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  1. ???????????? ℭ???????? Ryan Petersen was an army brat, he grew up in a military family. His dad was an E-7 in the Army, and died in Afghanistan, in 2008 when Ryan was 9 years old. Ryan's mother committed suicide when Ryan was 17 years old, 2016. At the age of 17, near 18, he decided to enlist in the Army. After finishing High School, Ryan left to Basic Training that summer. ????? ℌ??? After being in the Army for a short period of time, Ryan at the age of 18, went to his first deployment in Chernarus, 2017. Ryan had no idea why he was deploying there, but he couldn't deny his orders, so he just went expecting nothing serious and a boring deployment. Not to long into deployment Ryan's squad was attacked by flesh eating humans, and Ryan managed to get away. Ryan's been out on his own for awhile now, and doesn't know anything but survival, as he has no sign of communication back home. As the days continue on, Ryan just keeps fighting to find a way back home.
  2. Well, i create an account, forget the password and kept trying, then i got locked out for 15minutes, and i was impatient so without thinking i created another account.. i get a message informing me i have dual IP accounts, so i message the admin back to just delete this account, i am sorry ill do a forgot password. I go retrieve a new password, and send a whitelist application in, waited 2 days and when i got time to come back and check it tells me im black listed for dual IP accounts.... I just want to say, with me telling this admin that i am sorry and to just delete the account and ill go back to my other account, this one, and continue from there. I informed him with a quick response, i didn't argue, i havn't once played in DayZRP so i am not ban evading, and im sure it doesn't take a couple of minutes to even search my IP in your ban list to find out im not there. I just want another admin to help me since the current one didn't, he/she did not even respond to me, as i made a quick response. I dont want to rate DayZRP, but i do want to say my first experience wasn't the best due to my impatient actions and i want a member of the support team to help me out, so i can play.
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