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  1. Dallas Fernandes grew up in the USA. He enlisted in the Army when he was 18 and did a tour overseas. When he got out of the military he came back home and started working in Washington, DC as a contract worker. He was sent to Portugal where his parents were from and worked with the State Department while on contract. After being there for a year he was told he would be deployed to China on a contract. While Dallas was mid flight, his plane detoured due to an issue with the plane and landed in Chernarus. Once he landed there was rumors of civil outbreak in this country. Dallas was told the plane wouldn't be leaving out to China due to issues with the plane and that it would take sometime. Dallas tried calling his contact back at the State Department with no answer. Dallas was then approached by some men who told them they were leaving and heading towards another airstrip that had smaller planes that where heading out. He jumped in the van with these men and headed out.
  2. Good stuff team and @Watchman. Interesting to see the new LW unfold.
  3. Sad boi. 


  4. I don’t really care if you cry


  5. Rip Kenny Rogers


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      Mannnn I'm sad now 

  6. DallasRP

    The Saints

    A bunch of fine lads! Good luck bois.
  7. i just watched peanut butter falcon with shia labeouf, and now I’m a huge shia labeouf fan.


  8. Dallas Kane POV: I was in Stary RPing eating some bad fruit, started talking to some people around church. We were about to head out when some people came in. I was told to put my hands up, fearing for my life I did in fact do that. They then told me I could be in charge of making sure we went the correct way. I ran with some gents that assured I would be ok if I did what was told. Once I got to a town, I went ahead and made sure everyone stayed intact and did their jobs, they were whipped by my stick. After a bit once my duties were complete I digressed and looked for a place to rest my head. End of POV.
  9. Had a good roleplay tonight. Sorry to the people that became slaves, but know your self worth. 

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      @FalkRP I have.. sinned

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  10. Bout to get Mexican on that ass

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      Final Turk




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      Orale vato, these putos scured. I put this on my madre.

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      Whats Up Hello GIF by LOCOS ONLY

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