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  1. With firearms its easier to kill 5-10 of them, someone with a melee weapon... Not so much, in a realistic world not everyone knows or can use a firearm, so they are left with a melee weapon to handle the infected, if we buff them or make is to there are more to be spawned in, majority of us will have a unfair disadvantage, think it would be fair to keep it as it is
  2. I have a hard time as it is when I 1v1 them, as a person who doesn't carry AKs and Pistols or any type of firearm as it doesnt make sense for my character to do so, this would be unfair towards people who roleplay without using those types of weapons. it's a nono from me.
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    omg. juice boxes. Yes please! Let us have this! @Kibbs THIS BE PERFECT FOR YOUR CHARACTER!
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  5. Updated loads with her past and current, hopefully its more fitting. 🤔


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  7. Friday 22nd December 2006 Joji's mother was heavy on drugs on a Friday morning whilst on the phone with one of her friends. She was pacing back and forth, stumbling and trembling. Was like this every other morning, clearly too fucked up to take her daughter to school or to take care of her even. Joji was 4 years of age during this time, she was in her bedroom playing with her dolls before she made her own journey to school as she was listening to her mother's conversations. Conversations Joji should not be hearing at such a young age, on this morning she had cut off Barbie's fingers and had lodged the fingers into Barbie's mouth forcefully whilst making Ken watch. Was a thing she liked doing to her dolls and then some. She was a lonely child, had witnessed things she shouldn't have, this had caused Joji to be very different, instead of playing with other kids she would sit by herself outside playing with her dolls. Mommy, how could you? Joji's mother was talking on the phone, explaining to her friend how much of a problem her daughter was, laughing at how she was on drugs when giving birth to her, believing everything was all fun and games. Laughing at how she had came up with the name Joji-Anna when being so fucked up, she couldn't even remember naming her at the time, her full name being Joji-Anna Styker she had heard the conversation and laughter as she continued playing with her dolls. Joji had never seen true compassion, never experienced love, or to be wanted and cared for, she was abused and neglected by her mother since birth. Her mother had never wanted her, she kept her around for the money she received by having her around. Joji was her mother's paycheck, punching bag, and armrest for some time. Joji never had friends or a father, she was told he needed milk one time and never came back home, her mother had fucked many men to not know who the father could be. Everyday Joji heard what her mother would talk about on the phone, she knew things she shouldn't be knowing. She had seen her mother bring back home different men every other night. Nothing a child should go through. Joji would peak and see different men doing things that weren't so PG-13. Joji went to school that Friday morning, there was a boy looking at her the wrong way first lesson, she smiled at him and waited for the break to come. She had waited for him to go to the boy's room to use the toilettes, she followed him in, grabbed him and well... She had tried her best to drown him by placing his head down the toilet. Joji is an undiagnosed paranoid schizophrenia, she is highly impulsive – her behaviour tends to be very erratic when making decisions. She hadn't seen anything wrong with what she had done, her mother treated her this way, she thought it was normal behaviour, she had thought her mother would be proud. Teachers had heard what was happening and helped the boy. The principal had contacted her mother to come to the school as soon as possible. The whole time being there, Joji's mother had rolled her eyes at the teachers and didn't care much about what had happened. Joji went home that night, she received a beating. She was used as an ashtray that night and used as a punching bag as her mother had taken high doses of heroin. When done with her daughter, Joji was thrown into her room without food and water, "Mommy! No, please! Mommy! Mommy!" as she pleaded and cried against her bedroom door. Joji had waited for her mother to leave to go on her daily drug run, during this time Joji had then constantly banged her small fragile, burned fists against her bedroom window, in hope that someone would notice and help her. Mommy doesn't love me. The snow was very light. It was Saturday, the day after school Joji was in her bedroom, playing with her dolls most of the day as her mother had another man over, she stayed locked in her bedroom and had blocked out the noises by playing. Christmas Eve was tomorrow, Joji was hoping it would be the year, the year that she had finally got the gift that she had prayed for from Santa Clause. Her gift was to receive a hug from her mother, as Joji had seen other girls from her class receive affection from their mothers, this had made Joji earn for the same. Her mother had stumbled into Joji's bedroom after unlocking her bedroom door, she had a beer in her hand, drunk and drugged, reeking of alcohol she had told Joji that Santa Clause wasn't real and explained it was why she had never got presents on Christmas, how she won't be getting any this year also. The man she had over crept behind her, placed his hands around her waist, he had mocked