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  1. This topic has probably been brought up a few times (or more, I have only been here for less than a year) but I think this deserves a little light. As we all know, .63 DayZ Standalone is around the corner. It could drop tomorrow night, next week, next month or next year. Honestly, no one really knows except the Devs themselves and I've personally supported the Devs that it's become a chore. Recently, as well as today, I've had a conversation with a few community members of the "What Ifs" on switching from SA to Arma 3 and the feedback was rather decent as well as explanations as to why. Why should we switch it from SA to Arma 3? Switching from SA to Arma 3 offers countless numbers of new content, bonuses and massive positives for an RP Server. For RP, you get your own choice of map and map size, own choice of mods and staff members get more access to "behind the scene" stuff that could help in reports much more than SA could. Content is pretty self explanatory, but to give a bit of insight, take today's event for example. RP'ing a plane dropping a pod that was RP'd being a damaged barrel and the device being a Suppressor East is very creative and fine, but think of the possibilities you could have. Having Major actually fly the plane/jet as described, having control of where he flies and actually dropping a pod down. Players being able to see the plane in the sky as well, it would just add a greater sense of immersion. As for the other events, just think of seeing bombs drop on a military base or seeing a truck capable of launching a missile instead of having to imagine it there. Okay, Arma 3 has positives. What are the downsides to Arma 3 and SA? The downside to SA is self explanatory. The devs, as much as they are trying to actively work on .63, simply won't work as much as switching to Arma 3 would. You may have new map additions, new engine, new guns and vehicles which includes the Little Bird, but it may last maybe 2-3 months? Then people will want .64 then .65 and who knows how long it will take them. The downside to SA is that there is not enough and will not be enough immersion or freedom as you would get with Arma 3 for a very long while. The downsides to Arma 3 though is also pretty fair to see. The optimization is relatively poor, as stated in the reviews for the game itself, and most of the content is locked behind DLC after DLC after DLC. Say we switched to Arma 3 Exile in... 1 week. It's May 29, new change. Guess what? You can't play unless you got Apex. Oh! Rolle added a rifles mod. Sorry... You can't use them unless you have the Marksman DLC. Arma 3 by itself is $39.99 (or 29.7 British Pounds) Apex costs $34.99 (or 25.99 British Pounds). So in order to play proper Arma 3 DayZ without any other mod, you are already paying $74.98 (or 55.68 British Pounds). And this isn't including the tax and as stated, any other mod such as Helicopters, Laws of War, Tanks, Marksman and etc. The plus though is that they did give you bundles. So instead of paying $142.91 (or 106.13 British Pound), you may possibly be paying $119.96 (or 89.09 British Pound). But let's be honest, not a lot of people would wish to spend $100+ just to play on 1 server. This is the only downside I see. What can Arma 3 offer DayZRP that SA can't? Quite simply, Arma 3 offers a lot more things than SA could even if it hit update .70. Arma 3 offers a huge array of content and modifications that is practically unlimited. DLC's aside, let us say every community member owned all mods required to play on DayZRP if Rolle switched it to Arma 3 with the mods he wanted (and as well of the community because we all know Rolle loves us) imagine the possibilities and extensive amounts of RP to be had. 100-120 pop server, large map with different areas such as winter plateu, rain forest, desert, etc., base building more extensive than what SA will ever offer, a huge array of aircraft and armoured vehicles for any event our 2 Loremasters can play with, plug-ins and admin tools the staff members given the power could use to easily handle reports, underground bunkers and sea-bases, and more. I'd just like to say I know this would benefit DayZRP if it switched as I currently run with a Mil-Sim unit known as the 4th MRB under PFC Gauo(http://4thmrb.net/forums/) which is Arma 3 with mods to match the looks, weapons, vehicles and aircraft used for current day U.S Marine Raiders. Each Tuesday training and Sunday Ops are astounding and if placed in DayZRP would bring a whole new light to the server and unlock the potential of RP to be had. A lot of what you say is repeated and doesn't seem worth it. Why else should we switch? It's quite hard not to repeat myself as pretty much all that is true is listed up above. Pushing aside content and DLC walls along with all the other things listed above, it's simply just change. People do not like change and it's been proven by people not liking certain rules, how events are run and how groups are. Take Anarchy for example. It's pretty 50/50 of people wishing them good luck or giving them a solid yet indirect "Fuck you". If people can't handle that, then it'd be hard to switch but you never know unless you try it. The second server has been down for some time. Why not use that to make it an Arma 3 DayZ Server and see how that runs? If it gets positive feedback and decent activity, keep it up. If not, then take it down. Rolle and Jim, with the donations themselves, you can run an Arma 3 DayZ server and hire a server techy man/woman to install all the proper mods and plug-ins correctly for 1 month just to see how it runs. This is in no way flaming or an insult, it's just common knowledge and math skills. With the amount of people with Tycoon and the monthly $12+ donations, an Arma 3 DayZ server shouldn't be that bad to run for a month to see how well it does. This probably was a side project at some point and this topic was probably brought up at some point but both were just rejected or never completed, so why not start or start again? I just personally feel, as well as behalf of some community members, would love to see the popular DayZRP switch to Arma 3 to see what it can do.
