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  1. Kriss Blade

    Nordic Battlegroup

    I will give credit where credit is due. I've RP'd with the Nordic Battleground on the radio (TS), in-game, and more prior from yesterday and had a very pleasant experience. The credit I will give is that they act in a very professional manner. They provided amazing RP in their way. More so the Queen's Royal Guard, but a lot of private security / military / police-riot control will not respond to you if you proceed to be hostile or if the conversation goes nowhere, such as calling someone retard 10+ times. I do agree if they say 1 or 2 words is not realistic (Note: They said more than 1 or 2 words until they turned a bit hostile and climbed on the roof and such, I was there), but how Mexi described it is perfect. In the end though, they provided excellent RP and showed potential for greater future RP. They also had acceptable radio comms in which all were able to get their message across with ease. I do believe that for their play style (Military-esk), all of them need their own specific alias/name. Such as one is Shield-Actual, another is Vulture, and should only be reffered to by those only which thus keeps their identities hidden. Face and name. Another would be stricter IC comms. Last night, their radio comms were, again, acceptable but a lot of cluster and thus needs to be worked on. This group is full of potential and great people and I believe those who are passively aggressively attacking them should turn a cheek and take it with a grain of salt. Help these people and put aside your differences. It's clear there is some OOC dislike/hate towards some in this group, just simply stop and help them improve. Talk to them on TS. Simple.
  2. Kriss Blade

    The Rainbow Six Siege Megathread

    Forum name: KrissBlade Uplay name: KleptoTerren Timezone: PST (UTC -0800) Top 3 attackers: -Blitz -Montagne -Fuze (Shield) Top 3 defenders: -Maestro -Valkyrie -Mute Level: 163 Rank (or last rank you had): Gold 1 Additional info: I only use shotguns and shield operators. I main Blitz and Maestro, Montagne and Valk are my alts, and Fuze (Shield) and Mute are my last resort. Toxic.jpg
  3. Kriss Blade

    Well, lads, it was fun. o7 to everyone.

