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  1. Do you have a suggestion on how to prevent shotgun characters then?
  2. I mean, you could go full hardcore and say ANY death ONCE is a perma, unless it is from AI and/or a DayZ Bug/Glitch. That way, people are then forced to second guess their actions. So instead of running in guns a-blazin', you have to think OOCly "Will this get me killed." and also be forced to think ICly the same thing. Along with the possible addition of a loophole patch of "Luke Krey died. Damn.. Guess I'll make Loui Krunk and join back." I'd maybe suggest making it so you cannot join or affiliate yourselves with them for an X amount of time. You can OOCly talk to them, of course, but to prevent them from just making another character and just coming back. That, OR, have a rule that says you need to have RP'd with X group for an X amount of time to gain access to that group and kill rights dynamically. And by then they'd probably be official. It's just to prevent shotgun characters, meaning make a character, die, come back, rinse and repeat.
  3. The point is to have an equal balance of HostileRP and GeneralRP. "Why should someone asked for food if they can outnumber you and take what they want" again, in a realistic apocalyptic setting it would make sense, but a lot of us have seen that since the Black Fang days and are honestly tired of the same concept happening with the same people on a day-to-day basis. With these new rules being implemented, there still needs to be a balance, or even more General RP over the Hostile RP. The goal is to have others try out different types of RP. It's a lot better to make friends with said hunter, talk things out instead of "drop food or die fucker." Why no? What's your defense behind it? It's been a problem on this server and is going to be a much bigger issue with dynamics coming back. There has to be a line. Big groups are not fine. You must realize that this is still a game. The server pop only reaches to 60 and that, as the primary example, If Anarchy, Sea Men and the Reds became all active at once, they take up over 1/3, if not, exactly HALF of the server pop. Leaving the rest to random newcomers, other groups, and/or the people actively fighting the Super Group. Once again, with dynamic rules coming into play, there needs to be order or else people are not going to stay for much longer. No one wants to deal with 20+ people rolling together now actively sharing kill rights even though they are in a different group or no group at all. All that needs to happen is 1 person to initiate, everyone claims they are BFFFFs, everyone gets kill rights for up to 500 meters. You see the problem here? I get this is a meme, but on the serious side, I can speak for those it concerns when I say it is extremely annoying to get into a firefight and kill the exact same person(s) multiple times, maybe even executing them with acceptable/good RP but still have them come back with 'tis but a flesh wound. I'd maybe say up to 3 legitimate deaths MAX before the character is forced to perma. Hell, if it was my choice, I'd also throw in not being able to join or roll with the group(s) they were in to prevent the same shit happening on a different character. For example, say you killed Luke Krey. He perma'd. Oh well, he can make another character name Loui Krunk and join back up and continue fighting. It does not insight variety and therefor must be maintained.
  4. I think reverting the rules to what they were will allow players more creative ways of playing without restrictions, but I do have concerns of my own about these. 1.) GearRP. From what I understand, you can initiate on anyone for any reason as long as good role play is provided. But my concern is GearRP and that there should be a line. A lot of old members do not mind gear as much, but speaking on behalf of new or partially new players to this community, I think there should be that line of if you managed to get yourself a full military load (Cargos, M65, M4 w/ 60 rounders, ballistic helmet, plate carrier) then you should not be allowed to initiate on someone for their Winchester and hunter clothes. I'd be fine if you were low on food and needed his meet, but even then should it be RP'd out asking "You got any food, hunter?" and if given, no reason for hostilities. 2.) Groups & Defense Rights. With the allowance of "Old kill rights split into "defense rights" that can be shared with anyone you play with and are valid when you were being initiated upon, and "kill rights" that you can share with your approved group members, which are valid when you're the one initiating on someone." I feel that this should be changed to where you only share kill rights if initiated on if you both have role played for an X amount of time. With how it is explained, it seems that 15 people can OOCly agree to meet up in X location, talk for 5 minutes, become BFFFFs, then initiate on anyone they see for whatever. The less restrictions the better, but this is still a video game and an RP Server so there still should be some lines set. As for groups, the problem people had ever since Anarchy to Sea Men and Reds combined is Super Groups. This is in no way, shape, or form flaming or disrespect, but the threat of those particular groups has killed it for a lot of people and I can say now that a lot of people can back me on this. I believe that there should be a set limit to how many people can be in 1 group OFFICIALLY and DYNAMICALLY. Say you have 6 members for Black Roses, well, you have 10 other "Roses" who aren't official, but share all rights as if they were official. I'd also like to see the loop-hole of making friends with another faction to get around this to therefor be 1 super group split into 2-3 groups. I know, it wouldn't make sense in an apocalyptic setting, but 1 of many reasons why the server died is because of having 10+ people roll up on a small camp and demand demand demand. And since they have more numbers, it'd be automatically NVFL to retaliate. 