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  1. DayZ RPuppy Thread

  2. DayZ RPuppy Thread

    This is my dog Guinness when he was brought home the first day.
  3. Dog names

    Mia, Emma or Mila.
  4. Chilly Willy my man! Miss ya brother. Hope to see you in game soon :)

    1. Dallas

      my job has me working but don't you worry, Chill Will coming back real soon.

  5. I hope everyone has fun tonight, and remember that I <3 all y’all. #alloutwar

  6. Who/What/Why Inspired your Current Character in DayZRP?

    Tommy Chong and Cooler from Flaked.
  7. The Railroad grabs Svetlojarsk [Open Freq]

    *Willie would push down the PTT* “Oh hey guys, this is Willie, the Treasurer of Svet. We’ve got some pretty cool stuff here in our tent, anyone can stop by and pick what you want. It’s kinda like what we did in Novy, you take something and leave something if you want. Stop on through and we will be serving up some delicious street meat in the following days.” *Willie would release the PTT*
  8. Miller's Club Opening


    I’m in there like swim wear.
  9. If you didn't play on DayZRP, would you still play DayZ?

    What is dayz without dayzrp? The community drew me in and the people I’ve met kept me playing.
  10. dayzrp fam is good fam.

    1. Wulf_jon


      Amen brother!


  11. The Railroad Media Empire

    The gang takes a dive! @Niccokick
  12. The Railroad Media Empire

  13. Taryn's Media and shizz

    Can i haz one please?
  14. I'm not Irish but my dog is, so happy St. Patrick's day



  15. The Railroad

    @Niccokick yea I’ll reach out to him. Should be by tomorrow