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  1. Daniel was a lonely child growing up in his heavy religious household. By the time he reached 13 he started to rebel against their beliefs and started thinking on his own. Having a taste for heavy metal, he started to learn bass guitar with the help from his friends from school. He started to really be happy about an activity that he has chosen for himself and not forced into something. He grew his hair out long which his parents despised, but he never got in trouble at school or failed classes so he was never really messed with. Once he hit 18, he moved out to start travelling with his band Mechanical Collapse. They started getting gigs across the ocean and ended up in the Cherno-Russia area. That's when all hell broke loose and he got split off from his band mates. Daniel is now travelling the roads with a surprisingly optimistic attitude trying force purpose into surviving.
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  3. Matthew was born in Jacksonville, Florida in 1994 to his parents Nancy and Kenneth Hughes. He grew up in the woods most of the time enjoying the solace of the outdoors compared to being inside and around most people. From a young age Matthew was hunting with his father and became quite good at it. The woods surrounding his house made great areas to take down deer and other small game. As he grew older he realized that he was actually better than average and went into it professionally after he graduated high school. He traveled all over the world participating in different tournaments until he finally was asked to go to one that would change his life for good. A small country in the previous Soviet Union was holding a tournament as a peace effort of sorts and upon invitation Matthew went. When he got there has was there for a week and then the infection hit. Confusion turned into mass hysteria as everyone sought to get away from the creatures of the dead that now called the country home. Matthew immediately took refuge in the forests of Chernarus as they made for great opportunities for hiding and for food. Finally Matthew decided to head back to society to try to find his place again in the changed world.
  4. Alex grew up in Gatlinburg, Tennessee he learned how to hunt fish and camp in the woods surrounding his home town, enjoying going to pigeon forge and other great spots to see old buildings and ways of life, his parents are Todd and Sandy and both lived with him. He went to school in Gatlinburg until Alex was 16, upon reaching an age where his parents trusted him, he joined a foreign exchange program with his brother Michael. When they arrived in Russia much to Michael's dismay Alex requested that they drive four hours to protest at a political rally in Chernarus. They were here when the infection hit and got stuck in the main city of Chernogorsk. Michael and Alex both took to Chernarus' natural flora and fauna quickly and branched out attempting to survive in the wilderness using survival skills they had been taught by their father. Determined to survive they continued to live in the woods, wondering if they should ever head back into any towns.
  5. I am Mirko Ivanovich, I'm a 27 year old Russian mixed martial arts fighter. I was born in Maykop, Russia and was raised there as well. My training partner, coach and best friend Fedor Filipović wanted to go to Chernarus to help protest against the government in place. I decide to help my best friend and drive him to Chernarus seeing as how it is Fedor's home country even though I am not the most involved in politics. We drove down to Chernogorsk to rent a room in preparation for the protests that were going to happen. While in Chernogorsk I met Mathew Halloway, he knew sign language and helped get news to me when Fedor was busy, he would become a friend over the course of me being in Chernogorsk. It was the 11th when the word got to Fedor and I and we just stayed in our rooms ordering food when we could. We just rationed all of the food we got and stayed in that hotel room while we wait the whole thing blow over. Well after a few days of sitting in that hotel room I saw a women outside the window searching for someone. I went outside to help the lady while Fedor just stayed inside because he didn't want to leave. When I reached the women that was in need she spun around and swung at me. I stepped out of the way easily because it was insanely telegraphed and over exaggerated. She just kept swinging at me and so decided to just grab her arm and throw her away from me. I threw her and she slammed into a couple of trashcans and it gave away a very loud clang. This gained the attention of five other people's attention. These five people were moving very close to the same manner as the women. All five of them started to take off towards me so I just turned around and ran out of the town. I passed more like them but they were all busy doing their own thing as I passed. I made it into the woods and I just kept running like my life depended on it. I felt as though I had lost my pursuers and stayed in the woods for a night. Before light hit the next morning I snuck back into the town trying to find the hotel I stayed at. After what seemed like forever, I finally found the hotel and made my way to my room. The door was swung open and as I walked inside, I noticed that the room was completely trashed. There was no sign of Fedor anywhere, not even a note. I searched through and through Berezino but I just couldn't find him. I made sure to just continue searching for him in this mess.
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