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  1. Names for Stary Sobor

    Stockholm sounds good
  2. Quinn? Dead? Not just yet. [Open Frequency]

    *ehm and picka up radio* "Well okay what kinda game?" *just wannts to cry*
  3. Quinn? Dead? Not just yet. [Open Frequency]

    *picks up radio* "Ehm ehhh i mean if you gonna kill me i don t wanna play a game but don t do eny thing you will regreet
  4. Quinn? Dead? Not just yet. [Open Frequency]

    *he picks up the radio again* "Quinn ive been with you true almost every event that happend to you ive tried to be nice and happy against you. Ive even smacked down Caden for you" *he starts to cry*
  5. Quinn? Dead? Not just yet. [Open Frequency]

    *he picks up the radio* "QUINN we need to talk with love you know who i am" *drops the radio*
  6. Large 5.45 Shipment.

    *picks up the radio* "I thougt i alredy did that. But i do it again I grant you immunity from my group. But if you stab us in the back we will need to hunt you down. But we will not start eny thing against you I will make sure that my group will know that and if someone in my group hurt you tell me. And i will make sure they will pay. With love" *screams to a man and then closes a heavy door*
  7. Large 5.45 Shipment.

    *Picks up the radio and presses the PTT* "Hello you know me and you know what i wannt" *drops the radio and starts to sleep
  8. Perma-deathing?

    I think that forced perma whould lead to that someone starts to hunt someone down all the time just to perma him/her. But i think that a system for perming whould be good like 7 deaths on 7 days whould lead to perma. I mean im open to perma my character if i get good rp. I dont feel like perming if i get 1 hit by a infected ore just gunned down So perming yes but a system not only 1 death=perm i think that 7 deaths in a week whould be good
  9. Supply Banks (Open Freq.)

    *Sven picks up his radio and presses the PTT* "After hearing all this bullshit I just wannt to laugh" *Stops and gets angry and starts again* "I don t like that you accuse Boris for nothing I don t like Boris but I do not like that you accuse a slavic brother. My Tovarisch told me that it was a american man in black jacket. But you are to ignorant to se that" *stops and puts the radio down*
  10. Let's switch to Discord

    Discord is good but not that good. Never really liked it. But it chould work
  11. Death of Quinn [Open Frequency]

    *takes a sip from hi`s bottle and presses the PTT* ``I can t belive what im hearing I should never never have let her push me away`` *Stops for a second and starts to talk again* ``I was with her almost every time something happend but I was not there in the end. And I will never be able to get her back`` *Releases the PTT and slams the radio on the table and starts to cry*
  12. Poll: Should an Arma 3 DayZ styled server be implemented?

    Arma 3 whould be a big change becose arma 3 is alot more simple to play and whould turn boring after a while
  13. Why Is DayZRP Not First Person Only?

    I mean fp is fun but a little wierd and clumsy
  14. S1: Ozerko - Invalid Execution - 11/03/2017 1:45

    I was with the comi group so Sven Stone POV: So @G19 dropped the initaing and G19 told everyone to get out of the medical center. I was moving up to the medical center and walked inside the medical center and started to check the house if there was eny one inside there. Then i was standing behind the medical center and when shoots started to land and @TiviylScratch got killed I was still behind the medical center and did not se what happend. Later on when i walked up to the truck and we started to move the hostages to a house, that was the first time I saw the body did not know about that untill i saw it. I later on walked in to the house and started to talk with the hostages. We told them the reason we robbed them. And later on we told them to count I think we told them to count to 45 seconds. And then we left them the truck hade left and the offroad was waiting for us at Mogilevka. I Waited for around 30-40 min and then logged. I think this is important so I will add this from the day before: I did not use Boris to give us a reason to attack Viridian. When the commies walked up to the camp Boris was angry becose they hade given him a tatto. So it was pretty tense and I later on knock @GrainSack out and I later on get knocked out and gets tied up. later on I break free and start to walk away and being told to stop and I did not stop becose I did not think he really was gonna shoot me, but he shoot me in the leg and I got knocked out. I thougt I was Unconscious pretty long and later on i got told that i was stuck in a glitch. Someone gave me a sailing and I woke up, I was pretty angry about that he shoot me but he hade a reason, and then I found out that I was missing almost all my items (I got them back later on) It was pretty fun becose @G19 put my stuff on the ground and in a infected pocket and was rping that i did not know what i was talking about. @Dirty Dan was really nice and supported Boris and even said that he whould get me more ammo and I think i said something around that he did not need to do that becose what does idiots did (I think I said something around that not sure). And the im pretty sure I did not say communist pigs not 100% sure. So I did not cause problems becose we wanted to rob them the problems were not planned and everything just happend. So I did not stage this with Boris to get a reason to rob you and Boris were not the reason of the attack. I got no viedo Evidence
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