Joji and her dolls as the stench of alcohol from her mother and him swayed over into Joji's direction. Her mother was wearing reindeer antlers on her head. The man had taken the antlers from her mother's head and placed them on his head, "She is right, you know?" as he had given Joji a creepy smile, he mocked and laughed, he had pointed his finger towards Joji, wagging it, "No such thing as Santa Clause!" her mother laughed, grabbed the antlers, and placed them back on her head in a cheeky, cute-like manner. All the other children recieved presents... Joji believed they were lying, she knew Santa Claus was real. Joji looked at them, not saying a word. Joji had looked at the reindeer antlers on her mother's head. Joji had asked her mother if she could let her wear them for a little while, or even take a look. Her mother refused and told her to get to bed aggressively. She looked at her mother and smiled as she left her bedroom. It was bedtime. I want to kill mommy. The clock struck 12 midnight, the snow had turned into a blizzard, it was Christmas Eve. Joji had waited patiently for her mother to fall asleep, at the perfect time she had quietly placed her wellies on and had then made her move discreetly, she had then went out back into the shed to grab a machete, Joji had then made her way back into the home, to then butcher her mother as the radio played the song Rudolph The Red Nose Reindeer by Gene Autry. Her mother had woken up to her daughter butchering her to death. She was smiling, laughing, having an exciting start to Christmas Eve. She had stood over her mother's corpse, what was of it anyway... There was barely anything left of her body, Joji had noticed her mother's hand on the couch. She had grabbed her mother's hand and had decided to slowly slice off all of her fingers. She had grabbed her mother's head that she had decapitated and shoved all the fingers she had sliced off and placed them in her mother's mouth as she grinned and giggled. This felt amazing for Joji, something she used to do with her Barbie dolls. It made her feel peace, satisfied, free. Joji had then cuddled into her mother, she finally got what she had prayed for, to "cuddle" her mother. Soon as she was done with her fun, she had grabbed the reindeer antlers and placed them on her head. She left no trace of evidence that it was her, all she did was call the police and pretend to cry over the phone. Her mother had spent a lot of time with one of them men she messed around with, one oft them who was very abusive towards her, it was in their records, he got sentenced for murder and blamed, there was evidence she was with him that day, everything had worked out for little Joji. She went on and lived in foster care since then, but no one wanted to adopt her. At the age of 16 she had got up to no good, she lied about her mother, she liked telling people she was still around and alive and well, that she still lived with her. She still wears those antlers to this day, the reindeer antlers, maybe you can wear a pair yourself some time if you piss her off. Joji Styker had lived in the United Kingdom whilst growing up, at the age of 16 she had ended up living in Los Santos in the United States for a couple of months back in 2019 due to a foster care program that she had took upon herself to be apart of. The United States had made Joji's mind spiral out of control, she ignored those who were supervising her and taken care of her, discreetly she had robbed people, robbed banks and had murdered many people and had harmed those who had looked at her the wrong way. She was never taught compassion or given it, she does not understand what it is like to be loved or to give love. After picking her victims she would do to them what she had done towards her mother as a child. She would firstly manhandle them, place reindeer antlers on their heads, chopping their fingers off to only place them into their mouths, she would take her victims to the meat factory, place her victims in front of the meat grinder as she would make them dance as she would play the song Rudolph The Red Nose Reindeer by Gene Autry on her walkman before throwing them into the meat grinder alive. Joji had always carried around her machete and revolver, you know, she did this because she was constantly hungry for death, all she wanted to do was spill blood by her own doing, she had hoped people would look at her the wrong way, so she would have an excuse to slaughter them. After every murder, Joji had the urge to smoke a lot of cigarettes and to fuck, doesn't matter who, every kill that she had made had got her excited. Joji had met a few people who she thought were loyal friends but, unfortunately, they went behind her back, snitching, lying and creeping. This had rubbed Joji off in the wrong way causing her to have trust issues. She was however close with a young gentleman by the name of Chen, they did many crimes together and it felt as though she was on top of the world with him by her side. Growing up without a male figure in her life, she felt something brand new within her, a best friend, someone she felt was family. She would've taken a bullet for him, but she had believed he wouldn't do the same for her. Everything had come to an end as his people had wanted him to stop all interaction and communication with her. Everything was getting worse for Joji, the detectives were on her case for all the murders and crimes that she had committed. Joji knew it was time to leave, if she didn't she would die. she left Los Santos on a jet plane to get away from everything. As she was walking away from Chen, she had mumbled under her breath, "If