  2. Kriss Blade

    Anarchy [Closed Recruitment]

    Then it seems a lot of my time was wasted in attempts to assist you. I can't really argue any more since it seems you just want to keep up the stone wall of "Disregard and Deny." Hope to see what happens next in-game.
  3. Kriss Blade

    Anarchy [Closed Recruitment]

    I don't understand why you're getting defensive. The issue of people avoiding you is apparent and I've heard you complain about you guys not seeing enough people because they are afraid of a super group. Going back to my first post at the bottom simply will help. Again, I've been the only one accompanied by Para and a bit of Sophie pointing out the flaws, we're trying to help. But you want to role a 15+ man group that is hostile, then simply make it correct by not naming is Anarchy. Anarcho-Communism seems to work, it doesn't role off the tongue as flawlessly as Anarchy, but you can call yourselves Communists In-Game. I saw your first post before it was edited, Loui. Right there proves my point in the first and second post of disregarding what we say. It shouldn't be that hard to read it.
  4. Kriss Blade

    Anarchy [Closed Recruitment]

    That's not true Anarchy. That is Anarcho-Communism, you answer to yourselves and no government, by now it's nit-picking because Anarcho-Communism is simply Communism with some Anarchy ideology. Again, not True Anarchism. This isn't an attack, if anything, I am trying to help you not be hated. I've seen people complain about you almost 100% of the time (referencing Anarchy, not JimRP himself by the way) and this is a way of making it better.
  5. Kriss Blade

    Anarchy [Closed Recruitment]

    I have never said you had worked with the community. The green text was a title to the context, you surely have worked with the community but it seems more bent towards those of importance I.E: Major or well-known community members. If you can prove that in the coming days and make it apparent, I'm sure the feedback would change. The reason I do not ask Anarchy members of information is because there were times that truth was sort of chucked out the window. That logic can be applied to your group, there will always be conflicting stories unless solid evidence is provided and recording is the only way. The trucks and supplies? I get it, you weren't there and will take what Anarchy says and what you think over what myself says, but I have witnessed it myself as well as possibly other members, including the BR collective, seeing those vehicles in possession of the Religious Cult (which is played by Anarchy character owned players) which can then be easily transferred to the revival of Anarchy now. Also, from what I believe was proven, a member by the name of Exotic got 13-15 of those 20-30 something kills. Not to mention the tactical advantage the Coalition had by taking Novy twice. So if anything, he should take 60-70% of the credit and Anarchy as a whole taking the 40%-30%. Sure, as a collective you got credit but not as much with that 1 person. And a gun embargo isn't really interesting on paper nor how it was executed. "We ban guns X,Y,Z, if we see it, it is ours. Sign up to keep it." It's just a more organized way to rob someone and have a reason to. You know a lot of people won't sign up to that thus creating a reason to initiate as well as the ability to pull the permission slip at any given point. It's not really that interesting if you think about it. As for the people hiding, the people hiding don't have as much negative feedback as this particular collective does. This is not in any way an insult but simply a fact. When was the last time you heard of Animus people getting reported? Or The Damned? Ok, maybe here and there, but now how about the last time Anarchy was reported? Also, I've very much checked my sources which is why I posted it in the first place. I'm not as oblivious as you or some would think. Even a self-proclaimed or 'fake leader' is still against Anarchism. You decide as a collective as what to do and not 1 person making decisions for everyone, because that then forms a structure of higher power or a 'leader'. (Also there are many people who can back me up as Anarchy have leaders. I.E: Sophie. Thanks btw Sophie.) Not to mention ,looking further into sources in which you happily wanted me to check, I did. Immanuel Kant The German philosopher Immanuel Kant treated anarchy in his Anthropology from a Pragmatic Point of View as consisting of "Law and Freedom without Force". Thus, for Kant, anarchy falls short of being a true civil state because the law is only an "empty recommendation" if force is not included to make this law efficacious ("legitimation", etymologically fancifully from legem timere, i.e. "fearing the law").[4] For there to be such a state, force must be included while law and freedom are maintained, a state which Kant calls a republic.