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  1. Lady In Blue

    Lady In Blue

    Fucking rip when you fall unconscious and instead of people helping, they rob you, dressing you up to look different. O.o

    When I got up I looked like Margaret Thatcher - from a heavy night of partying, doing drugs, spending the night with a couple of Russians, doing meth.

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    2. Dew


      You'll do nuttin

    3. YaBoiParantoid


      I'm sincerely hoping that this occurred in DayZ.

    4. ExoticRP


      You stole a bandage I stole your hat

    5. Sleepyhead



    6. Lady In Blue

      Lady In Blue

      How could you.. <\3

      So it was you Exotic. It was you.. 

      In all honesty. I dislike wearing beanies though. I like my caps.

      I survived also. ;)

    7. Oliv


      that's the difference between me and you @Iso, I hope it didn't

    8. ExoticRP


      Yeah I told your friends where you were I'm not completely heartless

    9. Lady In Blue

      Lady In Blue

      You deserved my hat..

      For the man who had stolen my hat has a heart. 

      I'm okay with looking like Margaret Thatcher suddenly. 

    10. YaBoiParantoid


      @Oliv and yet you're considered the nice one out of the pair of us. 

    11. evanm23


      Thanks for the m4 mag you duracell battery

       It was me and pep that told ur mates where u were not exotic

    12. Lady In Blue

      Lady In Blue

      You don't need to say thank you.. I didn't give you it.. You took it.. :(

      I turned my gammar up and seen you all around me. I was expecting to wake up with nothing at all. I knew you were all robbing me, I was praying to wake up somehow. Wish I did as you were all doing it. o.O

      Exotic.. You lied to me!? 

      my hart

    13. ExoticRP


      Evan is lying to you he's no better than a tire iron 

    14. Lady In Blue

      Lady In Blue

      i beliv u 

      u a good citizen of cheranus exotic

      i seen ur good deeds


    15. evanm23


      exotic is a pvp whitename

      dont listen to him the hip bone replacement he is 

    16. ExoticRP


      Shut up Evan you diabetes commercial lookin' ass

    17. evanm23


      i will infuse your mum with your nan you treyarch employee

    18. ExoticRP


      I will put your cat in the bin you moldy orange

    19. Lady In Blue

      Lady In Blue


    20. evanm23


      drop kick your grandad down a 20 story staircase 


    21. ExoticRP


      Throw your mum into the gulf of mexico

    22. evanm23


      steal your mums calf

    23. ExoticRP


      Take your Nan's wig

    24. evanm23


      cast an avada kedavra on your hamster

    25. ExoticRP


      Coup de grace your duck

    26. Lady In Blue

      Lady In Blue

      And the winner is Exotic!59e7b35807907_tenor(1).gif.481c73a1b7c6a32810bb7293d148e7d8.gif