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  1. (( My backstory is always a work in progress, I am always updating it with the current events. )) - Before the Apocalypse - Chantal was born in Whitehorse, Yukon Canada. She was raised in the Yukon wilderness where she acquired various skills that have been necessary to her survival in the apocalypse. At the age of 18, after having completed her high school education she took up comic book writing and illustrating and lived a relatively ordinary life. She had often dyed her hair all sorts of crazy colours, loved video games, hunting and fishing. - When it all started and the current timeline - At the age of 21 she planned a trip to Berezino to meet up with a friend who had moved there years earlier; this ultimately lead to the current events. Her friend's life was taken by an infected early on in their fight for survival. In the beginning she was weary of other people and mostly just kept to herself, but then she met her partner Jerimie Adair whom had coincidentally come from the Yukon as well. They had recognized one another from the flight into Chernarus and decided to become partners, later becoming a couple. She has recently joined the Black Bear Garage.
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