3.) Perma Death. Now, I've been playing on other server for some time and I must say that my experience there is amazing, mainly because of the Perma Death rule. Upon joining the server and being whitelisted, any death (except to AI [wolves, zombies, cows, etc.], bugs, and the KOS zones) is permanent. For example my character, Feng Mian, if I die in a firefight, Feng Mian is gone forever. I don't think DayZ RP should go that far since people are more laid back about it, but executing someone 3 times in ways that would definitely kill your character, or fighting the same group and killing a few but having them walk out with "just a graze" or "a small bullet wound" just doesn't make sense. I believe that there should be a set limit, possibly a tracker on the forums if it can be set that if your character dies to other players via firefight or reasonable execution (note: Reasonable) an X amount of times, then that character should be perma'd. This would prevent players in groups coming back day after day doing the same thing and allow a variety of roleplay within the community than what that character is set to. So, as an example, Anarchy coming back and attacking the Coalition. Well if they perma, it'd allow them to try some different types of roleplay other than Hostile. It's just a suggestion, but I think it'd be very beneficial to this community. Hopefully you take this into consideration @Roland with all due respect. I want to see this community shoot back up just as much as the average DayZ RP'er, so please take these into consideration.
  5. *He shakes his head in confusion to what was being said from the man speaking quite harshly, slowly raising his radio in hand to his face and presses on the PTT* "To whomever the man with a very irritated tone is, I can assure you we are not cannibals. As someone with extensive knowledge in the medical field as I've served in the Army proudly as a Combat Medic Specialist, anyone who would've eaten specific types of the human body would've contracted Kuru, which heavily attacks the nervous system." *He takes a deep breath in as he continues on* "Symptoms of Kuru or any diseases and illnesses contracted from eating human meat would be, but aren't limited to difficulty walking, muscle twitching and tremors, dementia, slurred speech and random compulsive laughing or crying, in which none of us have. It can be diagnosed through sight, but to be properly diagnosed needs a full neurological exam and a possible CAT scan. If you find one, I'll happily have friends of mine who are paramedics and doctors show you we are clean." *He adjusts himself in his office chair and leans closer to the radio, a smile creeping along his face* "And that meat? I found it on the body of a man named Auley and another man with the Red's in Sinistok. I was attempting to do studies on it with the little equipment I have. Human meat and muscle resembles pork, lamb or beef by sight, but if cooked right, tastes similar to chicken or beef." *Feng let out a soft chuckle in the radio before speaking his last bit* "So here's my question to you, sir. How do you know it was from a human? I've scoured through this province for high-grade medical equipment and found nothing. Anything of that type is far from this province and your collective, especially Sandman and John, do not have enough brain cells to operate such machines or equipment. Seems like these 'oh so scary sharks' are more like salmon fighting an upstream battle. Also seems like you have something to say to us all." "You're not as big as you think you are. Your ego is climbing into the skies and as soon as we get our grasp, you'll have on hell of a fall. Not to mention all bark and no bite. You've 'won' 1 skirmish out of the 3-5 firefights we've had with you. You're nothing but angry college students who's in need of a safe space. See you on the battlefield." *He set down the radio on the desk with a happy smile on his face, content with himself as he listens in on what the responses may be*
  6. *Feng had been listening to the back and forth as he was chowing on his breakfast beans and bacon, rolling his eyes as he snatched his radio and keyed it, the sound of chewing can be heard as he spoke* "Alright, alright. As my friend stated, even an Army man myself knows your faults Ms. Claudia, but surely we can work something out. We have a much bigger threat to deal with at our current moment in time and 'minor' squabbles such as this should be mended immediately. We seem to be on the same side, but on different... how should I put it... Places?" *As he finished up his meal, a loud metallic sound can be heard when he tossed the can and his plastic spoon aside* "We'll be moving along through the main Western roads in search of supplies in the near future. If you're still interested in helping out our cause, contact us on this broadcast as to when and where you'll be and I can assure a civil and peaceful mend of this particular issue." *Feng gently set his radio on the desk he had been at all night, folding his arms behind his head with a gentle sigh. Awaiting a response*
  7. *Feng sat in an empty room with his long range HAM Radio sat upon the desk. Yawning in boredom, he flipped through a few frequencies before hearing the lady's voice. To this, he lazily picked up the radio and triggered the PTT* "This is Corporal Feng Mian with Battlegroup-17. It's nice to hear that there are a few soldiers surviving like everyone else yet still acting like human beings and able members of society. Though, the organization I am in is currently looking for helpful and able members willing to fight and aid those in Chernarus. We have some numbers, but need those to be in the upper 20's if possible." *He scooted back in the office chair he sat upon, kicking his feet up and leaning back to which a loud creaking can be heard from it* "If you're at all interested, go ahead and respond when available and I'll get my higher ups to possibly set something up." *With a soft sigh and a following yawn, he set the radio down on the desk, but kept it at full volume as he awaits for a response*
  8. *Pats myself on the back for a few hours* Feels good man, feels good.
