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    I heard you like orange juice.


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      I'm done here your gifs are poor and rely on racist stereotypes to be funny.

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      Racist? I just noticed the last gif was a black dude. fml


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    Hey there, LadyInBlue.

    Nice profile I see you like the colour blue..

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  3. @LadyInBlue Hello to you too stranger. ;P
  4. @Zilly Will do man, cheers mate!
  5. @Galaxy Yeah, shouldn't been long until I get used to things ect.. See ya in game man.
  6. SeedRK

    It's been a long time.

    Hello, welcome back!
  7. @focus And you man hope to see you in-game.
  8. Ey, just wanna say thanks for accepting my whitelist for starters. I'd like to introduce myself, I'm Ben also named SeedRK. I've been playing for a bit but not for long but as the servers are down i might as well make my first post while i'm sitting here. I played on these servers for sometime and i like how the admins have put this site together for everyone to be apart of, so I wanted to give back in a way so i recently bought HOF Premium. So far i think my RP has been okay but i'm still learning haha. Hope to see other new people in game PEACE!
  9. Name: Edgar Bates Age: 27 Born: Canada Job: N/A Well, my name is Edgar Bates. I am hiding in Chernarus, have been for 2 years now. You see, I killed the one woman who I thought was my reason for living. I have now a new reason for living, I won't discuss it here.. But it isn't normal.. Did I mention I killed her secret lover too? In my bed they was.. Dead now they are. My family.. Well my parents are dead now. I didn't kill them, they died in a accident. My brother was great, still is probably. I can't face him, I am a monster now, I moved to England to be with that slut, I have something better now though. I guess you might find out, maybe not.
  10. Seeder is a young man who grew up in Korea, for his age he had to take on a lot of responsibilities quickly when his father passed away when he was 18. Both of his parents are Korean, in Korea they are rather strict, his parents had high expectations for their son, to be the Heir of a big co-operation around the world. Working at high pressure, but making it look easy, he became the Heir of a major co-operation, if you spilled anything on his suite you would pay the consequences for it. He was that sort of man, he looked down on a lot of people who were lower class, he wasn't very nice towards his assistant for example. His parents brought him up to take over his fathers position as Heir after his father died. He always had work on his mind, never had a relationship or much time off. He may seem like a awful person, but he was a very caring guy. He liked to go jogging during the night to clear his mind, he thought it was a great way to refresh his mind for the next day. He came across his assistant one night while he was jogging, he stopped and seen her putting something on a tree. Come to think of it he never really knew anything about his assistant.. During time he got to become closer with his assistant, somehow she got to blossom something out of him, making him become more of himself. Somehow her annoyance to him sparked something deep within, they acted like they hated one another, from different worlds, but hatred wasn't what it really seemed. He has a lot of good skills, cooking, sports and an IQ of 200, he was one of the smartest men in the world. He is rich, good looking, a waste if never married. He always thought relationships were a waste of time, he would only marry for work reasons if it was neccessary, but he likes to be alone. Being the Heir of the big co-operation in the world, he had to fly from country to country. His mother wanted him to travel to China for a meeting, his mother was close to all the high profiles in the world, it was a serious meeting about a virus that is happening. He didn't want to worry his assistant, showing care for her he wanted her to stay behind, leaving a note behind and some money, he wanted her to travel. God knows what might be coming to this world.. Since the meeting, it didn't go very well. He then left to go to Chernarus for a meeting with the manager of a hotel there. He is friends with the manager, they had a serious discussion on what is happening. Something was spreading fast, he felt helpless, owning hospitals he felt responsible to cure what is happening, yet nothing can be done. During the discussion in the office, something was banging on the door as the Heir and manager was sitting talking. It was a strange bang, slow and hard. The Heir and manager looked at one another with concern. The manager stood up, he was wondering who that could be, he went to open the door as the Heir stood up, shouting him not to open the door- was too late. Something attacked him, ontop of the manager this person started eating his face. As this creature attacked the manger the Heir ran to help, he grabbed a fire extinguisher that was attatched to the wall, smashing the skull of this once was human. The Heir closed the door, locking it. The Heir didn't know what to do, knowing the manager- his friend was now infected and was soon to be one of them. The Heir helped him rest against the wall as he sat on the floor. The manager looked at the Heir, wanting to say his last words he could not. He was turned as he was was looking in the eyes of the Heir. The manager started to attack him, the Heir had to grab the extinguisher again. He swang the extinguisher and smashed the skull of once friend, a manager of his hotel. How he feels, no words could possibly explain it, he knew he couldn't get back to England easily. He now needs to try and survive from the virus in Chernarus.