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  1. Server and location: Livonia - The Soup Kitchen outside of Sitnik Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 01AM-02AM 03/02/20 Your in game name: Popet MacNeil Names of allies involved: @Robo - Robonull Scott Name of suspect/s: @Ryan Shepherd Unknown guy in hawaiian shirt? Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): N/A Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): Logs Detailed description of the events: Me and @Robo was at Soup Kitchen roleplaying, it was just us at the time, our characters are apart of The Soup Kitchen. I had told him I was going to pee so I went AFK in the shed. Robo went to a tent. (I know it is my responsibility and I know I take a risk and would be my own fault, but my friend said he heard no initiation, just me getting hit and a thud.) I came back laying on the ground which I had found strange, I heard voices of @Robo and two others talking around the fire near the shed, so I got up and walked up next to @Robo as I ate soup, I heard a weird conversation on how the guy in the hawaiian shirt had hit me across the head with a shovel knocking me out because he didn't like my characters choice of clothing, my character wears anything because of her disability she dresses very silly. My character was attacked when I was AFK in the shed, @Robo was 5-10 meters away from the shed and didn't hear hawaiian guy say anything to me, he heard someone hit my character and a thud. @Robo went to see if I was okay, he seen me on the ground. He asked @Ryan Shepherd to help me. @Robo asked the guy in the hawaiian shirt if he had hit my character, the guy in the hawaiian shirt said, "I don't speak good english." When @Robo questioned him again he replied with, "Yes I hit her because I dislike her for wearing short shorts." "I go now." as he jogged away he kept saying, "You gay, you gay, you gay." My friend @Robo followed him and shot at him for attacking my chararacter. @Ryan Shepherd was pretending to be on @Robo's side. People enter camp at some point during the situation. They must have left when I had logged back in, I watched Ryan help Robo then I had seen Ryan had shot @Robo in the back as he was next to him. My character had called for help over the radio to The Soup Kitchen letting them know he got shot by @Ryan Shepherd, The Soup Kitchen contacted The Irish to help since they are our alias, @Ryan Shepherd had came with Callahan, Popet got upset and asked him why he is here "helping" her and why he had shot her friend. I didn't know the hawaiian guy, my character hasn't caused problems with anyone for them to attack her without a reason, the whole experience was just what the fuck, the hawaiian guy hadn't interacted with my character before. Robo had heard him hitting my character 5-10 meters away and had heard the thud, but didnt hear him initiate on my character.
  2. Loved the RP with you guys also! Was an immersive night!
  3. This will be interesting. Like to see you try and escape wolves now. @Robonull Scott I like the changes.
  4. No problem, was interesting how we met. Hope we meet again! Thank you for the adventure!
  5. It's one of the reasons why we have staff, so they can moderate and keep a close eye on those that do, "venting, toxicity and banter." I believe the forums also bring people together outside of roleplay and I honestly like that, we can discuss majority of ideas and problems and so on with keeping it. Taking away something that has just as much good and more would suck. Sure a lot of us may not treat the forums right but that is why points are handed out. /shrug Off Topic is nice to be honest, I like it.
  6. Thank you to the people I roleplayed with today, got no fuckign clue what your forum names are but I know a couple! I think? @Robonull Scott @Eagles @Morytania, Larry (I don't know his forum name...) Evelynn (I don't know hers either!) The Irish group down Sitnik, enjoyed the RP there and enjoyed the Travelers RP also, had a lovely night! Was also nice for Popet to see her silent friend Pavel! @8Dust8! Sorry half asleep, sorry if I forgot some of you! Thank you all!
  7. Popet

    Oh, Hello.

  8. Having the option to remove it from your profile would be a nice feature, although I do agree with what you mean but it isn't hard to find out who is in game and who isn't. I personally want to keep mine, completely removing it I'm against, making it an option would be nice.
  9. Thank you! I'm having a fun experience with her!
  10. ty @Robonull Scott for the rp, idk who else i was with but i was mute. ty for tonight, vibing was nice.
  11. Popet


    Welcome back! @Taryn Missed you.
  12. Whenever you see someone in game, or happen to surround yourself around groups of people, you could emote in the text box something along the lines of. *You may notice his right leg is prosthetic.* So people can roleplay it out and notice it in character.
  13. Yikes, didn't think of this. Guess people have ideas on how to get into peoples bases now. But if it is something you can't help, I don't see the problem if your doing it to fix it.

    1. Pepper


      Missing seeing you in game. would love to stop by for a visit some point! ❤️ sincerely Jess

    2. Popet


      Would love to see you to!

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