  9. This is a great group from the looks of it. Good friends OOC in this, at least I considered them friends. RP'd with you and fought with you, hope to see you guys more in the future! Also, #TrueFengHours for standing up to Rose. ?
  10. Link to the source of punishment (report/post): Why the verdict is not fair: I believe the verdict was unfair due to the fact that staff did not ask for clarification as to why I had put the OOC line of: 23:53:33 | Chat("Feng Mian": //Mine was tuned to a dead and static channel, was originally an emergency channel Looking through the report as everyone else can, you can see I was only asked about other people in the situation and not of my actions. To my knowledge, correct me if I am wrong, but in order to come to a fair verdict, staff must ask questions as well as getting all the details to come to said fair verdict. I stated that I would not post unless staff had called for me to reduce and/or negate the back and forths since the OP's accused has a history of arguing their side above their POV (Not flaming, it's facts with reports as my proof.) I was hit with Powergaming since I was communicating with Nordic and stated I was tuned to a dead and static channel once with the Sea Men/Anarchy. Now, this is my fault for not clarifying OOC better, but in my defense I was asked questions at the time with other players speaking so I just made it quick for the RP, but the channel I was tuned to isn't "dead" as I stated, it was more so not in use anymore but usable to survivors who manage to get the frequency which is more than manageable if you tinker around with the towers and such and find said information via papers on desks and cabinets. Anyways, my character has a Handheld Radio Transceiver of these types ( https://www.dxengineering.com/search/part-type/handheld-transceivers ), meaning his radio is capable of talking on a repeater. Information on it can be found here ( https://www.arrl.org/files/file/Technology/tis/info/pdf/repeater1.pdf ) But basically, I can be on a frequency of say... 345.6 to listen in and be able to transmit and talk to 789.0 as my radio is almost always set to duplex mode which allows me to listen in and transmit with ease, but also able to hide the frequency of 'The Enemy.' It is very much possible to set-up and realistic to do since we were in close proximity of one another as well as multiple radio towers on high elevations being within my radio's effective range from Svergino to the towers ( https://gyazo.com/fb286d4c1d0b3140c0418d0536295387 ). I've only gone through a Basic Communications class and I only have a general understanding of how a repeater works, but enough to know how to use one. EDIT: I'd also like to point out that if the Sea Men/Anarchy would've tried to speak into my radio, then they would've found that I was on the Nordic's frequency due to the fact that once you speak into my radio, it will automatically switch to the repeater's input frequency, which was the Nordic's frequency. But I was using an emergency channel as the output frequency to listen to the Nordic's without having to be on their frequency. All they had to do was turn it on and try speaking into it (Please don't take this IC btw. I wouldn't wanna see people trying to suddenly speaking into my radios) Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: Other than the links provided that being able to talk on a different frequency, but hide it at the same time is possible, then no other additional statements. EDIT: In conclusion, I agree that it seemed to be Powergamed on paper due to lack of clarification and information, but if you read my character's backstory, he was a Combat Medical Specialist with Logistics as his secondary MOS. In real life in the Army, especially a Combat Medical Specialist, would know how to properly set up a repeater on a radio transceiver as well as properly maintain it in case the Radio Operator is hit and he has to radio for an emergency med evac. In real life, it is possible to have it set to a frequency that isn't Nordic's and listen in, but talk right after be able to still communicate with them at any point. What would you like to achieve with this appeal: Possibility of a full ban removal (it's over tomorrow anyways, but it'd be nice to be unbanned earlier) and reduction of points at minimum OR a removal of all and a verbal warning at most. What could you have done better?: Clarified myself better In-Game through the OOC chat or even emoted that it switched and such and explained myself without having to be asked in the report about why I did what I did and said what I said. EDIT: Possibly also include that in my character's Equipment and explain how the radio transceiver works.
