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I spent 20€ on this title
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  1. @Kordruga he knows 


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  2. It’s role play not real life.

    and i've been lookin for someone to put up with my bullshit

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  4. DallasRP

    The Whyos

    looks dope good luck!
  5. I can feel it in the air tonight... oh lord

  6. All my friends are heathens, take it slow.

  7. versace boxers on my...

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  8. la sombra negra


  9. The I-Land on Neflix is pretty dope 

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      check ur discord bru


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      me irl

  11. DallasRP

    I'm Back

    @NorwayRP glad you're back, you're the love of my life
  12. Maxim served his country well and was an exemplary soldier. Serving in Syria, Maxim was held captive during a siege and tortured for weeks. Forces came in and eventually rescued Maxim. Due to his unwillingness to cooperate with the enemy, Maxim saved countless lives . When returning back to his homeland, Maxim decided to go into the private sector. Contacted by a good friend of his, he was asked to join a group called the Legion. Maxim agreed and set forth on his new adventure.
  13. Love all y’all 😘

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      Love ya too bub

  14. Lets have it bois


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      r u ok?

    2. DallasRP
  15. DallasRP

    Barb wire

    +1 it’s a bothersome
  16. DallasRP


    Dis dank, good luck.
  17. Gratz guys! Can't wait to meet you IG.
  18. DallasRP

    Interview With A Valuable Community Member: NorwayRP

  19. Marcos grew up in Newark, NJ to Portuguese immigrant parents. He was an average kid in school and didn’t have many friends. In highschool, Marcos became intrigued about joining the military to get out of town. He signed up for the JR ROTC program in his highschool. During this time he excelled in the course and at graduation, he was highly recommended to the army by his teacher. Marcos enlisted in the army after graduating and went into basic training. He was assigned duty in the middle east. After doing 2 tours in Afghanistan and Iraq, Marcos came back home to New Jersey. He decided to see if he can get a job doing non military work but they would only last a couple months before he would grow tired of it and get fired. A couple years went on and one thing hadn’t changed, Marcos missed being out on the field. While at the gun range, Marcos received a call. He stepped out and called the number back and it was an old friend of his, Jericho, who wanted to know if he was interested in doing some work. Marcos accepted the terms and the rest was history.
  20. DallasRP

    Legion Corporation - Recruitment [CLOSED]

  21. DallasRP

    RavenousRP's Pimp Your Profile

    @RavenousRP Hello fine sir. I would like to be placed on the waiting list. Razzle and dazzle me with what you think I would like. Good day.
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