[5][6] Kant identified four kinds of government: Law and freedom without force (anarchy) Law and force without freedom (despotism) Force without freedom and law (barbarism) Force with freedom and law (republic) (Source gained under "Immanuel Kant" from this source here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Anarchy If anything, your group should be named Barbarism or even Despotism, not Anarchy. This should therefor, by definition of Anarchy, should be a Hero Group or at minimum a True Neutral group and not a Hostile Group creating gun embargoes. Also shown here as well: http://www.anarchy.no/anarchism.html I can understand what you've thought I implied in my feedback and I am sorry if I offended you or you felt insulted, but it's all simply true and now looking further into what true Anarchy and Anarchism it now makes little to no sense as to what you guys did or may be doing now. I seriously want you to read the links I provided in which I will provide once again. If you really want the group to work out or play the style of "Big Bad Wolves" then archive this group and change the name so it makes sense. Simply changing the goals and still calling yourselves Anarchists makes no sense. Links being shown once more the one more addition found during research: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Anarchism https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Anarchy http://www.anarchy.no/anarchism.html
  6. Kriss Blade

    Anarchy [Closed Recruitment]

    https://gyazo.com/cbe8d23b6c2a1ba7fb857241588a90de (Skip to the GREEN TEXT if you do not wish to read the rant below) In regards to Para's post, I would like to say he is very much correct, Jim. Agree or disagree, it's simply the truth. It isn't a matter of being killed and getting salty or being bad at PvP, it's a matter of having a 15+ member group rolling in numbers as large as 5 and sometimes 10 who are on during prime hours steam rolling small groups and sometimes large for whatever reason pops into their heads. As an example: The Irish rolling into Pavlovo Military and taxing. I would like to say that I did not mind working it out IC and a bit OOC so the Pavlovo Mil grounds remained neutral, but I have to agree that it was uncalled for a tax to be imposed on neutral grounds and their people who worked as a medical triage camp because it put or may put "a damper in their business". I use this example because this is a repeat of that. What reason do you have to take a truck when you own 2 cargo trucks, a sedan and an off-road vehicle? What reason do you have to take someone's food and rifle when you have enough in guarded tents with the contents you robbed them for that can last you longer than normal? The return of Anarchy is simply, as Para stated, going to kill off the members of the community and create substantial issues as it already seems to be doing. A conversation with a friend has proved this and it is so apparent that blind people could see it. 1 group archived, another might, many people are already talking of leaving, issues are already shining in the light with this group and some members, and the player count is gradually getting lower. Upon the archive of Anarchy, player counts reached as far as 50-60 and some even had 10+ man queues. This stayed up until the Irish Group was formed, numbers dropped but picked up as they slowed down their roll. The religious group came along, numbers dropped and now that Anarchy is being revived I am betting all members of Anarchy $100 each that numbers on average will stay roughly 35-45 during their stay (Not including the members of Anarchy themselves). If they reach above 45, it'll either be from events or a situation that calls for multiple non-anarchy members to be online. Jim, we see what you're saying but you're really not taking our criticism seriously. The issues with a super group, this one in particular, is very much apparent. My rant above, constructive criticism down below. Work With The Community: I believe all members of Anarchy need to take a step back and evaluate all negative feedback to create enjoyable roleplay with the community of DayZRP. Work with the community instead of disregarding their claims. It's clear that you are. A common saying "RP is a 2-way Street." Valid Reasoning: Being a Hostile Group does not give valid reason to hunt and create fights with the small man/woman. I know the Anarchy members own at least 2 V3s cargo trucks and guns, ammo, and food that could last an average person a minimum of 1 year in the apocalypse. I do not see the reason to strip someone of their SVD and M4 if you own 4 each. I do not see the reason to attack people because they "look a certain way" or "act a certain way". Act on solid evidence with a valid reason to prevent constantly initiating in packs of 5-10 instead of a