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  1. In my experience in the new lore, I traveled around when the server was full(or 90+) for most of my experiences. -Traveling around the map in areas which usually have about 5 people within 1km, and had absolutely no lag or issues(this seems a bit expected). -Driving cars is alright, I have driven with minimal lag spiking, only at one point when loading in an approaching town would I experience some freezing/lag(minimal to minimal-moderate). The Lada and UAZ(not the sarka[or at least I don't recall with the sarka]) have some moments when they would be bouncy(not extremely though, just a bit of vibration[not still]-- not Chernorussian hydraulics). I went from road to offroad going like 70-80 kph and spun out, preforming a roll on to my two tires but not flipping over ; I recover, but the car had started elevating in the air and it desynced, though it stopped like immediately after(Note that this is after pulling this maneuver and not just casually driving). -Standing by a big storage item in a town with about 8 to 15-ish people at a time with several fires, light sources, and cars caused a moment of fps to hit lower 20-40(usually have 50+ fps in populated areas on lower settings) when I look a specific dense area(though it was after a car parked and was consistent for about a minute or two). -I have not been within the areas run by lore groups(which are probably the best test of server preformance) -- So I can't input in that regard. -No major rubber banding or desync when hitting infected, dropping items, reloading, or preforming similar actions. Only noticeable thing was probably opening a door and it would not open for a half a second. -People speak clearly in scenarios such as the previously stated camp-hub area thingy. But with all the things I have experienced so far, my gameplay has been fairly good, which is why I rate it 4(Not perfect, but no extreme issues), especially considering there is 100 players constantly. IMO the server pop is alright, Issues occur at a significant rate if you have like 20-30+ people sitting in some area(less than 200m[perhaps a quarantine zone hotspot]) with fires and cars running around.
  2. Beginnings - 1982 to 2000 In 1982 Anton was born in the area around Dobkovicy, Chernarus. Anton's family consisted of his mother, father, several brothers, and other relatives around Chernarus. They lived in a smaller town that had a population of around 500 people. This town being located around Dobkovicy, and specifically around the Burnaya river. The family made their living by mostly manual labor, and more specifically the trades that centered around using the wilderness. Such trades involving ; hunting, fishing, farming, cutting and hauling lumber, creating items like clothing. They were able to keep a good living from the amount of food and things they sold at semi-local markets, the local shop, and other places. They also lived in a relatively cheaper lifestyle that allowed to acquire an excess of cash to save for unexpected expenses and other interests. Later on - 2000 to 2009 As life progressed, Anton was able to have a steady childhood and early adulthood. Gaining many skills throughout fulfilling his jobs given by his family business, he became very experience in carrying out the many things that life brought to him. In at some point the family decided they had enough money and decided to clear out and rent out their home in the Dobkovicy area and get a new home in the more northern region in the black mountains. They settled in an area near Zagorsk. Anton found himself in a similar situation, though in a different area. They become more so focused on lumber and hunting rather than farming and fishing, and had more modernized system of doing things once the family acquired a better truck and computer to make business faster and bigger. They managed to acquire much more profit in this time for the new upgrades. In a quieter area of the town, Anton's family had formed a pact with neighboring families to dedicated a small lump of every single families money to standby to help each other in times of crisis. Among this pact, their was also a formation among the younger parties that they should purchase and acquire a stash of firearms and some other assorted gear to help the group in the case of some sort of massive disaster. Through little by little action, each family began buying themselves gear. Starting off as simply some higher end clothing that was made to last longer, to some new fishing tools to stow, to some other non-perishable foods. It got to the point where about each person was able to be equipped with a rifle from a pooled stashes of firearms, such as old soviet AKMs, SVDs, some cheaper veprs, and other similar pieces that would provide ample firepower for the group to protect themselves. With the craftsmen ship of the local people, Anton and his brothers and friends were able to build a makeshift bunker that was hidden within a dugout rock hill, fortified with industrial scale materials they sourced from local suppliers to give it an extra oomph in the right direction. The bunker was supposed by the men to be able to survive just about any thing that would be possibly thrown at it ; rain, winds, grenades, bullets(for the most part), and anything similar. Heck, they though they could probably make it a nuclear shelter if they just put some more upgrades, but they didn't really think that was a problem. Maybe something for a later project. Many more of these bunkers would be built around the area to support other families if the need arises. Another step in the project was the men in the group had formed a sort of militia-esque training program where they would help each other become much more fit and trained in the arts of survival and combat. This program they made up, mainly consisted of distribution of survival books, running and lifting events and competitions, and classes taught by experienced people to the less experienced. This resulted in a greater bond between the people in this group and gave themselves a greater confidence