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  1. i just watched peanut butter falcon with shia labeouf, and now I’m a huge shia labeouf fan.


  2. Dallas Kane POV: I was in Stary RPing eating some bad fruit, started talking to some people around church. We were about to head out when some people came in. I was told to put my hands up, fearing for my life I did in fact do that. They then told me I could be in charge of making sure we went the correct way. I ran with some gents that assured I would be ok if I did what was told. Once I got to a town, I went ahead and made sure everyone stayed intact and did their jobs, they were whipped by my stick. After a bit once my duties were complete I digressed and looked for a place to rest my head. End of POV.
  3. Had a good roleplay tonight. Sorry to the people that became slaves, but know your self worth. 

    1. DallasRP


      @FalkRP I have.. sinned

    2. FalkRP



  4. Bout to get Mexican on that ass

    1. TurkRP





    2. DallasRP


      Orale vato, these putos scured. I put this on my madre.

    3. Watchman


      Whats Up Hello GIF by LOCOS ONLY

  5. You sir, are not only a cutie, but a bona fide shooter. Take a bean my brother.
  6. Congratz my guys! Cant wait to run into ya'll in game.
  7. come lets watch the rain as it's falling down

  8. jajajaja ya'll slaves now 

  9. it be like THAT

  10. Amazing video, and even more amazing dub to let us know the glorious lyrics. You did it again @NozzyRP.
  11. I want to thank @APositiveJade, @KingBlood860 and everyone else at the soup kitchen. The stew wouldn't of been the same without you. Johnny, know your self worth brother, you're one in a million.
  12. whoever carried my gun named Bernie from Sinistok to the soup kitchen, you're a G. 

    1. APositiveJade


      Thank you

    2. DallasRP


      @APositiveJade that's you?

    3. APositiveJade


      That's me!

  13. This is a great idea and I’m in favor of it good sir.
  14. My friends are my friends and you know who you are. Happy thanks giving jerks. 

  15. its time we learned values

    1. KennethRP


      Learn about the hobo code.

  16. Absolute brilliant read and look into a legend. Thanks for this and keep me coming!
  17. This is great @Aron73 keep it up! Can’t wait for the next part.
  18. DallasRP


    Congrats on the approval and can’t wait see y’all out there.
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