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  1. havent met everyone in this group. but the ones i did meet where all solid rpers. and overall great people! hope you get approved soon.
  2. off course im there! like did you even doubt that really cool idea bro.
  3. in 2017 when i joined i just switched from console to pc just to play dayz. saw some youtuber on an rp server and i really liked it. and thought well that really suits me. googled dayzrp and came here. did the whitelist procedure and got in. and as it turned out. i really liked it, and still do
  4. PowerofWill

    The Pedlars

    really hped right now. amazing love it!!
  5. okay. so me @FknSnow and @Taidhg where at the pub in berenzino having a good time. meeting the locals having a drink. there where also 3 people with purple armband and we talked with them. after a bit of banter and fun we where sitting on the hesco's infront of the pub when the initiation got dropped. i had no choice but to comply so i did. we all did. arms went up. @Taidhg said something and then he got shot. me and @FknSnow where told to follow them so we did. on the way they kept asking me questions which i didnt really had the answers too. the mexican dude kept saying about a previous encounter but i had never met him. when they took us into the woods me and @FknSnow got seperated en i hear shots. i pressume they shot him. after that i hear shots not far away and the man that stayed with me told me to run. so i did. ran back to berenzino grabbed a radio from the pub and contacted my friends. and here the video of it all end of pov
  6. PowerofWill

    The Pedlars

    glad to be here!
  7. the issue with this is that like rover said the boundaries are gonna cause problems. and alot of reports. so a no from me.
  8. PowerofWill

    The Pedlars

    met these guys a couple of days ago. and i have to say you guys came on pretty sketchy. and i loved it. didnt know what was gonna happen didnt trust you at all. 2 kept asking what was in my backpack. then later if i wanted to buy a puppie. thank god one of yall shot that rifle and all the infected came and i saw my change to sneak away. kept looking behind me for at least half an hour. really cool experiance. loved the rp you guys provided. im even thinking about buidling a char and apply here. really loved it. keep it up!
  9. so for some reason my profile background stays the generic one. i always had a youtube video playing there and i thought maybe the link expired so i just changed it to another. but i still dont see it. im probably missing something stupid but i just cant figure it out
  10. instead of saying things like some ''claims are out there'' tell us what it is. cause i dont really see it. further i thinks this can fit the new lore. its just a corporation corporations have always existed. anyway good to be back
  11. so after been gone for more then a month i log on and meet these sketchy fellows. i believe it was @Banshee and some others. was fun. although i didnt trust them at all. it was a good thing to come back to. met you guys near Zub castle. i was the dutch dude you guys rolled up on. i liked the rp. hope you guys enjoyed my rusty RP aswell. if not srry i was a bit rusty. hope too meet yall again.
  12. Victor is a criminal on the run from the law since a couple of years. he fled towards the east of europe untill he heard of a country named chernarus. Victor had never heard of it and he thought that if he didnt then maybe nobody would come to look for him there. he tried to adapt to the country but the culture was way too different then the gypsy culture he was used too. he found a group of traveling gypsy's and he kinda tagged along. untill one night he heard screaming . he jumped out of bed and saw people eating people. when one of these freaks tried to attack him he jammed a knife into the skull of the ''man'' and ran into the darkness.
  13. so as i figure im gonna be called in here anyway so here it goes: after i wake up in the middle of the woods i make it back to our base and find out people stole almost all our shit. so we needed to go out there and find the people who did it. first stop was soup kitchen. we walked in and i hear somebody speak inside one of the cabins. we drop the initiation and suddenly the cabin goes completely silent. the woman inside vanished.. i quickly type //timestamp in ooc so the time can be found easily. we continue the raid very fast couse it didnt feel right. me and a a few others drop the loot at the hideout while others where scouting another base in sitnik. after dropping the loot off we make our way to the base in sitnik industrial. my people are trying to get in and as i think we dont need all these people to go thru a fence i decide to practice some parcour by climbing a shed i notice a friend behind me on another roof and i feel pretty safe.... well at that time someone tells me to put my hand up. i turn around fall down and take shots immidiatly. while im stuck in the animation of climbing back up the guy puts more bullets in me. i manage to get maybe one shot off before collapsing. now it felt weird. this guy comes out of nowhere. and yes im corp so i am kosable. but he didnt knew that. anyway when i see what @GaryCash posted i have the feeling these guys meta gamed us. especially when i see that @DaisyMay responses to someone but that someone deleted his of her message cause they clearly knew the info was oocly but they covered their tracks and used the info anyway ICly therefore clear case of metagaming.
  14. its always fun too have alot of people try to attack us. really so thanks to you all for the fights and all the fun we had. i reaaly enjoy it everytime. about the gear well we are a corporation with alot of members so yeah it really makes sense that we have/had alot. thanks again @Kordruga @Elmo and all the others that participated in the raid. one of you got me good. never expected to be shot from there. wont happen again tho learned my lesson...
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