in handling emergencies and problems around the community. Civil War - Sep 1st 2009 to January 13th 2010 At the beginning of the conflict, the families had grown worried, as is seemed a new threat arises. That the news gave them the idea that this might be just a really big problem. Though it would pass as something as a lock down the families in the Anton's area. As they had equipped themselves with all the things that they think they needed for this type of situation. So a restricted flow of traffic through the area that Anton lived through had the people in the community feel barely changed, as the area was not an area of interest and the isolation from heavy traffic was a settled feeling. The people in Anton's area just sat around with their rifles, continuing to follow the news and safe guarding themselves, hoping to not get wiped out by what seemed to be a horrible set of events. Post Civil War - January 13th 2010 to 2018 With the war being one by the ChDKZ and CRS being established, Anton's family and friend groups had adapted to the new lifestyle that had come out the new founded republic. They found themselves to not so happy with the this change of atmosphere, but it was something they had to deal with until it got better. With the assassination in 2016, Anton found it to be a kind of relief to know that there was some hope for a major change. Then with the introduction of the new leader later in 2016, Anton was hoping this would be better than the last. As with the changes from the 2016 to 2018, the newly integrated Chernarus into the Russian Federation, had really set off the communities hearts. They found themselves prepping up more and more in anticipation for another event like the previous civil war, but worse. Outbreak - 2018 and Onward As the beginning of the outbreak was happening, the area around Anton was not so alert to the issue at hand, as it wasn't addressed heavily on the news as it would be later on. But as the later waves after June of 2019 had hit, then the community had begone to worry. Later on with the increased military presence and odd passage of people in the area, tension rose. The tensions rose until some event happened to cause a huge firefight to break out in the town, most of the people were killed. Anton was forced to flee east, ending up shortly crossing in South Zagoria region after about a 5km hike through the black mountains. Distressed and alone Anton found himself wandering around, until he found another very small village of people who took him in and sympathized with him and gave him a bit of comfort for the time being. The group had given Anton shelter in the isolated town for the time being as Anton would in return provide work for the village and he did just that. In the events following in 2020, it locked in Anton and caused him to be unable to leave the region, and he decided that he keep a high alert in the coming months. Around May, Anton felt himself needing to leave since he was getting worried he might get sick, as he started to get suspicious about all the people around the village coughing and showing symptoms of sickness. He took his gear and headed out, as he look around other towns and villages, he saw they were abandoned and desolate. He would find it to be a real change of scenery, but would be glad of the past he had to help him in his travels now.
  3. Was interesting listening to the conversation, by the lady on a massive sugar rush, about beans and duct tape.
  4. Livonia for me seems pretty good. Definitely brings more elements to surviving. One main con is that this map not free(though it should be). The wildlife and rainy weather makes a difference, lots of wolfs and friendly animals, having to relying on rain clothes with hot meat inside to stay comfortable during the thunderstorms happening every other hour. Zombies seem to be a bit a pain for anyone who though deer isle was a pain. One shot and in a town, you got about 20 infected coming, if you have little ammo and get stuck you won't have a good time. Though I found tactics to get around/remove the harm of infected quickly. IMO, map wise it seems pretty great, a bit more demanding with more environmental factors. Finding food and avoiding infected is ok, and finding other gear like rain gear/clothing/guns is good(i did notice that green watchtowers don't have item spawns[all the ones i find are always empty]). Generally the only cons I see that this map is a paided dlc, and in game the survival is a bit more demanding if you under equipped. Other than that its good.
  5. Character Name: Vasily Burov Specialty(medic, rifleman, etc): Rifleman Which Lore Faction?: Terrors Lore Faction staff?: N/A Group Name: N/A Primary Phase: 2 Reserve Phase: 4
  6. Ladders do not stack to make a big ladder, You can stack them but you wouldnt be able to properly climb it. Because when you go up the first ladder it makes you go up like there is a platform at the top of the ladder. Double stacked walls might work, but im not sure.
  7. The bayonet you are probably using is the one that is added in the dayzrp mod added before 1.03 that is just a model that can be attached. That is why it doesn't do the bayonet stab animation. The correct ones spawn in but you'd have to look/test it to know if it the right bayonet. For example the AKM bayonet (default one added in 1.03) is held correctly and the bayonet added in dayzrp mod is held backwards.
  8. What I said was a remark about how they didn't check for bleeding/they didn't bandage till I told them I was bleeding.
  9. Night would be pretty nice to have back, it was seemed fine, as a long as you have light source of sorts(which are pretty easy to find/make). It doesn't seem like a problem considering that it would only be really dark for an hour, and the other 3-5 hours its day in the cycle. Gets pretty annoying with a never setting sun. If it could be added back in for at least an hour, and maybe make an update that brightens light sources like flashlights/glowsticks/flares/etc, that would make it a lot better. I would love to actually use those NV scopes in the darkness.
