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  1. The United People of Salvation

    It s a really good idea. good luck
  2. Boris Orlov

    Boris Orlov was born in 1995 on a stormy day. Boris are 22 and before the outbreak he worked on a farm 6 days every week, and did 1 year basic military training and used to live in a cabin east of Pulkovo. Boris lived with hi´s dad untill he turned 19 and hi´s dad died in a boat accident. And Boris mother died when he was under the age of 10. Later on Boris killed a bird by accident and started to treat them as gods and to feed the birds he stole seeds from the farm and got fired. So he started to blame the birds for hi´s misstake and bought a sporter to kill Birds but this he thougt were boring after killing 3 birds so he went home. And when the outbreak started he went to the farm and asked if he could stay there with them and they said yes. But Boris were called in by the government becose he hade done one military service so he left the farm and went to the CDF and got placed at a checkpoint . The checkpoint got attacked by infected and Boris got away. Since then he are just traveling from town to town and use to sleep in the woods ore a secure house.