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  1. Ubuntu Baku was born in a small Village in Nigeria, he was raised by traditional yorubian family, who raised him in accordance to local laws and traditions. When both of his parents died, Ubuntu was taken under the wing of the local Medicine man, or Shaman. He was taught the ways of traditional healing in the Nigerian tribes. He was shown what herbs and tinctures cured what, and how to naturally increase strength and occult understanding through plants and psychedelics. He learned how to hunt and survive off the land with what little he had. He remained at the village for the next 40 years. At the age of 41, his village was raided by local militia, and he was kidnapped and sold to a rich man in Chernarus. He jumped off the slave truck and ran north. Now he is just trying to survive and teach others his natural voodoo remedies.
  2. Marley grew up in a small, lower class household in Edgewater, Colorado. Throughout his childhood, Marley looked up to his father, who was a registered Marijuana grower, everyday after school, Marley would come home and go straight to the small grow house that was in their backyard. Marley could sit for hours, taking in the smell, looking at and observing the different plants and their growth patterns. His father would teach him about the Marijuana plant growth cycles, their germination and flowering periods, different strains and how to genetically pair them, and their effects. Midway through High school, Marley became so enveloped in the wonders of cannabis, that he decided to drop out of school and take over his fathers business. Marley spent the 5 years growing and cultivating cannabis and stocking up a huge collection. In 2012, Colorado passed amendment 64, officially making Marijuana legal for recreational and Medicinal use. This is when Marley went from grower, to user. He quickly developped his own strains of cannabis that he personally like more than the others, and perfected his strains. One day, while smoking a few blunts in the morning, Marley was browsing the internet and found an article about places where marijuana grows freely, one of these places was Chernarus. Marley has always wanted to see what the difference between unaltered, naturally grown Weed, and indoor grown, geneticaly altered Weed. He set out a week later, and was not dissapointed, he found that these outdoor, naturally grown plants are for the most part, higher quality than indoor, artificial climate produced weed. After spending some time there, he decided he wanted to head back, but couldn't, seeing as all flights in and out of the country were grounded, due to the spread of the infection. Marley was forced to flee into the forest, seeing as the chaos was getting out of hand.
  3. Server and location: EU 1 Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 2017-09-17 15:35 Your in game name: Vladimir Vasiliev Names of allies involved: None Name of suspect/s: Oleg Dolgan, other guy im not sure Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): None Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): I was walking down a road from severograd, and 2 guys randomly ran up to me, robbed all my shit, barely said anything until the end, then told me I was good and free to go. I then got up and wanted to ask them a question, then without saying a word they shot me dead
  4. Vlad was raised in a small orthodox household in Novosibirsk, Russia. At the age of 18, Vlad joined the Russian armed forces, and was deployed on the border between Chernarus and Russia amidst the escalating chaos in the country. Vlad found the army life to be grueling and not worth his time. He decided to sell his expertise to someone who could use it. A wealthy Cherno-russian man hired Vlad and several other men to protect him as he was planning on fleeing the country. Vlad accepted the offer and headed over to Chernarus to meet the man. Once briefed and equiped, Vlad and his team set out with the wealthy buisness man towards the Cherno-Russian Border. Unforunately, they were aprehended by a group of infected. Despite the combined efforts of the mercenaries, the team quickly fell apart and vlad was forced to flee. Vlad decided to keep doing what he knew how to do best, fighting. For months Vlad was considered a drifter, vagrant and criminal, that was until he started making friends in high places. Vlad spent the next few months drinking, squatting and busting heads. At this point, Vlad was considered nothing less than a drunkard, a stupid ruskie wandering the streets, picking fights with anyone who happened to glare at him the wrong way, he desperately needed something, something to complete him, a purpose in this apocalypse.
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