suspicion that could end poorly on your end. Create New, Fun & Interesting Roleplay: Find different ways to hostile RP. Creating gun bans, restricted towns, and mugging/robbing those who own an m4/vehicles are too common and has caused issues with you. If someone is trying to set-up communications with the outside world (Somewhere not Russia or the fictional world of South Zagoria. US or Canada more like) then prevent that. Sure, it may seem common as well but it's at least different and creates Roleplay. Be Nice: There are times to fight and times not to. This is a bit of a repeat from criticism 2 and 3 but it'll help you. Just because you see 2 hunter looking guys doesn't mean you need to take them hostage, or position Thing 1 and Thing 2 as head honcho and 5 other guys approach and try to take their shiny Winchester or B95, or simply call them stupid and push them around because they decided to wear Summer clothes or leather clothes they made from killing wolves. Try to be a bit friendly once in a while or even say hello in a non-aggressive manner. It's not that hard really. My character, as many have probably met IC and heard about, is a complete dickwad and suspicious mother fucker, but even then, I still try and create civilized conversations with people who aren't part of the Black Rose collective. I would like to be more often than 3 times a week, but that all depends on the amount of people are on a more specifically, who is on. True Anarchy: And the obvious as many have had concerns about: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Anarchism https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Anarchy Creating ranks such as Leader already goes against pure Anarchy/Anarchism. I haven't delved into political classes and classes of this regard that touch on these subjects much more, but creating a "Leader" automatically revokes your Anarchy/Anarchism status. (As proved under "Etymology and terminology" of the link "Anarchism" in sentences 1 and 2") [ The word "anarchism" is composed from the word "anarchy" and the suffix -ism,[22] themselves derived respectively from the Greek ἀναρχία,[23] i.e. anarchy[24][25][26] (from ἄναρχος, anarchos, meaning "one without rulers";[27] from the privative prefix ἀν- (an-, i.e. "without") and ἀρχός, archos, i.e. "leader", "ruler";[28] (cf. archon or ἀρχή, arkhē, i.e. "authority", "sovereignty", "realm", "magistracy")[29]) ] I would suggest either renaming the group to fit your current and/or past play style as it doesn't make any sense thus far. If you wish to create a full fledged Anarchy group, the links have been provided. (Note: I know you need an OOC group leader to control the group on the forums, but I am talking IC when Loui and someone else who escapes my mind were these 'leaders'. Simply clarification) Personally, I do not want Anarchy to come back. I liked the Bila Ruka PD and Kemanici in all honesty. I would lastly suggest splitting the group in half and having a counter-anarchy group. A hero group. This then reduces the numbers of your group so the label "Super Group" cannot be used and can potentially create greater roleplay than what has been displayed in the past and current day events. That is all.
  7. @Stagsview I am unable to upload my footage due to internet problems. For a simple 18 or so minutes of footage takes about 7-9 hours for YouTube to just upload it. I tried to do it just last night as I got off, woke up now and it was barely 49% done. If I could have assistance in TS later today from a staff member to possibly connect via Teamviewer, copy and paste the file to their PC and have them upload it, that'd be great. I believe I did that with Jadeboat when she was staff and helped me upload a 20 minute video in 5 minute segments.
  8. This is where it gets weird... You would have to go out of your way to get this info so by that, you would either have to had to either plan it OOC to carry this info IC to your new characters and groups OR go out of your way with the knowledge you gained on your different characters to gain this info IC on your new characters. There's literally no way you could've just 'happened' to find this info out. Either way, that's bull.
  9. Again, no sense made. How can you link an Asian wearing red jacket, leather clothes and a grassy mosin to an Asian man in generic civilian clothes and no leather with a non-grassy mosin?
  10. @CockRP That has to be false. On the day of contacting the child, I was wearing leather clothes and a red raincoat with facial coverage. On your initiation, I wore generic civilian clothes and the white checkered shirt, not blue. The rifle was a Mosin but the one on the initiation was covered with grass and damaged, this one wasn't and no PU Scope. So how could Anthony Kriss possibly know what I wore yesterday when he had only the knowledge of what I knew 3 nights ago?
