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  1. Cool and interesting. Thank you for sharing blue version of me.
  2. You still here. B)

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    2. JimRP


      @Dusty is still here too.

    3. Popet


      I seen. xd

    4. Cuteboi39


      *He would reload his sidearm*


  3. I did many things... Just not working for me, I downloaded the mods, stuff and stuff. 8(
  4. Thank you Jabba! We never got to talk or meet in game which I was hoping to finally see what you were all about, since everyone had so many opinions about you! But I don't judge, I bet you are a good person at heart, regardless. I appreciate it. Lots of love, take care now dear. Take it easy dear, you are a good guy and I loved jumping into Twitch, watch you play when I wasn't playing, always loved the RP you had given me, you are a great roleplayer! Not seen you in staff but I am sure you are doing your best no doubt. Pretend you gotten my leg! My permission! ? It is for the best, it really is. And about the forum name change... Heh, take care. ?
  5. Thank you sweetheart, catch you later! Take care sweetheart, was nice roleplaying with you, ever wanna talk again hit me up.
  6. Thank you sweetheart! I loved the RP we had together, was always fun! Hope we can cross paths again somewhere! Take it easy now.
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