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  1. Thank you Jabba! We never got to talk or meet in game which I was hoping to finally see what you were all about, since everyone had so many opinions about you! But I don't judge, I bet you are a good person at heart, regardless. I appreciate it. Lots of love, take care now dear. Take it easy dear, you are a good guy and I loved jumping into Twitch, watch you play when I wasn't playing, always loved the RP you had given me, you are a great roleplayer! Not seen you in staff but I am sure you are doing your best no doubt. Pretend you gotten my leg! My permission! It is for the best, it really is. And about the forum name change... Heh, take care.
  2. Thank you sweetheart, catch you later! Take care sweetheart, was nice roleplaying with you, ever wanna talk again hit me up.
  3. Thank you sweetheart! I loved the RP we had together, was always fun! Hope we can cross paths again somewhere! Take it easy now.
  4. I had a great time roleplaying and talking with you on TS Svenne, drop me a friend req. on Steam dear.
  5. Honestly, I wanted to mention you, you looked after me and you took me in, I love you Dad. Don't say sorry, it's okay. We will always stay in contact Chewy. Oh, sweet baby Jesus. Cya.
  6. Take care, I'm sure there will be new top players that you will meet eventually. Nice to meet you but goodbye, take it easy, man.
  7. I loved it here, believe me, I did. But I'm tired, I did enjoy it when it was good. Take care boo.
  8. Shut up you.. you... YOU! I might just stay if you are this relieved...
  9. This is my first leaving thread? I don't remember saying that, last time we talked properly was like almost a year ago, but alright Boris. Stay you. Lmao.