  11. BadRP for having a different voice? It is quite clear if effort is made, you can change your voice. This claim is drastic and invalid. If that is the case, then like... I know about 70 people in this community who should be banned for BadRP with that logic used. If staff can go further into logs to check if they searched me for a radio, that'd be great, but I can 100% say that we were never stripped of our radios at first thus giving me the ability to radio our leaders of the situation, but they couldn't come anyways. I also have the video and checking through, none of it states you checking for a radio. As for the Meta-Gaming claims for us not talking in-game, all of it was OOC info that was never taken IC. We were simply baffled by the situation and talking about why it was going on. All we did was talk OOC of why you initiated, why this was happening and other IRL stuff that had nothing to do with DayZ at a few points. No Tactical Advantage, None of it taken In Character, None made any difference to the Roleplay.
  12. For the 3:55 claim, you didn't have kill rights and that is a fact. You aren't an official group and though you were involved, have to initiate until your group gets approved so you all share kill rights. Until then, you are a dynamic and have to initiate with your group. I am not 'shielding' from anyone with rules, they are there for a reason. I was stating that for no tactical advantage, no ruleplay or 'shielding', it was simply because we were making note that you did not initiate and if you were to partake in killing, it would be a rulebreak. No shielding, simply blatant truth. For the 17:14 claim, we were not trying to pick fights. You can clearly hear me being a middle man and trying to lessen the situation, telling my friends to stand down and apologizing. Sure, I correct you because you went against a very notable and well known bible verse, but that isn't hostile. It's just a friendly reminder "Hey, this is in the bible ya know." And me saying "fuck these guys" can mean a multitude of things. We didn't even plan to see you at that base. Our main goal was to go there anyways. After the accusations of meta-game, I was going to put up a report regardless of how the situation panned out. If the situation turned out in our favour where we won the fight, tied you guys up and ran off with your cargo singing "Ain't No Rest For the Wicked", a report still would've gone up. I attempted to shoot your friend in the orange bag. I knew he was involved and aimed for him first, you were much closer and expected YOUR initiation to drop. If I wanted to, I would've killed you since you were the first person I saw and much closer. It isn't shown in the gif from what it looks like, but I even tried to lean right to shoot around you. Your claim of "he clearly shooting at me first(as you can see in the gif)." simply doesn't make sense. You have to be absolute dogshit at PvP to miss point blank at the range we were at. As I stated, if I was aiming for you, you would've been killed. I have video evidence that proves you accused me of being Keith Keiser and I quote the words "In combination with the fellow with the Asian accent. Gotta be the same man..." The 'fellow' being referenced was Seth Hatcher who went by Greg Patrick Liams. Textbook accusation ( https://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/accusation ) right there, and when Nino had logged on, that is when she logged on and was brought forward and then she said "Aaaahh, Keiser! I didn't realize you were Asian." So "No one 100% accused me of being Keith Keiser" is simply false and video evidence will be provided as soon as possible. The game is a game in the end and as we all know, it's DayZ. We attempted to leave with the car but hit an invisible wall and that is when the initiation dropped. It's quite clear you waited for us to get in the car. Just because there isn't a rule doesn't mean it doesn't exist. There are no rules for many things but they are still enforced or as we sometimes like to call them "Ghost Rules" or "Hidden Rules". According to Seth, they wanted their vest and bag back but you stated "No point, they are practically useless." and refused to give them. His video evidence will be provided too on that as well. So by your statement alone, we apparently can't "tie them up" or "sew it back" as you said they were practically useless and wouldn't give us a chance. No matter what, if you are placing a status onto a player or their items, you need to emote and //OOC check if it works or it is okay. It's simply common knowledge.
