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  1. Akiko was born in Japan to her Father Soburo and her mother Emi Masamoto Akiko had the unfortunate difficulty of being born with underdeveloped vocal cords, this makes her be able to make small noises but she cant get anywhere close to normal speech. She grew up in a normal school communicating mostly in sign language with those people who knew how and was always just trying to fit in, her father was a politician and businessman so they were constantly moving her in and out of schools and she quickly got a reputation for looking "poor" despite the money her father made. Akiko had always found it easy to tan as she had a lot of Yamato blood in her, and through days spent outside doing different sports and competitions, she swiftly distanced herself further by not looking the part of a business mans daughter. Akiko grew up around tradition, much to her dismay and she still rolls her eyes thinking about it, her parents would brag to basically anyone, sure that they were descendant from a royal bloodline. This meant plenty of Chanoyu's, tea ceremonies, and knowing how to wear a kimono. She also got forced into Kendo lessons, these she enjoyed over time slowly loving the art of everything. Once she turned 11 Akiko's father was called out of country to a new prospect for his business. This meant that they all had to go along of course and Akiko somehow found herself in a strange country that was loud and not anywhere near the peaceful level she was used to being around. Her father was sure that opening a business here would lead to great profit as the country was slowly coming out of the shadow of civil war and would need help getting its legs back underneath it. Everything was fine here of course until the infection hit, her mother and her were at their house in Chernogorsk they were staying at when everything happened. People looting, crazed people roaming the streets and everyone at each others throats. Akiko's house was soon broken into and her mother trying to defend herself was killed by the men that had set out to steal their belongings. Using her Bokken Akiko managed to take one of the two down but was stopped by the second, feeling she would be useful, he knocked her out and took her with his friend. Akiko lived with them for the first year of everything fighting to survive in the strange environment. As much as she didn't like them, it was from these two that she learned how to find food and water. Once she felt she had the survival skills she set off on her own avoiding people when possible just trying to stay alive in the hopes of returning home someday.
  2. @JasperThe reason behind an IG courier is almost purely RP oriented. Its less a role like a doctor or a farmer where it shows immediate results and more like a shoring up of the RP side of things. Because in reality where are the chargers that are charging all the 9 volt batteries for radios. Modern batteries also cant be recharged many times safely and would have discharged fully a long time ago. This will just be a new type of RP for myself and anyone else that wants to join for that matter. Also as @Mademoisellestated above robbing a courier for information that is being delivered is another cool type of RP.
  3. *PTT clicks on* "Hello everyone, name is Sean Phillips, I know you dont know me but I used to deliver mail and my friend and I would like to continue it. You can tell our uniform from the old Chernarussian police hats we wear. If you need anything delivered or a message sent just contact me on this frequency and we can arrange it." *PTT clicks dead*
  4. Sean Phillips was born in 1983 in a small town by the name of Cookeville Tennessee. He grew up here the son of a preacher and in a family with two parents. Sean grew up like most teens not knowing what he wanted to do with his life and after finding a post office with nice benefits decided to work there. After more than a decade he had married a woman under the name of Ashley and the two of them were enjoying life. His wife and him both had quite a bit of an adventurous attitude and decided eventually to travel europe and into the southern mountains of russia on hiking trails and hang gliding. This is where the two were when the outbreak happened. They first noticed it in their tour guide who upon stopping for quite some time on a trail in front of them turned around with black in his eyes and skin and he ran at them hap hazardly falling right off the cliff they were hiking along side. Sean didnt know what had happened but decided to take his wife down the mountain to a small town where they could use a phone to call family. Pandemonium was the only thing they met there with people killing and eating each other and a lot of blood shed. This is when Sean lost his wife to one of them, before he could stop him a man grabbed her and had torn out her throat splattering her last breath and blood into the afternoon air. When he realized what had happened he kicked the man off her and grabbed her body lifting her up and moving as fast as possible away from the town. When he finally stopped he realized that she was limp and had passed. This was only the first of the loss he would feel from the virus and for quite some time avoided people altogether, relying on his skill with the outdoors to stay away. Eventually he met a small group on one of the many mountains he had visited that made him feel like helping the world again. He didnt know how at first but upon finding a Chernarus mailmans suit decided to continue what he had started early in his life but this time for food and survival instead of money.
  5. MassamottoSan

    Green Mtn. Radio [One-way Broadcast Freq.]

