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  1. Distress Call. [Open Frequency]

    *Sultan Wakes up* "I guess were coming brother so we can kill the dogs that are jumping you alone COWARDS" *Puts the radio down*
  2. BeanZ WAR

  3. Hallow

    welcome back
  4. but we dont hold up all people that have a gun only make peps with uniforms to switch and if they are being dickheads well thats another story. Yeasterday was really fun I loved that you stand up against us You gotta have some respect for that Im not even good
  5. ah we only hade 10 yeaaaaaaa sorry but I honestly think 15 would win 30 is to mutch Well it was fun to destroy the coalition forces yeasterday when they were acting like they owned the server
  6. Hello everyone!

    • BorisRP
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    Im the man now?

    1. DustyRP


      I haven't died yet. Not until I die.

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  7. Anarchy [Recruitment Open] [Active]

    @JimRP plz switch my character on the roster to this fine man https://www.dayzrp.com/characters/display-5012/ Alexi is going away
  8. BorisRP

    Made a new character I search the name up and apperantly its a real name in Kazakhstan


    @Cosmo @G19RP

  9. Sultan Ulan

    Sultan Ulan born in Kentau to a working family. But Sultans father were a extreme socialist (commie) and his mother were also a extreme socialist. Sultan got raised in a good family but when the USSR collapsed Sultans father killed him self so now Sultan only hade his mother left. But Sultans life were pretty good he went to school he got good food and got friends. Later on Sultan joined the army and got placed in the 155th Motor Rifle Division and tried to work his way up. But later on when the Chernarussian civil war started he went over to Chernarus to fight with the Movement of the Red Star. At first it was going good but after the battle of Balota and NATO support to CDF they hade no change. When The Movement of the Red Star lost the civil war Sultan made his way down to Novigrad and tried to melt in. Sultan got a job in a supermarket and started to share a apartment with a EX-Chedaki. Later on Sultan went back to south Zagoria when he wanted old memories back and stayed in Gorka untill the infection started. Now Sultan are trying to survive day by day.