  13. Server and location: S1 - Pavlovo Military Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 2018-05-15, Between 02:30 - 03:10 SERVER TIME Your in game name: Keith Keiser Names of allies involved: Iosif Mikhailov, Felix Tremblay, Seth Hatcher Name of suspect/s: Filii Prophetam | Jericho Sampson aka G19RP | Abel Graham aka Groovy tony (Logs will show, but I suspect these 2 men as well as Isaiah Sampson aka CaliforniaRP, but again, logs will show.) Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): Offroad Hatchback (Friendly) - V3S Cargo Truck (Enemy) Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): VIDEO EVIDENCE WILL BE PROVIDED AS SOON AS POSSIBLE Detailed description of the events: Our reason to go to Pavlovo Military was to search the area of what happened to it and what was left of it as well as search for Seth Hatcher's pills. Our first encounter with them was on the road in front of the Zelenogorsk Military Compound when they rolled up to us with their V3S Cargo Truck as we were speaking on the road. All of us pretty much changed all clothes, changed our names and changed our accents, except for Iosif since he hasn't been on DayZRP for a week so no one knew pretty much who he was at all. We had a small conversation and knew these men were religious so we sort of wanted to get away, in which we did after some time. Continuing on our way, we drove to the Pavlovo Military Compound with our disguises and met these men once more. At first the conversation was okay, but turned slightly hostile with examples from Felix after they mentioned "God forgives all sins", he said "So if I put buckshot through your friend's head, I would be forgiven?" But Felix learned it was poor word choice and apologized and we all said it was an example, in which in genuinely was. I then try to correct these men as I confirm they are religious Christians and name off a verse from the bible: Proverbs 18:13 (NIV) “To answer before listening — that is folly and shame.” This states, and I quote "We have two ears and one mouth for a reason. It’s always best to listen first in any situation and speak last, after you’ve had time to consider fully what has been said." So, by jumping to conclusions of what Felix had explained and apologized after meaning they had committed a sin and went against the bible's words, so I simply corrected them. Though, after that was stated, they took it and acknowledged it. Somewhere in the middle, I then decide to give some leftover pills for Seth's medical condition of schizophrenia, and gave him medication for his condition with the pills being in an Advil and Excedrin bottle. After we wished to leave, we all loaded up in the vehicle after I had began to lag out a tad bit, but soon regain control and load in. Almost immediately after we load in, they drop an initiation via text. We comply with their demands for the most part, even after the server going down. I was then walked to the fences and then each one of us get out but Felix attempts to gun them down but fails. They tell us not to do what he did, so we don't. Not too long after, they accuse us of being Black Roses indirectly by calling me out by name as Keith Keiser when I went by the name Tang Laou with an Asian accent, as well as speaking Tagalog to them fluently. They then bring Nino or Empress Julia out and calls me out as recognizing me and using an Asian accent. (EDIT: Empress Julia simply just logged on and was brought in to clarify who I was. She wasn't actually called in, as verified via Steam Chat between her and I.) https://gyazo.com/5c84c2df7b84ec0b606af82d4c4fe468 Time flies and we kind of just sit their with them spewing words before we are loaded in to the hospital. We get against the walls and they plan to have Seth, who went by the name Greg Patrick Liams at the time, be off his meds and wait out to see his 'symptoms' which would be cannibalism. They then begin to cut off his vest and bag and I take that moment to pull my rifle and shoot them. I tag one and run to the roof. They did not take our radios so I radio my friends Bobby Kalo and Shawn Scar of the situation. They state they cannot come so I just figure out how to take this situation. I ran down after using a morphine and jump off the little roof part down to the actual roof, run down and tag someone twice. I get a bit greedy and run further down and attempt to take him down only to be met with a shotgun. The reason for this report is explained below. Invalid Kill on the man with the green Coyote backpack since I did not see him drop an initiation in text. I had seen him drive off with the Cargo and not partake in the text initiation, nor was there a vocal initiation. All he did was spew orders to his "children" and that was all. Him killing me would not be valid since they aren't in an official group and did not initiate or re-initiate. 