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I spent 20€ on this title
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  1. Lets have it bois


    1. Crim


      r u ok?

    2. DallasRP
  2. DallasRP

    Barb wire

    +1 it’s a bothersome
  3. DallasRP


    Dis dank, good luck.
  4. Gratz guys! Can't wait to meet you IG.
  5. DallasRP

    Interview With A Valuable Community Member: NorwayRP

  6. Marcos grew up in Newark, NJ to Portuguese immigrant parents. He was an average kid in school and didn’t have many friends. In highschool, Marcos became intrigued about joining the military to get out of town. He signed up for the JR ROTC program in his highschool. During this time he excelled in the course and at graduation, he was highly recommended to the army by his teacher. Marcos enlisted in the army after graduating and went into basic training. He was assigned duty in the middle east. After doing 2 tours in Afghanistan and Iraq, Marcos came back home to New Jersey. He decided to see if he can get a job doing non military work but they would only last a couple months before he would grow tired of it and get fired. A couple years went on and one thing hadn’t changed, Marcos missed being out on the field. While at the gun range, Marcos received a call. He stepped out and called the number back and it was an old friend of his, Jericho, who wanted to know if he was interested in doing some work. Marcos accepted the terms and the rest was history.
  7. DallasRP

    Legion Corporation - Recruitment [CLOSED]

  8. @RavenousRP Hello fine sir. I would like to be placed on the waiting list. Razzle and dazzle me with what you think I would like. Good day.
  9. Not gonna lie, this cover by Lana Del Ray is pretty dope


    1. Oy



  10. Me and Kurt feel the same, too much pleasure is pain.

  11. DallasRP

    Slava Chernarus

    *Pushes down PTT button* ''This is Dalek. The time has come to ensure respect is brought upon to the people of this land. Slava Chernarus!!!' *Releases the PTT*
  12. Dalek grew up in Lopatino where he spent most of his life. His family was poor but they made ends meet and would provide for the family. Dalek started working at an early age, saving his to help his family. Once Dalek finished school, he continued working a local mill. There had been news of a possible draft due to tensions that were going on within the country. Dalek was forced to join the military and went into training. He did well during training and started to get to like the structure and regiment of his new life. A few months in, Dalek was stationed to Tisy Military base to help with the efforts on going in his country. Rumors started to spread about an outbreak, that's when everything changed for Dalek...
  13. im not good @ goodbyes



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      take care chilly willy

    2. DallasRP


      Wuht does dis mean?

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      Bye dude

  14. The world is a vampire



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      sent to drayayayayayaaaaaaiinnn

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