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I spent 20€ on this title
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  1. We deal with more numbers than times tables.

  2. DallasRP

    Highway 61 (IC-Recruitment)

    Good luck gang!
  3. Raps in the 6. 



  4. UEFA nations league 


  5. DallasRP

    To my fellow Vape Lords...

    i'm currently digging anything by i<3salts, especially Fruit Loops.
  6. 93 was a good year


  7. @Mademoiselle I initiated on the group of people, they immediately began to fire at me, seeing as they had enough time to begin shooting me, I shot everyone that I could see that was non-compliant. I honestly cant remember if he was facing away, it is a possibility, but the adrenaline from all the shots and action was high. All in all though, I told everyone to put their hands up, and you do not have to be facing towards me to hear my VOIP, even if you are unarmed, you still have to comply to demands, i.e putting your hands up. I initiated on the group, most of them began firing at me, I began to shoot those who were non-compliant to my demands.
  8. POV: I'm in Stary and notice a few guys wearing green armbands hanging around the store. After a bit they head off and go towards Kab. IC i'm told that they were stealing from our store earlier so we head into Kab to investigate. I see a group of people on the road wearing green armbands and heads towards them. I initiate by telling them to put their hands up and once I start getting fired upon I return fire at anyone who didn't have their hands up.
  9. DallasRP

    Increase Server Slots To 100

    +1 for me as well, give it a shot.
  10. This sounds great! Good luck with this guys and can't wait to hear.
    1. FalkRP


      Aw yes boys 

  11. Sundays Are For The Boys And Girls. 

  12. DallasRP

    The Time.

    @Falk thank you kind sir. @YNW BorisOGRBRP I have some experience in farming, I can help out where needed.
  13. DallasRP

    SATURDAYS ARE FOR THE BOYS! Stary Sabor Red Barn, Saturday May 25th, 7:00 PM EST (Peaceful!)

    Lets hear it for the boys!!
  14. Mexico is nice this time of year 👍🏼


    1. Watchman


      going Psycho?

    2. BrianM



  15. Shout outs to all the Danes that made this dank beer 


    1. Watchman



  16. DallasRP

    Viridian (Open Recruitment)

  17. Figured out I went the wrong route, so I got with a sick tight click and went all out.


  18. Exquisite RP today lads. 

    @NorwayRP inspiration for your new character: 


  19. DallasRP

    Tag the Member in the Scene

    @G19RP @ScarRP @JimRP @Dusty
  20. Plays Mordhau once 🧐

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