8.3 If the player who gains kill rights is a member of an approved group, kill rights are shared with all members of that group. Kill rights cannot be shared between players who are not a part of an approved group. -- Meta-Gaming claims are because Nino and the men suddenly have "suspicions" and "recognize me". Note, I have NEVER taken my uniform off except now. My primary uniform consisted of leather clothing, leather sack, high capacity vest, bush hood, camo bandana mask and designer shades. My voice, as will be shown in the video, was an Asian accent as my 'normal' IC voice is a deep, raspy voice similar to a smoker's voice after consistently smoking for roughly 5-10 years. Them suddenly having suspicions and recognizing me after having no IC knowledge of my actual face and unable to differ an Asian accent from a raspy smoker's voice is why I am claiming Meta-Game. Again, my normal character voice is a smoker's voice partnered with a deep tone and long words such as "Mmmmhh... I doooo.. *inhales* not knooow.. mmmmh." with my primary uniform being Leather Jacket and Denim Trousers, Leather Sack, Green High Capacity Vest, Black Military Boots (holds knife), Light Coloured Bush Hood, Camo Bandana Mask, Designer Shades and FAL with Ghillie Wrap. I used pretty much generic civilian clothes, mosin nagant, and an Asian accent as well as speaking fluent Tagalog (I am half Filipino IRL and lived in the Philippines for a bit so I can speak it fluently as well as Ilocano.) Never has anyone seen my actual, in character face. -- The invalid initiation is because of this rule here: 6.1 All hostile situations must be have a valid reasoning and be justified with role play that happened in character, in game or in radio chat forum. In all honesty, what would the Irish gun-smuggling crew do with a religious cult simply bent on making people turn religious? That simply makes no sense whatsoever. They called Loui over the radio to confirm who I was. (Removed comment of Nino as she logged on nor was security for Capax Infiniti) How would they suddenly know these people exist and hire them to hunt and kill Black Roses or just kill Keith Keiser? The relation between an Irish gun-smuggling group wanting to help people and leave the island and a Christian cult making people convert to Christianity makes ZERO sense. They stated the reason for initiation was based on a suspicion. On that logic, they should initiate on all people with a certain medical condition and all Asian people. -- AOGM claims are because we outnumbered them 2:1. We had 4 members with rifles out and they had 2 guys, the third was driving off with the Cargo, the man who didn't initiate. They waited until we got into our vehicle to initiate. As you know, in DayZ, you put away your rifles or anything in your hand in order to board. In real life, if you got into a situation where you found someone suspicious after minor threats and hostile words had been made, you'd have your gun ready to fire from the car. But they refused to initiate until we ALL got into the vehicle, thus the AOGM claims. -- BadRP Claims are because they had no way to tie us up and emoted cutting the straps of Seth and Iosif's bag and vest, thus rendering them useless according to the after-report they told us OOC. They also did this to them for taking their rifles. I feel this is BadRP because it is common rule sense if you wish to remove items off of a person, you need to bind them with some form of binding. I.E: Rope, Duct Tape, Handcuffs, Guts, etc. And according to Seth, they threw his rifle off then asked him to put his hands down and put it on the floor as well as not asking permission to practically ruin their clothes by "cutting them off". 8.5 Stripping a character naked in order to access their items is considered BadRP. If you wish to access the items you either have to tie up the said person or emote check them for items (for example: "*searches the man and takes all the things found in his clothes* // drop the items you have in your clothes"). 11.1 You are not allowed to use powergaming against other players, unless the action is specifically allowed by the other player. This is against the Seth and Iosif, but I was witness to it and they were more than likely going to do it to me if I didn't take advantage of a man walking downstairs and the other man having a knife. These accusations were with the help of Felix Tremblay, a Hostile RP Mentor, who explained what rules were broken and how to define them in this report. I take responsibility for what was put in this report, but note that I did have help with this report as no other staff members were online on TS at the time except for Whitename who stated that "If I feel a rule was broken, take it to the report section."
  14. Kriss's POV: Getting bored, I went ahead and decided to talk to the Black Roses IC but knowing @Anoymouse OOC, he just pulled me in and we had some banter after we did our IC stuff. Craig then requested a pick-up from Kamishovo since I had a pristine conditioned Offroad Hatchback to take him to Green Mountain where all of the Black Roses were at the time. It wasn't long before Craig told us that he saw a guy and was gonna talk to him, but ended up being shot in the legs just as I entered Electro from the western side. He told us that he was cuffed and didn't know what to do. Apparently, this Greg guy just aimed at him, shot him, bandaged him and tied him up as Gibby states in his report and then ran off immediately. I was told by Craig to just hang back a bit but continued on to find the guy and the minute I got close to him, his character vanished. The server being laggy as it is today, we assumed he crashed and waited, but after some time we just came to the conclusion that he just logged off. After checking with Craig, he had left him with no food, no means of self defense and a sprained ankle. I did manage to patch him back up and give him a rifle and new pants but that was it.
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