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  1. awesome man. cool group. dutch people always good. thread is missing something tho GEKOLONISEERD! hope to see yall soon in game. marik hit me up in discord!
  2. yes it seems we are back. didnt miss the rain tho
  3. *you hear a distorded voice over the radio*
  4. damn. me as a dutch traveler irl aprove of this. awesome boys
  5. Beanz worthy. educational and funny. more please
  6. that was fun indeed @Zanaan although next time tell calahan to not wear his brass knuckles LOL.
  7. its a shame that some people dont like the hostile rp. and to be fair some hostile rp is very bad. but to be honest i have encountered that just a few times most of the time its enjoyable. it would be nice if some hostile rp'rs stopped gear rping and some hostages stopped having gear fear. gear isnt most important on a rp server.
  8. its pretty simple imo. and its worded like that so it contains more then just items despawning, its all damage done. making items despawn is damage done. same as sawing a codelock destroying a wall. it just need to make sense RP wise to take stuff. it could be you steal the food cause you are hungry. you need a gun to hun/protect yourself etc. not by taking what you need and dump the rest on the ground to just be a dick. its not taking down all the walls cause you are too lazy to go out and find them for yourself. its pretty simple like i said before. just think can i justify this action.
  9. keep both servers as it is now. you cant force people to play on one map when they bought a map and invested time in said map. it would make no sense to me. there are probably multiple reasons people are making the shift to livonia. let everyone make their own choice on wich map to play. livonia will lose some of its shine in a while and it will all level out.
  10. im in livonia with a char that was in chernarus. but i never went back to chernarus. no reason too. if i would go back it would at least have a day in between. cant just move instantly.
  11. Will


    hell yeah for a better tomorrow. and off course welcome to this awesome community!
  12. i was in the same situation a little over 2 years ago. just bought a pc so i was the biggest noob out there. most people here helped me alot. and i kept playing on normal servers where i kept on dieing but i learned alot of the mechanics. and rping you will learn by doing it. once you get convident enough it will come naturally.
  13. not really salty imo. he gives his opinion and i for one think he has the right to do so. you have the right to dissagree but claiming he's salty nah i dont see that. on your other remark it works both ways. hostile groups can make deals aswell and if people dont want that you have a legitimate reason to raid.
  14. had cool interactions with you guys yesterday. ate my belly full at the restaurant thanks for that. and the situation after that was awesome aswell! keep it up and good luck on getting approved
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