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  1. Bradley Mason POV: I was only present in Novaya about thirty minutes prior, working on moving our tents to avoid future situations like this. I was not present for any hostilities and was in a different town. I was brought there by a friendly with the mentioned V3S, and was only aware of the situation from what was said over radio. End POV.
  2. Bradley Mason POV: Same situation as above, the Bounty Hunters were apporached by @Taryn, where we got intel of the mass hostage situation in Severograd, and we made our way down. In Severograd, we layed low for a bit, waiting for the time to strike, upon our men atop the hospital being compromised, we initiated, I quickly got my rifle trained on the only hostile in sight, where they tried to fall back bejind cover, I fired upon them. I had taken a shot, and fell back to cover, I got confirm that it was safe to emerge from cover so I did, approching the target I shot moments before, where they were laying on the ground, I belive pretending to be dead on knocked out, and I see they still have a gun out, so I double tapped, and finished them off. The Bounty Hunters and @Taryn then told all hostages to flee, telling them to meet at Devil's castle, where I had made my way to before making sure to capture this all on video. END POV Video:
  3. I don't exactly know what the problem is, or even really how to describe it. Any character page with edited text, or pictures, media or anything won't load and will leave an ugly wall of random characters Example: Rory's character page I have no clue what caused it. Happened at random, and only on character sheet's background. I also tested on other devices and app, Google Chrome, Firefox, as well as on a separate computer and my phone, all the same exact issue. Any idea what the hell caused this, or how it's fixed?
  4. To My Friend Mason (Open Freq)

    *At the undisclosed base of the Crows, or bounty hunters, Lieutenant Bradley Mason grabs his spare radio from his pack in his right hand, a canteen in the other, pressing the PTT button after taking a swig* Hades, if you're still looking to join us, I'll gladly meet you in Severograd, although I'm not in charge of recruiting and training, so I won't be alone, I'll make a short appearance later today, any further info can be discussed on a more secure frequency. *He releases the PTT button, setting his radio to the side, taking a seat outside the base, and starts whistling John Denver’s Country Roads himself*
  5. @Ronin47 Thanks but, no thanks, I don't mind the report, and I'd like to see it through. @evanm23 I'm well aware of what's in the video, with talking to a guy who's way too far away to be involved, then asking the one of the only survivors of last night who shot us up. I'm sure things will end up fine in the end. Besides, I don't hear anyone else on damage control. I'm going to leave this report as is for now. Let the staff make their decision.
  6. Very well, nice to know where you stand on these claims then.
  7. I understand the NVFL and Metagaming now, there was that idea due to you almost never saying a word in-game, though there is still as @SmashingMedal said, potential for Baiting, though I don't see that as something yet, but there is also BadRP, and what also seems like Ruleplay, since @evanm23 has mentioned the fact only one person was aiming at him, and with only a pistol, the odds were easily in his favor, and could have been RPed out I believe. I think the two are what should be focused on, since most kills were valid.
  8. Server and location: S1 Severograd Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 2017-10-08 02:40 Your in game name: Bradley Mason Names of allies involved: Brandon Terrano, and unknown friendlies. Name of suspect/s: Jayden Renolds, and an unknown guy Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): N/a Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): Detailed description of the events: I was in Severograd, mostly chilling, having a talk with the Pub goers, I was with Quinn mostly but noticed Jayden Renolds in the city, since Brad is a bounty hunter, and had a contract on Jayden, he brought Brandon Terrano aside to confirm that we'll be bagging in Jayden, only really to help bring him to justice, when he got drift of what we were planning he began running around the town, we chased him, and he eventually stopped, where Brad and Brandon initiated on him, and Jayden had put his hands up, but the guy in the fire gear decided to pull his gun out and fire into the crowd, killing at least Brad, Jayden, and Brandon, with what we believe was potentially NVFL.
  9. Ernest Taylor

