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  1. just here to make sure you haven't changed ur pfp

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      im laughing now

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      haha dw its staying 👌

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    Feels like B R U H spirit.

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    Death Match

    @Ryan Shepherd vs @GMAK
  4. Kalum was born in Chernogorsk in 1990 he never met his father and his mother didn't really want him anyways, after the war the country and many of its people were very poor you can't blame them for not wanting to have a kid. Growing up Kalum was not like all the other kids, because of his negative upbringing and lack of love from his parents he decided he would just cause trouble and would find other ways to occupy himself, he rarely ever went to school (not like it was enforced anyways) and by age 12 he was drinking heavily and smoking cigarettes with the older kids, when he was about 15 or so he got heavily interested in the politics of his country and current/recent events and because of the people who he was hanging around with he picked up some very heavy socialist ideologies. Fast forward another 5 years when Kalum was 20 he was at a local hardbass rave just doing his thing where he got involved into a heavy drunken debate with a few other locals over politics needless to say he was the only chedaki supporter there and he got the shit beaten out of him for expressing his opinion so proudly, a few other locals inside had heard the commotion and approached Kal and said they shared the same views as him and if he cared as much as they did to follow them to the mountains from here the next morning. Kal packed his bags the same night and got ready for the next morning, he arrived there for 7 am and shortly soon after a small coach came and picked him up, afterwards they made a few stops in Severograd then they were on their way to the black mountains, Kal knew it was gonna be a long ride so he pulled out one of his books and got speaking to his new found friends. Fast forward 7 years and Kal had made some new found friends for the first time in his life, in this group he became very close friends with Dimitri Konashenkov, Bok Volopich, Fionnski Nikolaev & Mikhail Zakharov and they all had the same crazy views along with all the other members of the 67th, it was a group that was out to cause chaos. After the outbreak the chedaki were left weak and decided it would be best if they stayed in the mountains and gathered enough supplies until they were strong enough to move out and repair the what the 'new chedaki' did not, little did they know what was waiting out there for them the fools.
  5. If this was in when I was a heavydankERP'er 

    16 year old brk is creaming his pants rn.image.png.dc46ab56b10bb44f84afc91f79cc8757.png

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      Smells like roleplayer spirit.

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    save it yes?? 



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    Hello #savetherolep

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    D7 Mercenaries [OPEN (STRICT) Recruitment]

    ooff didn't expect something this cool add me 2 roster pls boss
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    DISTRICT // Recruitment Open

    I think there's been enough posts on the thread now boys. Pm's please.
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    For all you new kids on the block

    I have very fond memories of you initiating on me and many others at Altar, good times it was. Way back when I was a UKSF pleb.
  12. fun night of rolep

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      Had fun screaming through the megaphone.

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