we ever meet again, I'll kill you." she quickly decided to pick the next flight out, no matter where it was heading. With all the money she earned from robbing banks, she was loaded. She was ready to settle anywhere. The plane she had situated herself onto was a one-way flight to Chernarus. I'd take a bullet for you, but I'd also put a bullet in you. Joji Stryker had started her new life in Chernarus, lived in a low-class hotel and did heavy drugs and drinking, the drugs had calmed down her behaviour in killing and harming people. All the money she had made back in Los Santos was thrown away with drugs and alcohol. She had no job so eventually, she would end up homeless, not knowing the language becoming very vulnerable. She kept herself to herself and did not get involved with anyone, she knew nobody. Joji had lived a very lonely, depressive life after leaving Los Santos despite the horror that was waiting for her back there. One night Joji had invited her dealer over as she needed more heroin in her system, not having enough money they argued, this situation had caused Joji to be kicked out onto the streets of Chernarus. Joji had to defend herself, she got back into robbing people for food and money so she could get the drugs she needed, robbing stores and banks, harming anyone who stood in her way. Eventually, she got caught. During her time in prison, she became clean from drugs. The guards and bystanders had noticed Joji's behaviour, she was craving blood, it was driving her crazy, without drugs to help her cope she was seeing red. She wasn't like most people at the prison, it was terrifying to see... Give me drugs, then I may not hurt you. Joji was placed into an asylum in Chernarus along with 26 other patients, most of the patients inside the asylum had never interacted with one another, majority of patients had never spoken, was only screaming for the most part and strange noises. Everyone was treated like animals, the owner of the asylum had treated Joji differently, he had a favourite of them all and decided to give her special treatment. He would feed her drugs, but only to his liking, she would get only as much as he wanted to give, when and how much. He would have his friends and friends of friends come to the asylum to mock and spit and make fun of the patients he had locked up. There was no such thing as human rights in that place. Laying in bed every night she would stare at the ceiling with a big smile on her face, she would often mumble few words or have long conversations with herself. Each day, without her drugs she earned the need to kill, especially the manager that worked at the asylum with his staff. All she dreamed about was how she would kill them, with what weapon, what place and time, what she would do in great detail in her mind... It helped her sleep at night believing she would kill them all for how they had treated her. Her desire and addiction was already a friend of hers, she will get what she wants, when? She isn't sure. But her day of blood shed will come, eventually. Inject it in me. Christmas Eve 2019 was here, Joji had made it to her 14th day of being drug-free, meaning that her thirst to kill had reached its climax. She was sitting on the edge of her bed rocking back and forth when suddenly commotion was brewing outside her window, she stood up and glanced down at the group of people. Everyone was attacking and eating each other, Joji's eyes had grew wide with pleasure as she earned the need to join in. She banged her fists against the window as she screamed. Suddenly her door broke down by two other patients by the name of Frankie and Joao, she gave them a hungry look as they gave one in return, they did not want to harm each other but to help each other without words. She grinned at them as she walked past them, commotion was everywhere, every patient was attacking the staff. Joji had managed to find an axe, she looked everywhere for the manager, as she was looking for the manager she had slaughtered all the staff that had made her life hell. Her day of blood shed has arrived. Your blood tastes bitter. Joji had finally found the manager, he was hiding in his office alone with the door locked. This did not stop Joji, she swung her axe hard against the knob of the door, repeatedly until it broke off. She made her way into his office, she grinned hard as ever as she saw the manager cower in fear before her. Grinningly she had gripped the axe tightly, cutting her hair short with the axe she sighed the words, "I needed that change." before making her move. She had got closer towards him, "JOJI!? PLEASE! DON'T DO THIS! I'M SORRY FOR EVERYTHING! JOJI! NO! JOJI! N-" his begging had only added fuel to her hunger. She had slaughtered the manager into little pieces as he screamed for mercy. Joji and all 26 of the other patients had escaped the asylum, only finding out that there are beings of some sort eating other beings, they seem dangerous, all patients had ended up breaking off and losing contact with one another, Joji needs to find them, in the mean time she will manipulate everyone on her way, to get what she wants, to appear somewhat ordinary and extremely innocent, but little do they know her history, and who she really is behind her fake self, she has no good intentions towards anybody unless they are one of the 26 patients, the only people she truly cares for are those she had suffered with in the asylum. If you do her wrong, she will want to kill you, she won't forget you and she will get her day eventually, once she has set her mind on something, it sticks. If you aren't one of the 26 patients, she is not your friend...