    A decent hunter, but even better survivalist and and smuggler, he's a timid guy who's deathly scared of breathing without a mask. Though uncomfortable around others, he's not afraid to kill another person, though struggles to cope with zombies, fearing the walking dead are a result of his sinful life, and he's serving his hell sentence while still living. Due to the unfortunate event that is the outbreak, he’s now an orphan, still quite young, he hates being called young, or a child. He may occasionally talk to himself, due to his prolonged amount of time alone, in a well hidden camp, away from any undead, any military, or any survivors, anyone, or anything that might hurt him. He's suffered a serious head injury, causing serious amnesia and Ernest to become forgetful of many things, sometimes forgetting his name. 10/6/17 I thought I should start a new journel, I got back into Severograd today, after being "dead" for a while I guess.. I met Quinn again, it's weird, I don't remember a thing about her, but she swears up and down we know each other well, she gave me an old worn out notebook signed and writen in by me, I guess I've forgotten a lot more than the doctor though, I get a few loose memories of her, and she gets really excited. Severograd was taken over today, so I'm spending the night in a church, least Quinn is here, about the only person I know... -Ernest Taylor *WIP*
  10. Repost, please ignore
  11. It's a cloudy day in Severograd, in between contracts, and when not training, Bradley makes numerous treks around the town and it's sounding areas. In an already bad mood, Brad found himself by the old quarry outside Severograd, warned about past horrors there, he wandered in with his AR at the ready. As it began to rain. Bradley had noticed at the lowest end of the pit, beside old construction equipment, a body, now beginning to rot and smell like such was laying there. After quickly getting a gas mask on, Bradley did his best to start digging a grave for this man. Spending a while in the cold and wet pit only worsened Bradley's mood. Before casting the unknown man's body into the grave, Bradley briefly looked through his pack, for anything that might identify him. It was clear he'd been picked clean of anything useful, but two items remained, a well ruined gas mask, with a bullet hole through the face, matching well with the wound found on the body, and a journal, poorly written. Every date signed Ernest Taylor. Most pages where blood drenched, or completely ripped out of the book. Bradley buried the body and making his way to shelter, now shaking from the cold rain. Sitting in a old barn, listen to a fire crackle, Bradley opened the journal, reading a few of the last entries. 09/12/17 Things have been kinda fucked recently, I met this guy named Joe Niggley... a real interesting guy, he said he was on his way to kingship. I though he was crazy, he is but he said he paid well, he need to speak to a woman called Miss T, said there would be a lot of good things in my future if I had done it... So tonight I'm laying on a bed right outside Miss T's camp, there isn't much else to say. I am nervous about this though, Joe doesn't really seem to like me, I over hear them talking bad about me all the time, I hope these guys aren't assholes. -Ernest Taylor 09/14/17 Joe has already stirred up trouble, yesterday he talked with Miss T, I'm pretty sure things went well when we made our way back to Severograd, I might have been the only one in the group without a radio, but that didn't really bother me. What does bother me is what happened today, I found out Quinn was the Queen of Severograd, with the real King being Niall, we had a run in with some of his men, Joe had me wait in a tent encase something happened, I could maybe change their mind? I'm not really sure what Joe wanted me to do, so I'm glad nothing actually happened, I just sat in a tent for almost an entire day. Later, we were apparently attacked by a terrorist group, least that is what Joe told everyone, then saying to everyone in his own group about how he faked it. I'm really stating to regret going along with this Niggley guy. -Ernest Taylor 09/15/17 The UN tried to do an extraction today, Severograd was almost empty so Joe had all of us head to Stary with him to see what all the commotion was. It was honestly a little underwhelming, I saw at most three UN troops, little under staffed I guess. While they were on their way to the Airfield, Joe had gotten intel on a group looking to pervent this extraction, we even tried to warn them, they recognized Niggley and didn't believe us, after that I heard they got their asses handed to them. I'd heard from Joe that Quinn had something to do with the attack, so he captured her... I don't really want to remember this all... I'm currently laying in my bed, with Alice Greene beside me, my "wife". Joe forced Quinn to change her identity entirely, and I'm her husband. I'm not tired, and actually, I might go outside for a bit, I'm starving. -Ernest "Greene" The entry for 09/16/17 was ripped out, and crumpled, but duct taped back into place. 09/16/17 I ran out of ammo for my UMP last night, every living thing within a kilometer radius must be dead right now, I don't even know what went over me, I feel sick, I threw up a few times last night, and Quinn isn't having it, I'm not having it, I almost feel like Joe is trying me, seeing what I'll do... I want to kill him... And I'm pretty sure he wants to kill me... He sent a man to shoot me in the middle of Severograd, I now have a cast on my left leg.. Walking in crutches... -Joe's personal punching bag 09/17/17 Joe is going to kill me today, I just know it I haven't heard anything on the radio They're coming If it isn't Joe killing me, it'll be Niall. FINISH LATER As Bradley read the final entry, the flames of the fire were just blowing out, leaving nothing but hot embers in a pile. He grabs his M4, going back out into the rain, and began to head back to Severograd. He didn't notice, but Brad had left a sheet of paper from the journal that had fallen out, and never got to be read. I'm really sorry Quinn... for everything I did.. and didn't do... Was the message scribbled onto the crushed paper, it has some spots that look to be left from tears, some of the ink is smudged from these, and the paper was covered in these tear makrs. A gust of wind had blown the paper directly into the embers, where it burned, and turned to ashes. Lost forever.
  12. Bradley Mason

    Born and raised middle class, Bradley grew up a pretty easy life. When attending school, Bradley grew to hate any form of gangs, due to his experiences with them being a ruin upon his high school. When he graduated, he enlisted into the US Marines, but only stayed 2 years, not wanting to experience the horrors that come with military service. Though both his parents had kicked the bucket while he was in Afghanistan, he held a strong will, back home he visited their graves and never really getting depressed from this. This had made him very good at accepting death, no matter how close he may have been to someone, he'd rather think of the past times he's spent with the individual, rather than just morn their demise. Brad's business in Chernarus started with a good friend of his, telling him about the civil war down there, how PMC work would be a great idea. Convinced, he traveled there by car, all through Europe, never able to get in contact with the PMC, he became trapped in Chernarus by the third day. Now forced out into the world, his friend had bitten the dust early on, perhaps one of the first dead to walk. Brad had no contacts in Chernarus to call for help, and has thus been on his own. Worried only about survival.
  13. Chad Johnson

    A pampered child and an only child, Chad had an easy life. Childhood was full of beaches, and luxury sports cars. Growing up he had private schooling, and a lot of pampering, when old enough to drive, he got a Volkswagen Van, excited to live a little rather than just working out, or chilling at the beach, he traveled with it, driving all around Europe, and Asia, making his last stop at Cherno, getting trapped because of the civil war, trying to make the best of the situation, he lived in his van. Though he's been now robbed of it.
  14. He'll understand in time, for now though, he's still quite torn of what he's really doing.
  15. @Abu Muhammad 's Joe Niggley might be one of my favorite guys around, now calling himself a King, it's interesting seeing some drama already become stirred by his claims. @Rory Easily the greatest medic/doctor RP I've had so far in my short time here. @LadyInBlue perhaps another of my favorite characters around, persuasive enough to make my own character question his motives. Her along with her closer friends who I unfortunately can't name are the polar opposite of the group Ernest current finds himself in, and I'm very excited to see where he and I will be taken, stuck in between Joe Niggley's Royal court, or to help out the currently standing King and Queen.