    *The Microphone cuts on and a slightly high pitch but steady voice can be heard* ""Hello this is Belov Pavlovich with Green Mountain Radio, I would like to start by complementing the people of Chernarus, you are all very strong and this country contrary to what is going on will survive, I hope that I too can one day live in peace at my home in Novaya Petrovka away from threats of violence and the infection." *The Microphone cuts off for a brief moment and then back on.* "On a more cheery note, the winter has completely passed us into spring, those that are not native to this fine country expect quite a bit of rain fog and overall depressing weather, but new growth will be happening all around. Now is the time to start farming and getting crops in the ground if you plan on it. I recommend Zucchini or Bell Peppers they go with basically anything and taste incredible." "Other than that I dont have much as I have been busying myself with travel plans, as of today myself and Matt Hughes will be traveling west of south Zagoria, in plans of repairing and getting online one of the many towers that have been off since the start of this outbreak. I will continue to broadcast from there whenever possible." *The voice broadcast ends with the sound of a microphone being put down and a song slowly starts.*
  6. Alright cool thank you all for your input!
  7. Hello everyone just wanted to ask a quick question on thoughts for an idea I had. My friend and I are planning on playing as couriers of sort, we would deliver mostly RP messages and sometimes actual packages and equipment to people. Wanted to get what everyone thought OOC before we ventured in and everybody yelled at us to go away.
  8. MassamottoSan

    Green Mountain Radio [Open-Recruitment]

    Agreed with both of you entirely, hope to see more people that arent bandits at some point.
  9. Danny Fletcher was born in 1989 to his mother Jessica and Father Jeff. Danny spent his early life hearing about stories of working as a paramedic as his mother was a nurse and his father was a Paramedic. To no surprise Danny went through school studying anatomy and biology. Danny got his first responder certification before he left high school and immediately went into EMT school afterwards. Danny then worked as an EMT for two years and went to Paramedic School. Danny prefers to focus on work and his studies so avoided getting into any relationships or having kids this lead to a more flexible work schedule and an ability to work more. Eventually through the private ambulance service he was working at Danny was offered a great salary to go work international para-medicine in a small country by the name of Chernarus. This is where he was when the outbreak struck and he survived through learning how to hunt and farm from locals and is always trying to help out where needed.
  10. Michael was born in 2004 to his mother Donna and father John. Michael went to school at Corydon Central Elementary until he was 10. It was then when his father and mother decided to move the family. Michael straight up refused of course but with his father's job in the military they were forced to live on base wherever he went. His father was stationed just North of Chernarus as part of the UN peacekeeping force still deployed after the Chernarussian civil war. One day his family decided to take a day trip south, his father had heard from his friends that the Chernarus beaches were some of the best around and that they should check them out. This is where they were when the outbreak hit, his mother and father as well as most of the beachgoers started turning, after seeing them killing others Michael just started running. Not stopping until he was clear of the beach. He instantly had no idea what to do and if it hadnt been for the help of a small group of people that day he probably would have died. Michael soon took refuge with them and traveled with them over most of the country in search of food and shelter. Over the next two years Michael would learn much but would never get used to killing. He would soon learn how to hunt small game but wasnt able to handle many large weapons and didn't even like the noise of the guns he did find people using. Michael then just focused on surviving the two years since the outbreak not stopping in too many places for too soon he would soon learn the true nature of others when his group was held at gunpoint and all but him killed to, "Teach the kid a lesson about who to mess with." As the men who did it put it, Michael now just searches for somewhere to fit in and belong while being able to survive.
  11. IGN: Belov Pavlovich Country: USA English skills: Very good. DayZ Mod Experience: I have been playing the mod since 2012 give or take. DayZ Standalone Experience: I have been playing standalone since release on the wonderful arma legacy engine. Roleplaying Experience: I have been roleplaying for more than a decade in one form or the other, everywhere from text based to in games. What kind of In Game role best describes you: Hunter/Gatherer/Defender Have you been in any clan/group previously: I was with the pub in Chernogorsk and Severograd that Rory ran. Additional notes: I prefer campfire style RP, and my primary character is young and prefers not to be involved in a ton of firefights, but I can defend myself or others if need be. Best way to contact you: PM on the site or on discord at Massamotto#2050. Backstory: Belov Pavlovich was born in 2004 to his father Gregorio and his mother Anna. He grew up in a relatively normal household, helping his father chop wood and work on the families farm. The day the outbreak began Belov was asleep at home, he was awoken by his mother shambling into his room blood dripping from her mouth. He managed to escape past her and out through his window that was open, falling the two stories to the ground he hurt his right ankle which has never healed all the way properly. This left Belov with a limp but plenty able to survive. Belov waited until it was night time and snuck into his house again by this point his mother and father were nowhere to be found. Grabbing his father's Mosin and bug out bag Belov escaped to the woods. The only way he survived on his own was from lessons his father taught him over hunting and gathering around the farm. Belov continued to survive over the next couple of years of the outbreak. Going from town to town occasionally being helped by others but generally staying on his own. Belov continuously looks for a place where he can get out of survival mode and not have to worry about where his next meal would come from.
  12. *The radio clicks on almost immediately afterward seemingly in excitement* "Yes! I can meet you there. I guess I should leave eventually." *The radio clicks dead and Belov looks up at the ceiling in his childhood home and sighs grabbing his bear to prep for the journey*
  13. *The radio clicks on with a squelch and a slightly high pitched voice can be heard* "H-hello? I don't know who you are with but you were kind to me, I would like to talk to you again if that's okay, I believe your names were Claudette and Lord something I'm sorry I cant remember." *This is all stated rather shakily in a heavy chernarussian accent and then the radio clicks dead*
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