  11. @HarveyIn the Nordic comms, the only ones I can remember are Keione, Myself [KrissBlade], Avery, John Castelle and Xd. There were a couple friendlies present in the woods and more in the comms but a lot of us were in different locations throughout the map so it's hard to distinguish who was there. As for the extras/unknowns, that'd just be Kenneth and another man in a white pilot helmet who went by the name John. The people initiated on were Harrison and Godryc. So in total before Anarchy/Sea Men came, roughly 9 people in that situation.
  12. Kriss Blade's POV: I've been gone for 4 days and wished to play after coming back from my out of town trip. That being said, day 1 of being back I hear Avery wishes to initiate on Harrison for some of his gear. Getting clearance from Harvey that "Greens can initiate on Oranges is fine", we go ahead and set it up. I run from Northeast Airfield (was at NE Airfield because my character is a hunter and was hunting) to the town between Novod and Severograd as that was their location, radioing IC'ly that I am on my way and to stall them by saying I have mags, trade items, etc. Once there [town between Novod and Severo in the Market parking lot], I have a talk with the traders and try to get it to where Avery can safely initiate on Harrison. Kenneth and a random man was also there. At this point, we agreed prior that Avery would do the initiation but needed it to be safe since his friend Godryc has a crossbow out but Harrison had his M4 out. A bit later, I drop my crossbow and ask Harrison to load a bolt onto the crossbow and pull the string back since my character was unable to. Obviously he could though, it was an excuse to have him sling his rifle to his back. Once that happened, Avery initiated on them and I threw my gun up alongside. Kenneth and the random were in full view of it and I explained the situation to them, the random ran off shortly after and Kenneth "Hobo Coded" some of the equipment apparently. Not to long after, Keione appears and tries to reduce the heat to which it works and everyone was calm. I simply state "I was just paid, ask Avery [Yuri] for shit." to make it seem I am more innocent than meets the eye. I take their face covers and hats off to get a good look at their faces before Keione stated that they should be moved inside and that's what happened. Keione still attempts to have the hostages released but fails to do so after they were brought into the Market backroom. Not too long, G19 and his boys show up. I dip out the back and just listen in, Keione attempts to leave and was given permission to actually go but are stopped by who we assume was KyleRP and Boris. We are then held there and asked if we took part. Keione denies, in which was true since he just came out attempting to free them. I stick by the "I was paid" story. Harrison runs out, as Keione said, and confirms it was us and we get initiated on. At this moment, Avery was initiated on too and forced to put his hands up but was axed to death by Harrison who took advantage of him putting his hands up. We are then walked to the same room where Avery died and our equipment is rifled through for weapons, radios and any objects that could hurt someone. As this happens, Harrison knicks through Keione's stuff and takes whatever he saw fit before dipping. They take our radios and we lie about the freq's we were on. I stated mine was on a old and dead emergency channel and Keione's was on 60.9 something, in which Nordic's is 34.2. No frequency's are saved on mine as my radio does not save frequencies, my character has to input it manually and switch it to the pre-set South Zagorian channels, such as the dead emergency channel, to have it erased. Soon, Godryc comes in to confirm the story but the server takes a fat shit on itself along with the TS and that's the end of everything. I attempt to contact G19 and the rest for permission to log after stating I died when being able to log in with the 1 minute window, but the server dies again. I attempt to get on Discord and Discord pulls the "Server unavailable" crap along with 4 other Discord servers I am in and decide "Fuck it, I'll play another game and come back." At this point, most of our hostage takers are gone and the situation is 100% over. END OF POV/ I would like to state that, during the situation