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    Official Football World Cup 2018 Thread

  3. La vida loca

  4. Dallas Kane was raised and grew up right outside of Charleston, West Virginia. His family didn’t really have much money as both his parents worked just to make ends meet. Dallas was a good kid and tried to stay out of trouble but trouble always found him. There really wasn’t much to do as the small town he grew up in so most of the kids either played sports or just got into trouble. Dallas started falling in with the wrong crowd. The day he graduated from high school his friends and him stole the principles car and went out for a joyride. Dallas and his friends were caught and he spent the night in jail. His parents encouraged him to join the military as it was his way out of the small town and would distract him from his hooligan friends. Dallas enlisted in the army and went off to boot camp. During boot camp Dallas had trouble and sometimes would challenge his authorities. Right before he would finish boot camp he was brought into the Sargent's office and was told he was being discharged for not being a good fit for the military. Dallas returned back to his hometown and began doing odd jobs to make whatever money he could make. As he started getting older he realized he needed to leave his town and get a job so he heard of a new hospital being built in Charleston. Dallas started taking classes at the local community college that would help him be certified to become a phlebotomist. After about a year of taking classes he was certified and got the documentation he needed to apply for a job. Dallas was hired after a few interviews and ended up moving closer to the city so his commute wouldn’t be long. After a few years of working at the hospital, Dallas started picking up on things he would see from the nurses. He decided that he would train to become an EMT to broaden his horizons. He took a few classes and decided that he needed a break and just enjoy life a bit. He had been saving up for the past few years and decided to take a trip and visit a country he was always fascinated with, Australia. He packed up his bags and headed to the airport for a journey of a lifetime. Dallas had a layover in Chernarus Intl. Airport before arriving to his destination in Sydney. He stepped off the plane and started heading out looking for a quick bite to eat but was greeted by security officials. They told Dallas that he needed to head into the main hub terminal and wait to be instructed. People were starting to get alarmed as military officials began closing off entrances to the airport. While asking around Dallas overheard someone mention that there was concern and high alert over an outbreak. After about a week or so being detained with many other people at the airport, he noticed that the guards were abandoning their posts and heading into vehicles. A group of people that Dallas befriended started heading out towards the gates as many people that were stuck were now leaving. One of the military officials was on a mega phone instructing people to get on the bus and that they were heading towards the coast. Dallas jumped on the bus and headed to the coast…
  5. Dallas was my favorite character in The Outsiders.
  6. I’m in Mesco, chilly Willie is getting sun burnt. Feliz navidade my ninjas 

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      Have fun and dont get in trouble with the cartel mate

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    LouieRP appreciation thread

    @LouieRP this guy is one of the reasons I log into dayzRP. Never change Louie, stay gold!
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    Mayans MC (2018) Thread.

    Been waiting for this. Another good show is Animal Kingdom.
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    Anarchy [Closed Recruitment]

    Not going to lie, Anarchy is the hero dayzRP needs but does not deserve. Without the ying there would be no yang. It's about balance folks and I think these lads have done a great job in the past few weeks to show people their worth. #letanarchybeofficial
  10. Dallas

    Friend Appreciation Thread

    My day one ninja @Eddie. @KennethRP for showing me how cool a Swedish person can be. @Rory for being a cool chica, she took me under her wings when no one wanted me. @BorisRP for making me an honorary slav.
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  12. When life gives you lemons...

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      Calling in @Lemons for his POV.

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      *A wild lemons appears* Hello there 

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  13. I spent about a week or so, 10-20 hours before actually meeting up people. When I joined late last summer the hotspot was Severo. Wasn’t really concerned with how far it was. Just don’t get frustrated and continue. Like most people said, check the radio forums and you’ll find some good RP along your journeys.