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  1. When I was 16 I started to learn about cars. I went to a mechanic school when I was 17, I learnd a lot about cars, then I graduate my mechanic school. I dind't know where to start I was 21 year's old and I lived at my perents house. One day I thought about finding a job. I was looking for a mechanic job. I found a job in my home country in Latvia, I was happy, so I started to work. After 5 years of work, my boss told my I was a good worker, so he gave an oportuniti for a job in Chernarus. I thought about it about 2 months and I agreed to tranfer from Latvia to Chernarus. I stardet woking at Chernarus workshop as a mechanic, I worked 2 years already. I was a good mechanic in Chernarus, so many people came to our workshop to fix there cars. I was know in Chernarus as a good repairman. Then I quit my job and started my own workshop in Chernarus, because I always wanted my own workshop. My workshop was 2 years old, I had a well known workshop, but not as many customer's as in the old workshop I was working. One day in the chernarus started something like chaos so I lock my workshop for a day and went home. I was little bit woried, I thought that something bad was happening and I was right. The apocalypse was starting. So I gathered my supplies for surviving. There was some guns with not so much ammo, some food and driks to survive some day's. I was feeling safe because in early days when I was 12 my father started to teach about guns. I was learning about guns like 3 years and then I didn't like as much I liked cars, but I was atleast something about good with weapons. Because of my father I was able to deffend my self. So the apocalypse started and I was trying to survive and trying to find good people and friends, but I was carefull about people, because you can't trust anyone. I was trying to find some long time friend, because I know that some of them where living in Chernarus, but we never met in Chernarus, but my hope was not falling. Days went and I was alone alot. But I never gave up.