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  1. Real life picture Thread

  2. Here I am on vacation and wishing I was with my dayzrp fam. :(

    1. Eddie


      Hey man, you just enjoy yourself bro! We will be here when you get back!:P

    2. DrMax


      And why didn’t you take me? How rude! 

    3. Dallas

      @DrMax my gf would of thought it was weird to bring a dayzrp friend on a cruise. But next time I’ll be sure to ask you my ninja.

  3. San Valentino Media Thread

    @GreenySmiley driving the family around.
  4. S1 - BadRP - 28/01/2018 ~7:30pm

    Not a problem @Ron and @Terra. It was a pleasure talking to you both and thanks for lending an ear and hearing me out.
  5. S1 - BadRP - 28/01/2018 ~7:30pm

    Hi everyone. I wasn't mentioned but should of been as I sang "we are the world" and also was putting the tree to rest. My character sings and I've done it before especially in awkward situations. I approached the circle as it was forming and since we had many different people that were in it I sang it out of unity. I do apologize if it was seen as bad RP, but that's in my characters nature to diffuse any tension or awkwardness. As for the tree part, last night i was taken in by some native Americans. During a sit down with them, I was given a spiritual name "walks with trees". Some one chopped down a tree and me being still induced in a euphoric state I ran to it. Again, if this came off as trollish I do apologize.
  6. Liam Hart's Photo Book

    Great pic!
  7. had a great run with my fam @Eddie Sorella @FieJaxon @Jean the green bros (joseph and andrew). Thanks to @TiviylScratch and @RogueSolace for patching up a loopy burrito loving guy. @bloodcrusader starting to warm up to Ethan. @OnionRingOfDoom met you for a bit today and you had some fyre RP, look forward to more. If i've missed anyone, too bad see ya'll lates
  8. I really enjoyed @FieJaxon @Eddie Sorella @Jean @Fil Vandren @TiviylScratch among others today. Thanks for some good times.
  9. Child

    this tbh
  10. Chernarus' surroundings

    No pictures of me, not that cool jajaja
  11. Rip sweet prince @bloodcrusader
  12. Drunk Thread

    Curtis knows what he’s doing. He’s finding tuna cans for Viridian, god bless his soul.
  13. Drunk Thread

    Sweeeeeeeet Carooooline, ba ba ba!
  14. Drunk Thread

    Everyone under the table
  15. Unifficial DayZ Transnational Clock

    7h45m here on the US east coast!