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  14. She is basically disabled as fuck. Popet is a young, cute and considerate individual, her personality is unique and different, maybe strange to the average girl you may come across. Popet grew up without a family, she shifted from state to state, country to country. Her accent? Well, not sure if there is one. Since born she grew up in a foster home in the United States, California. Popet ran away at the age of eight and got by on her own somehow. She may seem slow and unable to keep after herself if you were to meet her but she is smart when it comes to taking care of herself. Lack of education, she knew the world just not the history. Popet could potentially have brothers and sisters in the world, a mother and father and so on, but she believes that she is born without one, you see... Popet doesn't know about the birds and the bees. She can come across as very innocent and very fragile in some cases, Popet is very absent minded and has the sort of personality where you are unsure what she may want or need. You will either love her or hate her. Popet had a talent, she could sing! She could play the guitar, she had found a good working one in a dumpster some time ago. She taught herself, she strummed away, along with it, life. Sometimes her sense of fashion isn't the most fashionable. Popet may lack in skills when it comes to dressing herself properly, dressing up silly or weird was something she did often, she thought she dressed in normal attire, she will wear anything and everything. She doesn't know how to be a girly girl for all that matter. Popet lacks in some but not at everything! Popet has very good intuition, if something seems wrong or if someone seems off, she usually, normally can spot it right away! This is a very useful astribute to have. Popet stole for the need and therefore she was on the run a lot from the police, Popet was never caught but always wanted for stealing. She had only stollen to help others, when it came to herself she got by fine by finding what she wanted in the dumpster. Popet never got much interaction with the same species as herself, not saying that she had spent time with aliens or anything! She wishes! She did get some sort of interaction with the homeless. Since Popet lived on the streets for ten years, she had got to know few people this way. Stealing was nature to her! She learned about the world in her own way, she had her own theories and own ideas when growing up, she believes in aleins, she believes in the above and beyond, she had spent a lot of her time observing the sky. If she has a pair of binoculars at hand, she will often look into the night sky while using them. If you were to happen to believe in aliens, believe in the above and beyond, she would happily sit with you and talk with you about such thing. Popet was in New York at this time, she found a book in a dumpster near Stonybrook St. She decided to read it. It was a book about Chernarus, Chernarus had some good spots for UFO sightings and this striked her interests into going there and starting a life there. Although Popet has a history of stealing, she would never steal for her own amusement into getting and doing what she had wanted. She went ahead and thought of ways and ideas to make money without stealing, she had her guitar that she had found not so long ago. She had seen people perform on the streets so she had decided to give it a chance. On the streets of New York she did! Popet eventually managed to save enough money for her big move to Chernarus. People would glance, stare and whisper about her sense of fashion and the way she had spoken and perceived herself as an individual. She was so different, but she still glanced at them with a big warm happy smile, positive she would spread her happiness to others, unknowingly. When being in Chernarus she found an abandoned house on the outskirts of Shakovka, this was perfect for her, she made herself at home. Eventually when traveling around Chernarus she came across a map, just what she needed! She then decided to draw on the map, places where UFOs will be most active. Excited and hopeful she went on her way to Sinistok, being so up in the hills she knew it was going to be a great spot to find any sightings and of course, it's the popular place for the sightings to be seen! On her travels to Sinistok, a man stood at her glance, as he was hunched, she tilted her head in curiosity, not judging she smiled and waved asking how he was, but with hunger in his eyes he had noticed her, he sprinted in her direction, Popets little innocent face switched to an aggressive, serious manner, with quick reflexes she grabbed her guitar and slammed it across the man's head, then of course sprayed him with disinfectant. Popet did indeed break her guitar by doing this, sighing she stood on the infected, she looked down at him with her hands on her hips. "What's your problem!?" she spoke in her high pitched tone. With no response since the man was dead she grabbed her bag and made her way to her destination. On her travels she came across a lady, grabbing onto Popet she was desperate, crying and wounded, trying to explain to Popet what was happening, but as she was explaining desperately she turned right before Popets very eyes. Popet took no time, she grabbed the ladies knife that was located on the side of her boot and decapitated her, then sprayed disinfectant on her. As soon as this had happened, Popet made a run to a nearby house, locking it up and keeping cover, she needed to gather what was really going on here but, she knew. She mumbled to herself, "It was aliens." Maybe you will find out what her theory is, if you meet her. Truthful at all times Trusts very easily Absent minded Brave Unpredictable Loyal Immature Strange Appreciative Afroman - Colt 45 Elvis Presley - Suspicious Minds Mamas & Papas - California Dreaming Bill Withers - Aint No Sunshine The Turtles - Happy Together Candy Fish Music Arguments Dancing Liars Aliens Hate Disinfectant Spray Rudeness
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