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  1. Volk pushes PTT in. "Alright, that sounds all good, I should be able to meet later, we can discuss on the frequency." Volk releases PTT.
  2. Volk would get on radio and respond to the man. "Да, если вы хотите поговорить на частоте 217,3 МГц и обсудить больше о работе." Volk releases PTT and continues with his errands.
  3. Volk would reach to his radio, pausing for a moment to think. He takes a breath then presses the PTT. A man with a russian accent is heard. "Hello, I am Volk. I have just opened a new bar shop in the region---Taverna Volkov---and I am looking for people who want to be bartenders, farmers, fishers, etc..." A pause. "If you want to become part of the bar. Please find a time to contact me on the radio frequency---217.3 MHz----and we can discuss." Volk takes a breath. "So that is all for now, soon I put more info out, stay tuned and stay safe." Volk would release the PTT and the radio fell silent.
  4. The man would be sitting at the table, looking at his the radio and contemplating. He presses the PTT, talking with a Russian accent. "Testing, testing... Okay, let's begin. Hello people, I am Volk, and I am currently sitting around here in this building, looking around and thinking of starting some sort of business of sorts... yes, uh, like a shop and such, something like that." He would let go of the button and think for a moment, then proceeding to hold the button again. "But, this business is not able to run at the moment. Reasons being the lack of resources and people I need to run it. I need some people to do some jobs for me and help with getting this business rolling on. Jobs will just be some simple jobs that require some searching, managing, and/or a little labor, not to hard." A pause. "So back to the point, if you interested, contact me on 217.3 MHz and we can discuss the finer details of this business and how you can work for it." A final pause. "Yea... So I will probably get back on the radio soon to explain the details of the business more openly, when it will be open and running. Goodbye and good luck." With the release of the button the broadcast ends.
  5. Alexander Ray

    Ray was a US Security contractor, and was part of the Society for Classically preservation. He working jobs in Syria, working for the Society, protecting archaeological dig sites. Later on in 2017 there was a meeting for the Society being held in Novigrad University. Then when all the members of the group had gone to the University for the meeting, the infection had started breaking out and the Society decided to move towards the South Zagorian region before it got really tough. They arrived in the region, Ray and the Society went on from there and coming months to come.
  6. Computer giveaway

    Alright Lets do this
  7. Nikolai Kronin

    Nikolai Kronin was a able man, about six feet tall, in his 30's, and had a humble life. He had lived in the Chernarus For a bit of time, about twelve years after moving from Russia down to a home of to the side of one of the more subtle towns in the middle part of South Zagoria. Nikolai came at the year 2002 looking for a new story to add to his journal of life. He spent time pursuing his hobbies, such as hunting, hiking, fishing, reading, and also farming. These hobbies had also brought him some wealth, as he would go and collect the meat and various fruits and vegetables, and bring them to a farmers market in the nearby towns and make some money to go and buy things. After the Civil war he was going to help some towns with rebuilding their homes after the destruction caused by the war. Later Nikolai got a real job of working in the agriculture industries and made an average wealth for himself, nothing too special, just enough to enjoy his life to his idea of the "fullest". Nikolai had remained secluded for some time, because of all the drama happening around the nation. Causing him to not know about much about the first week of things that happened across the nation. He was just sitting around, gathering his supplies of wood, water, fruits and vegetables, and meat. That is all he needed to sustain for the following weeks. The only thing he would get out of the conflict to know something was still up was the sound of various aircraft engines flying over his head heading north. After a few weeks, Nikolai decided to go and look at the lands and see how it was changed forever. He went to his town that was closest to his home, and saw nothing but burned cars and empty houses, he was confused, and frankly, a little nervous about this sight. He went south and search for people, but found nothing. Then he found something, a dead man, he had all sorts of rotted flesh and marks, and Nikolai thought to himself, "Whats going on with this world… I’m going to need to find some people.". And so His adventure began, he went around looking for people, and eventually found some people, but they weren't the kindest people he is going to me. He was talking with them, but then he had turned around and the last thing he saw was a man swinging a blunt object at him. Nikolai had woken up, looked around, then at himself. Found himself somewhere near the coast, and had saw he had been looted of his jacket and other items, being left with one set of rags, and a flare. So now having only those items, in his shirt and jeans, he set off to go get somewhere in his new adventure in Chernarus.