  10. In my video you can see that you were pretty far away for me to be able to hear you, and in which you never hear you saying to stop. Only you telling me to get on the ground, After shooting me already. Like before, you guys were obviously way too far away from me to have me hear whatever you had said, Of course I wouldn't respond because I was too far to hear. To also note, I would believe that you guys saw that I had a backpack in my hands, so I wasn't a threat against to give you a reason for you to shoot me. If someone is just jogging in front of you, and you yell from a pretty far distance and get no response, I'd think you'd want to get closer and try again till they stop/respond verbally/show an immediate threat at you. Looking over my shoulder I saw you guys, but I wasn't really focused too much on you guys, just keeping an eye on you while I was heading to the tree line. I was not aiming to go up to any and every person(s) I see to have a chat, but I'm not going to try and avoid you if you try to chat. So I slow to a jog, to let you guys be able to catch up and talk. It would seem more reasonable to go run up to me and then go on to simply initiate when you are sure within a close distance(5-10m) and know that I can hear you clearly. Now for the aiming guns part, one of you raise your gun, about 3 seconds later you shoot me. I didn't realize that was pose to be you threatening me, if that is your intention. But it still stands that for this situation that you guys were too far to actually get me to hear you making threats, and even though you were too far, you still decided I could hear you and shot me. Now, as it states : 4.5 Hostile situations must focus on the role play experience of both attackers and victims. Both sides should actively participate and contribute to role play in all situations, any disputes or issues can be discussed and resolved afterwards. As an attacker you may NOT: - Attack other players just for the sake of gear by doing a quick robbery that involves little to no role play. - Ignore your victims. You must provide an engaging role play to keep things interesting for the victims at all times. In the video both of you seem to have done this as a quick robbery(Only being about 5 minutes to sort through the gear and go on your way). Both you seemed to be focused on gear for the most part. You guys only ask if I was with anyone on the radio which i left on, and then asked about my bleeding, after the fact I mention it (Didn't provide immediate aid after shooting me and taking me hostage) and didn't really provide much else for the situation. As I see it, it was a quick rob for some quick gear with little RP.
  11. Server and location: S1 Novy Sobor Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 17:30 2019-01-01 Your in game name: Vasily Burov Names of allies involved: N/A Name of suspect/s: LOGS WILL SHOW Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): N/A Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): 2 Parts - 5 min and 3min50sec Videos (Shadow Play 5 min saver) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xiNEm4xr-xk&feature=youtu.be (5 Min/First Vid) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qgZoCn25mdo&feature=youtu.be (3 Min 50 Sec /Second Vid) Detailed description of the events: Starting off, I was making my way from the forest between Vyshnoe and Stary Sobor heading towards Novy Sobor. I had entered the field going to Novy Sobor. As I was approaching the road that connects Stary and Novy I see two guys. I keep walking in my general route towards Novy. I look behind to see if they are going to follow me, and they seem to do just that. Then I stay at a jogging pace to let them get a chance to catch up and talk to me if they wanted. They start to run towards me. They are pretty far out of my VOIP distance, and they are start to raise and lower guns. Then one of them shoots me in the back, after being shot I turn around to respond verbally, and they run up and then tell me to get on the ground. After I get on the ground I get handcuffed. They proceed to disarm and look through my things. One of them asks me about my radio, which I apparently left on, but not much after that. I tell them that I am bleeding, and they proceed to bandage me(but don't stop the bleeding and don't check if I am still bleeding) They ask again if I know the people on the radio, I say no, and then remind them again that I am still bleeding. They fix me up and then ask if I am still bleeding(I am fine now and say no). Then they proceed to sort through more of my stuff silently. Second video, They continue to take and sort my gear silently. At the end of the second video they tell me to struggle out my handcuffs and that they are leaving. In this they did not provide a valid initiation, shooting me randomly without saying a word before hand. And they provided little to no RP in this robbery.
  12. To fix the issue for me was to: 1. Goto DayZ folder (This PC>C:>Program Files(x86)>Steam>steamapps>common>DayZ 2. Make new folder label dayzrp (if you haven't already) 3. Re-download the dayzrp mod and chernarus winter mod 4. Find the !Workshop folder in the DayZ folder 5. Go into !Workshop and then go into the @DayZRP Mod folder 6. Copy everything in that folder 7. Paste it into the dayzrp mod folder 8. Goto Steam and make sure launch parameters include "-name=first last" (with quotes) of active character and have the "-mod=dayzrp" (without quotes, and have it after a space after the name parameter 9. Launch DayZ launcher and then join the server Worked for me, idk about you
  13. Maxim Yakimov POV : Cassius has relayed information of a base in cherno, over radio, and Sylva calls to rally our group nearby to go and talk with the group at that base. I meet up with Sylva and others to go talk with the group at the base. Our group comes to the front of the base, we spread around while Sylva talks to the group. After a few minutes Sylva is the first man to get shot, and no initations have been dropped before he got shot. Everyone scatters around and a firefights begins. After some people die on both sides, me and some guys push in and move around to clear the island. One of my guys kills a guy, one of my guys get shot. We go to push on the guy, but we lose that guy and then circle around the island to search for him. We go around and make contact with an enemy (Cyrus), Me and him both raise our guns simultaneously and shoot at each other, I get some shots on him but he kills me. End of POV
  14. *Presses the PTT* Yes, we are in the clinic, in Novaya. I try to help, clean some of this blood off. But we need some more professional help. Its looking pretty bad. Would need some doctor or something. *Release the PTT*
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