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  1. "Before the world came to...this i was a law student. I had a normal life, with normal friends and i also had normal dreams and goals. This feels like a decade ago now. When the outbrake started, my parents were not around, they had gone to a business trip to a place called Chernarus leaving me alone to find take care of myself. They didn't pick up their phone and i was starting to get worried. I wasn't really involved on the updates that the government was giving to us, the few that they did in the beginning anyways. All i knew about the situation came from some of my neighbours and later from the other survivors. I didnt know what to do, on one hand i had people around me leaving for safer places since they were convinced that things were not going to get better. On the other most people believed that the outbrake was going to end and the people would take control again. I was still in London though, specifically in our home in Buckingham Street. One day, it must have been around 11th of July, i decided to accept the offer that Samuel, a neighbor who was also an old friend of my dad made to me 3 days prior. He said that he was going to try to get to the airport and fly to another country with the hope that things would be better there. His initial thought was the USA or somewhere in Europe. He told me that i could go with him, but i wasn't sure about it. Finally, i decided to join him on his journey along with some other people he knew. We left my home the next day and after a few problems on the road, like some people changing their mind and some other even trying to change ours we arrived with 3 people less than we started. When we arrived, we had to decide what was going to be our flights destination, and while the others argued, i told Samuel that i wanted to find my parents at Chernarus. We had grown close to one another, and he decided to come with me. 12th of July was the date when we arrived at our destination, and what we saw was unbelievable. We knew that it was bad, but we didn't imagine it was this bad. We stayed there for a day, and on the 13th, we saw most people leave desperately. But we stayed. The search for my parents didn't last long, we found them dead about 4 days later inside the hotel they stayed. Chernarus was on full lockdown by the time we decided to leave. We had no choice but to stay and do out best to live on. We kept surviving for years, until Samuel got bit and i had to put him down. Ryder had 3 years to grow and develop himself in the post apocalyptic world. Samuel who was basically his mentor taught him a lot about friendship and how important people are in his life. How the only way to really survive and live a worthy life is by being kind and compassionate to others, something that would keep him away from become a monster. Ryder believes that a good team of survivors can create a community and survive peacefully if done correctly and under the right kind of leader. He wants to help survivors unite and reignite the fire of cooperation.
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