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  1. Will

    The Peacebreakers [OPEN RECRUITMENT]

    AWESOME!!! good luck guys hope you get approved fast
  2. Will

    Turn down night time duration

    i dont think its that long at all. keep it the way it is
  3. Will

    Weapon spawning mechanics change

    ive been to tisy severograd and some barracks on the way and i have to be honest i didnt see one weapon anywhere. ik can that someone was right ahead of me, but all i found where scopes mags and ammo and some clothing
  4. Will

    Remove "Cat Ears" from the loot table

    never saw them ingame. but i have to be honest dont really wanna see em either. i think they have no place here. i vote to remove them.
  5. Will

    Poll to remove Prison Island

    a big NO from me. its an amazing place. disadvantage works both ways.
  6. Will

    Potius Cras

    capricorn reporting!
  7. *presses down the ptt* *laughs uncontrolably* oh my... arent you the one that executed the only friend i got left? my god must really love me * laughter intensifies* and what is this shit about gun licenses? wanna act like the fucking corpo's now. well mister ari i am not an idiot most of the times so walking up alone there will never happen. listen for the laughter......hihi
  8. *Will pushes down the PTT* *there is insane laughter and a deep breath* damn seems im back in time for all the fun. being hunted and not even knowing why..awseome. well you dont know me.... but i sure as hell know you know.. see you soon. *loud insane laughter followed by footsteps moving away and then silence*
  9. Will

    The Messengers - Open Recruitment

    Woohoo. Congrats everyone. Its official, we are official
  10. Will

    The Messengers - Open Recruitment

    the sun in the back of my head will shine probably. you bastards hahah it was cool had alot of fun.
  11. Will

    The Messengers - Open Recruitment

    Looks very nice bro. Im almost scared to roam around now. Cant wait to meet you guys.
  12. *A man takes a deep breath and presses down the ptt* capricorn here message heard loud and clear. *you hear him take a drag of something to smoke* il expect to arrive within time. capricorn out *the man releases his ptt checks his rifle and starts walking off*
  13. Will


  14. Born in england thinks he is a wizard( not finished)
  15. Will

    NLR Suggestion

    just dont return. unless its your own base you have no bussiness there. you cant remember what happended and it messes everyhing up. try again the next day or something.
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