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  1. Remove it. Its ugly and destroys my immersion
  2. Link to the source of punishment (report/post): Why the verdict is not fair: It was fair Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: I have served 6 months on final warning first 3 months i was very active, then during the other 3 months i have been less active with the summer and all but still fairly active. Sure i havent been ingame for 2 weeks but on the big game thats very little compare to how active ive been. I used my caution back in april when i fucked up but since then i have been clean. I havent gotten eny points and over all i think ive been involved in like 6-10 or something reports and that is not alot if you look at my activity. I have done alot of normal rp and not pvp as i was told in my last final appeal. What would you like to achieve with this appeal: to be a free man again What could you have done better?: Not have shoot myself when i was upset
  3. Police roleplay are fun I and @Joe and @[email protected] did it Heard good things about you keep it up
  4. Another one of these threads Idk my motivation have been low since the 2.3 report to get two groups force archived and the constant threat to get permed just becose you do hostile rp Tierd of watching my friends getting thanos snapped for mostly no reason How staff are dealing with cases and how dayzrp are runned atm. Other places popping up thats better And the game is shit
  5. yes its cool It was fun to write notes to people +1
  6. People stop hiding in thier bases. And rp is stale very stale its like walking up and pressing e on a npc. People just gotta stop hidding and stop being so scared
  7. punching someone should not be invalid initiation. But the rules dosent make sense enymore and staff change the verdicts all the time after thier feelings so idk a punch is nothing lmao
  8. BorisVC


    welcome to this amazing wondeful super duper place
  9. When ive played top rp from this group @Kordruga top rp
  10. BorisVC

    I'm Back

    Welcome back Norway for your 30th birthday much love Theres been loses while you were gone
  11. was a good run boys To many deid in this battle o7
  12. eh if staff actually keept the same verdicts for the same rulebreaks and actually keept to the same decisions regarding rulebreaks. But right now its not the case, this shit with its situation to situation and that is bad very bad in a community were alot of people have beef with other members. Staff should actually keep to the rules and verdict after the actuall rules and not use the weird "case by case mindset as that leads to more bais and werid verdics"
  13. current rules are weird and with how rules change from report based on what staff handles the report its weird. Rules needs to be re made or changed rules makes 0% sense atm
  14. wait what its always been allowed to initiate behind cover. Since when did it not get allowed that verdict dosent make sense what so ever Every single report before this have said its allowed to initiate from behind cover
  15. this art is perfect good job
  16. Boys with how stuff are going in this community and dayz being dayz imma request to be taken of the roster Love u all il be on ts boys
  17. Rp the last few days have been solid from the legion boys
  18. Ah Base Building is bad for server pop. People build massive bases and hoard and hide in secure bases and that leads to less pop running around and that makes people leave. Base bulding makes people leave, either restrict it or remove it
  19. eh not always gotta be a case to case Someone logs of seconds of mins after a hostile action sure why not Like a min before or seconds before the timer is up. Then it should be verdicted after the circumstances
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