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Lady In Blue

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"The morning rain clouds up my window, and I can't see at all."

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  1. Hardwired

    • Hardwired
    • Lady In Blue

    Missing you already 😞❤️ 😛

    1. BorisRP


      You did the thing?

    2. ChewyRP


      Keep your goddamb hands off my son

    3. Lady In Blue

      Lady In Blue

      I miss you to ;___; 

      He came to mine for a week @BorisRP

      Don't worry dad he didn't touch me.❤️

    4. ChewyRP


      He better not havw or I will cone over thwre and do stuff

      As you can see, im on my phone.

    5. Hardwired


      Chewy dont you dare threaten me or I will throw this bag of skittles at you 😉 

    6. ChewyRP


      Jokes on you I'm not allergic to skittles

      I still remember that invalid kill you pulled on me so just you watch out or else I'll find you

    7. Hardwired


      Noo! I did not do anything wrong I dont know what your talking about! *Begins searching forums frantically*

      That is gonna bug me so bad lol 

    8. ChewyRP


      I never put a repirt up but I shure as shit grilled you o er temaspeak because you shot me in a var without shout initiating or text initiating, it was during the time you wete in Angeks

    9. Hardwired


      Owch. I still don't remember it. I will have a think lol

    10. ChewyRP


      Tldr most of vehm atracked angels compound (we were stationed at green mountain) I had been out of any initiation range at all because U stayed in the tower at GM and when the fight was over we got in a sedan I staryed driving and you just gassed me. But then everyone else on my side gassed you

      I* not U

    11. Hardwired


      Ohhh shit I do remember that now. Confusing times. To be honest I think the angels was the most stressful time I had in the server but at the same time the most fun! 

    12. Lady In Blue

      Lady In Blue


    13. ChewyRP


      An you acted like you didnt do ANYHTINF wrong and I was this close to reporting you but I cant be fucked with repirts so I didnt. An ekepaht never forgets. Remenber that, im anem elephanr

    14. Hardwired


      I swear EVERYTHING gets made negative >_>

  2. Lady In Blue

    Lady In Blue


  3. Lady In Blue


    Hello my guy! Welcome to DayZRP, if you need any help please contact an orange member of staff first.
  4. Lady In Blue

    Lady In Blue

    Obladi oblada life goes on, brahhh!
    Lala how the life goes on!


  5. Lady In Blue

    Real life picture Thread

    Found this guy on my doorstep. @Hardwired
  6. Lady In Blue

    BeanZ WAR

  7. Lady In Blue

    Heyo im new!

    Hello @Scurvy! Welcome to DayZRP! If you need any help, please contact an orange support member first!
  8. Lady In Blue

    Lady In Blue

    Change "House" to "TeamSpeak" xD


    1. Samti


      Here you go bean beggar

    2. Samti


      (Just for staff i'm joking)

    3. Lady In Blue

      Lady In Blue


    4. Hardwired


      That's not nice Samti 😞

    5. Lady In Blue

      Lady In Blue

      I don't want beanz. Thanks

  9. Lady In Blue

    Lady In Blue

    Why is everything so heavy? You say that I'm paranoid, but I'm pretty sure the world is out to get me. It's not like I make the choice, to let my mind stay so fucking messy. I know I'm not the center of the universe, but you keep spinning round me just the same.

    This song is so good.

    1. DrMax



  10. Lady In Blue

    Lady In Blue

    No, I, don't wanna see your face, a-gain~.


    1. Hardwired


      AHHH MY HEAD...

  11. Lady In Blue

    Guess who the next person to post below you will be.

    Nope Daisy?
  12. Lady In Blue

    Kicked out of the server

    Hello @Blois, A lot of members have given you some useful information above! I would also like to mention, make sure your character page visability is set as public, there's an option at the top where you can change it to one of the followings: (Public/Followers Only/Public), but for it to be active it needs to be set as public. Just some handy information!
  13. Lady In Blue

    [GAME] 400 posts before an Admin posts

  14. Lady In Blue

    Guess who the next person to post below you will be.

    Wrong! Jacob?
  15. Lady In Blue

    DayZ pictures that i gone and done

    Looks great! You have a good talent there, I like drawing also. Always thought about drawing some characters up.