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  1. Boris-kun

    How many people has your character killed? Why?

    Hm I have pked 9 Characters When it comes to rp firefights and I need to give people my roleplay bullets I have roleplayed alot of people to thier rp graves
  2. Boris-kun

    Amy's Notebook

    looks ok
  3. Boris-kun

    Guess who's back? :D

    welcome back even doe I dont know you
  4. Boris-kun

    24th Blvd and Prigorodki Street XII, South Zagoria

    thank you guys merry christmas
  5. Boris-kun

    Shane's Festive Avatars

    thats some nice art
  6. Boris-kun

    I'm back (sort of)

    hi razz Weres Debbie we wanna talk to her again @UndeadRP
  7. Boris-kun

    Would "Offlining" a settlement/base be against the rules?

    no we dont need more rules its good as it is
  8. Boris-kun

    Remove the function for cars to explode

    yes its broken atm
  9. Boris-kun

    Real life picture Thread

    you still looking like a emo
  10. Boris-kun

    24th Blvd and Prigorodki Street XII, South Zagoria

    we need @Roland to give us a green light Its holiday times no hurry
  11. Boris-kun

    Held Captive [Event]

    lets tag @STAN Can I take a spot a few have dropped out?
  12. Boris-kun

    Held Captive [Event]

    can I snagg @groovy tonyRP spot?
  13. Boris-kun

    Held Captive [Event]

    looks cool Sad its full Goodluck with this
  14. A Swedish man born to a clean Swedish family. Svens hole family were swedes and lived in the Swedish royal capital of Stockholm. Sven always hade a hate against muslims, becose muslims dosent work in western countries. When Sven saw a hard working muslim that could swedish and worked a normal job get kicked out of sweden to make room for non working muslims Sven got really angry. Later on when Sven were older Sweden enlisted conscription and when he turned 18 he got conscripted. Sven did his military time at Skaraborgs regemente and later on got placed into the 41. mekaniserade bataljonen. Sven liked his time in the army and got placed in the reserves after his basic training. Sven were thinking of becoming a full time soldier but got a job offer from a Corporation and went to Chernarus.
  15. Boris-kun

    Re-introducing the roadblock rule

    No -1