with Kenneth, I never heard him double mic once that there was a situation of 2 traders being robbed. Maybe he double mic'd the "Why are you robbing these guys" and such, but never gave the location. I kept my eyes on Kenneth enough and was sure to be within vocal distance, but not once heard him call it out. Not to mention the Anarchy/Sea Men were not online prior to this situation and logged on just after we started moving Harrison and Godryc into the Market so I'd like to call potential Meta-Gaming. I'd also like to call potential meta-game on Sea Men/Anarchy. Keione and I gave fake frequencies, none of our radios had Nordic frequencies. I note saying POTENTIAL as I am not too sure and don't want to call it off 100% until it's been solidified. I'd also like to call Invalid Kill on Harrison's behalf as he took advantage of Avery putting his hands up due to being told to do so by Sea Men/Anarchy and axed him to death. There was no reason for Avery to be killed as he was in the process of taking in what was going on and then complying based on all the screaming. It took me a minute to understand what was even being said to me a few times since (Don't take this as flaming, it's the only way I can relate this to) a few of them seemed to have their mic's stuffed down their throats. Sound quality was staticy and peaked a few times, thus having it cut out. Extremely loud yet nearly gibberish in my ears. I only followed through since Keione was given clearer directions, so just followed him. Regardless, Invalid Kill on Harrison's behalf. No rulebreaks here, but more so of an observation. Why is it you guys always end up coming together, somehow making up a reason to create the same group under a different name? Sea Men could've hired Sanctuary, Riptide, hell.. Nordic? No, it has to be Anarchy remnants. Also why does it seem that PCC and Sea Men have sort of a truce or a bond? There were times PCC were seen working alongside Sea Men here and there, and to my knowledge, PCC and Sea Men hate one another yet seem to find one another in more ways than one and sometimes on friendly terms. And for the hypocrisy in the room, why did you partake in this one situation where 2 people, in which you for sure never met, were being robbed? Your collective is extremely hostile and takes many people hostage and rob people more than anyone else on the server, but the one time someone else does it (coincidentally the people that are you enemies that you shouldn't have known), it is a big no no? I don't see that to be legitimate at all. Regardless, this is my POV and my extra bits. I will not respond anymore to this report unless staff asks for me specifically.
  13. I will give credit where credit is due. I've RP'd with the Nordic Battleground on the radio (TS), in-game, and more prior from yesterday and had a very pleasant experience. The credit I will give is that they act in a very professional manner. They provided amazing RP in their way. More so the Queen's Royal Guard, but a lot of private security / military / police-riot control will not respond to you if you proceed to be hostile or if the conversation goes nowhere, such as calling someone retard 10+ times. I do agree if they say 1 or 2 words is not realistic (Note: They said more than 1 or 2 words until they turned a bit hostile and climbed on the roof and such, I was there), but how Mexi described it is perfect. In the end though, they provided excellent RP and showed potential for greater future RP. They also had acceptable radio comms in which all were able to get their message across with ease. I do believe that for their play style (Military-esk), all of them need their own specific alias/name. Such as one is Shield-Actual, another is Vulture, and should only be reffered to by those only which thus keeps their identities hidden. Face and name. Another would be stricter IC comms. Last night, their radio comms were, again, acceptable but a lot of cluster and thus needs to be worked on. This group is full of potential and great people and I believe those who are passively aggressively attacking them should turn a cheek and take it with a grain of salt. Help these people and put aside your differences. It's clear there is some OOC dislike/hate towards some in this group, just simply stop and help them improve. Talk to them on TS. Simple.
