd been a struggle finding decent cars that are fairly priced, maybe in the spring and summer more will show up @Species same as above, I have looked, nothing of note yet, and I'll add the Swedish boxes to my list of potentials @DarkStyle exactly why I've settled with a wagon/SUV
  3. What's a good first car?

    That is true, probably an important thing to ask about
  4. What's a good first car?

    Oh rip, for zip you could use 10001 that's about middle town Manhattan
  5. What's a good first car?

    I've been looking around a few cars, but this one I think looks promising, a 2004 Forester Xt in a dealer in NYC. Just want to make sure it's a good purchase, although I'd rather a manual, the Forester is the kind of car I'm looking for, and with a turbo. Use 10001 for zip code https://www.kbb.com/cars-for-sale/453433786/?vehicleid=3434&manufacturerid=47&modelid=280&yearid=2004&forcpo=false @Prince @DarkStyle @Oliv @ExoticRainbow @Buddy
  6. I'm gonna be skiing again, pls no remove from MS-13

  7. Random Screenshots

    Meeting the king for the first time, feels like forever ago honestly
  8. What's a good first car?

    All you're points are definitely something I'll have to keep in mind when looking and purchasing, I live on the North Fork of Long Island, trucks are all the rage, and are marked up accordingly. As little as I wouldn't want to hear this, you are right with most of your points, I'd just like something more ideal, I guess.
  9. What's a good first car?

    Definitely taking my time, I hardly have the money now, and I want to make sure I'm getting the right car, a BMW will definitely be something I look for
  10. What's a good first car?

    Definitely, I'm open to any suggestions really, and I'd honestly prefer change, I've never driven a car that wasn't American
  11. What's a good first car?

    The Fiesta ST would be nice, but as you said too much, but Renaults, and other EU cars aren't available in the USDM
  12. What's a good first car?

    True, but that doesn't mean everything, the Town Car I drive now has a V8
  13. What's a good first car?

    Definitely toys as you said, something that's reliable for school and work every day is good, but also able to be fun for weekends would also be awesome. Which is why I'm looking at things like Miatas or Civics. I wish the Pontiacs would come in manual, I've looked at Grand Prixs, and they never came had that option.
  14. What's a good first car?

    Alright, all good to know, thanks
  15. What's a good first car?

    I've heard a lot of different opinions on manuals, I'm sure the car community would also recommend it, while my work supervisor, and my dad both say to avoid it like the plague. I know my dad used to drive a manual Audi Fox, I don't know what year, but it was very old, before he got his late '60s Firebird. I think I'll end up getting one with stick, and deal with the short learning curve, I think the connection to the car is worth any problems with traffic.