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  1. Good stuff team and @Watchman. Interesting to see the new LW unfold.
  2. Sad boi. 


  3. I don’t really care if you cry


  4. Rip Kenny Rogers


    1. Kordruga


      Mannnn I'm sad now 

  5. DallasRP

    The Saints

    A bunch of fine lads! Good luck bois.
  6. i just watched peanut butter falcon with shia labeouf, and now I’m a huge shia labeouf fan.


  7. Dallas Kane POV: I was in Stary RPing eating some bad fruit, started talking to some people around church. We were about to head out when some people came in. I was told to put my hands up, fearing for my life I did in fact do that. They then told me I could be in charge of making sure we went the correct way. I ran with some gents that assured I would be ok if I did what was told. Once I got to a town, I went ahead and made sure everyone stayed intact and did their jobs, they were whipped by my stick. After a bit once my duties were complete I digressed and looked for a place to rest my head. End of POV.
  8. Had a good roleplay tonight. Sorry to the people that became slaves, but know your self worth. 

    1. DallasRP


      @FalkRP I have.. sinned

    2. FalkRP



  9. Bout to get Mexican on that ass

    1. TurkRP





    2. DallasRP


      Orale vato, these putos scured. I put this on my madre.

    3. Watchman


      Whats Up Hello GIF by LOCOS ONLY

  10. You sir, are not only a cutie, but a bona fide shooter. Take a bean my brother.
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