  14. Forum name: KrissBlade Uplay name: KleptoTerren Timezone: PST (UTC -0800) Top 3 attackers: -Blitz -Montagne -Fuze (Shield) Top 3 defenders: -Maestro -Valkyrie -Mute Level: 163 Rank (or last rank you had): Gold 1 Additional info: I only use shotguns and shield operators. I main Blitz and Maestro, Montagne and Valk are my alts, and Fuze (Shield) and Mute are my last resort. Toxic.jpg
  15. Repor. Oper. 'FirstLight' Cpl. F. M. 12-08-1989 1. Feng Mian grew up with a military family with a mother and father he could call nothing but Sir and Ma'am. His father was a World War II veteran who had served in the U.S Army as a Staff Sergeant. His mother also served in World War II as a U.S Army Nurse working mainly in medical triage camps placed near battles. Their first day together was during Operation Husky in Sicily where his father's Sherman tank was struck by an anti-armor landmine, to where he and his crew was quickly evacuated to a nearby medical triage camp where his soon-to-be mother worked on him as the other nurses tended to the rest of his crew. As he was receiving medical treatment, he got word from the 1st Armored Division that as soon as they were in working order, they would be sent to England in preparation for the Allied invasion of Normandy. After the Normandy invasion, his soon-to-be mother and father met once again when his father's gunner was hit by ricocheting shrapnel from what would be a stray German grenade due to leaving his hatch door open. After their final meet-up, they soon grew close after the war and had a life together and eventually had Feng. 2. Feng Mian was named after his father's tank gunner, Liam 'Fang' L'Roy. His tank gunner was a battle-hardened warrior who was awarded a purple heart during Operation Huskey when he was ordered to gun a tank-destroyer in a dug-in pit not too far from a main road where a known Axis armoured division would be moving through. Everything was assumed to be set in stone and to go smoothly, but it immediately went south the moment the entire Axis division moved onto Liam's position. Instead of committing to a full retreat, Liam went ahead and told the driver to throw the tank in full reverse and his loader to man the .50 cal above the hatch. Being now a loader and a gunner, he made it out with shrapnel from the shells striking the sides of his tank as well as a fractured shoulder from attempting to assist his loader when he was struck from a stray bullet. At the same time, he also managed to disable 2 Axis Tiger II's and a Panzer IV which ended in the division making a full retreat. His bravery inspired Feng's father to name him Feng after Mr. Fang. Repor. Oper. 'HighTail' Cpl. F. M. 11-26-2011. cont. 3. At the age of 24, Feng was able to join the U.S Army once he felt he was ready and due to his determination and commitment in his younger days, he very much succeeded through much of the basic training. He also scored a solid 115 on his ASVAB test which allowed him the pick of a Combat Medical Specialist with Logistics as his secondary choice if it were not to work out. After basic, he spent most of his time simply perfect his skills and his own ways to become better than he was. He was always pushed to be the best he could ever be and due to how he was raised, he made himself believe it too. 4. It didn't take him long before he was recognized by many for his work and dedication in his position. Fighting in Afghanistan and Iraq, he saved more lives than those before him including one of his very close Staff Sergeants who had helped him through basic and many many tough times. He also managed to saved 2 U.S pilots and 4 Afghan Pilots during a joint operation with the Afghan Military in a battle to extinguish a known ISIS Headquarters. To this at the end of 2 tours, he was awarded the Purple Heart, Medal of Honor and the Distinguished Service Cross. Repor. Oper. 'SKON' Cpl. F. M. 07-11-2017. cont. fin. 5. During the summer days of July, Feng and a select few were ordered to assist the Russian military in Sochi to prevent anyone possibly illegally crossing the border from Chernarus. A few days roll by before a sudden attack was launched by what seemed to be a small militia. This militia had access to weapons that quickly broke through the checkpoint and destroyed multiple Russian and American armored vehicles. With the Russians using everything they had to their disposal, Feng's fireteam went ahead and pushed the militia as far back as they could to the other side before having a grenade go off about 4 meters to his right which temporarily hindered his hearing and vision, but that was enough time for him to be captured and taken in Chernarus. 6. Unknown amount of days had passed after Feng was captured. In the town of Severograd, Chernarus, Feng was taken hostage by a group of would-be 'freedom fighters', as they claimed, and milked of any information that would lead their collective access to military-grade vehicles, reluctant military support and a 1-way ticket to the safest location possible on Earth due to the borders closing. Of course, Feng had a high level of pride but still cared to live so as a compromise, he told a half lie half truth. He gave locations of multiple Russian outposts and what times they'd be most unguarded but the lie was that they held important documents that would lead to their demands being fulfilled. He knew this group was desperate and took his information with joy which allowed his life to be spared. They released him with a bag over his head near the shore with none of his military equipment, he expected to be handed over to the Russians but little did he know that he was instead set in a world where people who eat others roam and destroyed vehicles and homes were around every corner. Now, putting his training to the test, he made it his goal to survive and even escape this province to go back to the United States with his brothers.
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