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  1. A russian mobster who has many skills in the underworld form of arts. He was working a job for his section of the Mob he was apart of. He was driving a truck through kazastan and up into russia and then through the Ukraine and into Chernarus. He finnally finished the job and was headed back and then the outbreak started. Many skills quickly transfered into his new way of life and he found himselve thieving and Banditing to survive. Hes picked up quite a few new skills throughout the outbreak, such as hunting, torture and Skinning, just about anything. He is a chaotic nuetral through and through and will do whatever is the best interest of himself.
  2. HEYO new here boys hope to make this my new Dayz Home
  3. Alright I got it boys Thanks
  4. My Character's name is James Mcree, people call him Jim. He was born in San Antonio,Texas and joined the Army straight out of High School he Got into the 82cnd Airborne Division where he learned many skills working as a Combat Engineer. After his contract was up he joined a PMC known as Ravenwood and began working in Yugoslavia, Ukraine and Chechnia his work eventually led him to a small satellite state on the Black Sea known as Chernarus. Soon he was closely working with the UN building Infastructure for the Post Soviet Union Country. He found himself thrown into a conflict with what at the time were only described as Manic Cannibals. Scientist soon were saying it was a evolved version of Kuru, and it could be contained. James was on his way to a Local safezone when the UN helicopter that he was aboard was transporting a "patient" that had been bitten. Chaos broke out on the Heli and soon they hard crashed down in the middle of Cherno. He doesnt remember anything after that, but has now woken up on the beach and doesnt remember much.
  5. Would really like to play tonight...
  6. Everytime i join no matter which sever im kicked instantly even tho im whitelisted is there another step that i missed? its says i have no active character
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