    I agree that we indeed had our differences and it does honestly pain me to see you go. You as well are a great RP'er and I hope to see you sometime in the future. Thank you for seeing me as a great RP'er. I dedicate this meme to you. See you soon, brother { - }7 @SylvaRP
  4. Feng worked a hard and challenging life in the frigid nights of Mohe. He worked on a rice field with his grandparents since his parents spent most of their time working business deals in large cities of Japan. Most of his younger days were spent on said rice field, but when he had free time, he spent it with his Masters of Tai Chi, Chinese Martial Arts, and Kung Fu. Always trying to find ways to better himself in which eventually paid off since his determination earned him a 1-way ticket to the United States, and after living there for some time with reliable skills (and obviously U.S Citizenship) he was able to join the U.S Army. He joined with the intent to save the people he trained with and save the people oppressed by the oppressors of wherever he was deployed. In this case, he chose to be a Combat Medical Specialist and an Army Nurse at times. This soon allowed him to gain enough reputation within the U.S Army to accompany NATO along with a few others to South Zagoria, but to soon realize there was a bigger picture than assisting people.
  5. Chris Saou's POV: Before this had all started, this particular kid has been causing issues with the Anarchy members as well as provoking some of the Capo's from the Moretti Famiglia. Extreme disrespect was being sent to Jango's way so he handled the situation by hiring the Chimera folks to watch over him. When we return, he was apparently initiated on and kicked out for luring zombies into people, provoking people, being extremely negative and hostile and just all around a liability. Starting from the top, I was doing my normal routine patrol through the center of Lopatino when I see the kid in his exact same clothes and using the same voice sneak around and whisper me to come over and grab him apples, that he is starving. I know he shouldn't be around so I stall him and make it clear I am talking to someone which interests an Anarchist. He then spots the blue armband man and he runs off, in which we respond with guns raised and an initiation. He throws his hands up and walks with us willingly to the center of town. During the situation, most of us have a go at him once he is in binds. Of course, we search the man and I search the man and find enough food to last a 17 (or 21 years old according to your char page) year old male at least 4 days. Around a 3x4 space in his coyote bag was filled with apples, he had 2 cans of tactical bacon and 2 bottles/canteens of water full. During the duration of the situation, he provided sub-par PainRP and RP in general by going silent for half of the time he was there. He seemed to have gone AFK at least 2-3 times. Since he was a kid, we (mostly myself) took it upon ourselves to confiscate his military-grade equipment and give his more 'child-friendly' gear such as a .22 rifle, a pistol with a suppressor and an easier to carry backpack. Note, in the yellow protector case, he had 2 boxes of worn/pristine .22LR ammunition as well as an unboxed stack of .22LR ammunition as well so he had more than enough ammunition to survive. I refused to give him a clip because I did not want to risk him coming back and spraying someone's legs down because he felt like it. This was IC and OOC influenced because of his actions during the initiation and torture and amount of OOC given, I wanted to make sure on all accounts he would not come back and harm anyone and if he did, the person he decided to attack if he wanted to would have the highest advantage. We made sure he kept the necessary equipment and not completely rob the man. As seen in @Mademoiselle 's screenshot, we let him keep his spraypaint, scopes, cleaning kit and even his water bottles and food. If my memory serves correct, all that was taken was his fully equipped M4 and magazines as well as ammunition for his pistol. After the situation ended, disregarded the direction CaliforniaRP said to run in, threw his pants off and ran. /End POV I would like to defend myself against OP's claim of using physical actions instead of emotes. That RP type is per person based. If you died during that situation because CaliforniaRP shot you, that would be his fault but since you didn't, I don't see anything wrong. If we want to keep shooting you and beating you physically, we can as long as you do not die since we did not have execution rights. Again, it is per person based and can be done both ways. Mademoiselle already explained this but I will pitch in myself too. Gear is not important. This is a Roleplay server, thus Roleplay should be provided. Your character page states Ex-Military, 21 years old, but no matter what reason you give, nothing can justify gear over roleplay. You even dropped your pants because it was ruined. In a real life scenario, you would keep those pants for as long as possible to keep yourself warm and protected for whatever bit of protection it can offer before finding new pants. You aren't gonna throw it down and run pantsless down the road. I do agree that you should join the Mentor Program as well as playing a new character to reset your reputation, a character that is more RP Noob friendly so you can experience good RP.
  6. I don't follow. What do you mean?
  7. Well, when you were in Stary Yar, I was the one that said you could not speak. My reasoning for keeping you quiet unless spoken to was due to the fact that there was a firefight, as per every other time you or anyone else part of a relevant and active group, and did not want you calling out to someone possibly nearby. When told on the radio that the firefight was towards the Eastern residential housing is when I began to RP and ask you guys question, which to then you became mouthy and disrespectful as well as Bobby Kalo (Anoymouse). There was not a lot I could personally do since the RP was to be handed off to Jimmy (Dank Mems) and Viktor Kovar (Daddy Vartax, VictusRP). If I were to what I wanted, I would've been thrown off of another cliff. As Mexi and others have stated, if you think we gave sub-par RP then simply talk to us OOC. We're almost always online so there's really no excuse. If a rule has been broken if you feel, report it or talk to us still. Here's some constructive criticism to help out for future RP. FearRP & PainRP. When you (DatTurtle), Bobby Kalo and Mike Goodfellow were captured that one day, you nor Kalo did not seem to at value your life at all or show any bit of fear. Each time I hit you Iosif, you simply shrugged off each blow. It may pass if it's a scripted RP event where you play as The Punisher from the Netflix series, but it's not. A man 6'8" (203.2 centimeters) and 200lbs (90.71kg or 14.2 stone) of muscle who's served in the KGB and Spetsnaz will still feel quite a bit of pain if his face was hit by someone of my character's size with a wooden or polymer butt-stock of a rifle. Not to mention the possible fear he would be slightly be displaying if caught in a situation where the people surrounding are all enemies. 15-20+ people with high powered rifles and obvious skill from past events, yet, not sign of fear at all? For Bobby Kalo, all he had to do was kiss a pair of shoes. In real life, are you really going to tell an angry man with an automatic rifle "Fuck you" after you were found to be responsible for the possible execution of his wife in a post apocalyptic setting? Even after being shot in the legs and given guaranteed death if you didn't kiss a pair of shoes? For the pain, you did well in showing pain after you've been shot in the legs but did not provide PainRP for stuff such as the burning hot handcuffs and other things such as being hit with a rifle. Most I got was an 'oof'. (Not the meme oof. Just a small grunt oof.) If you can't provide vocal RP, text RP is your friend. Other than trying to RP out situations other than run for 30+ minutes, that's all I really have. TL;DR: Text RP pain if you can't provide the RP via VOIP (or if there are a crowd of people around). Even if you're Frank Castle or ex-KGB & Spetsnaz, you're still human and feel pain and fear. Value your life so further RP can be found. Try to put yourself in your character's shoes. Hell, make it so if you get captured that if you die at all that you HAVE to Perma. Give some sort incentive to remove the "I can just respawn and regear" mentality.
  8. I'd also love to give my two sense. Ever since I joined the Moreti Famiglia and seldom ran with Anarchist, the only time we had RP is when we captured you once and then willingly came to Stary Yar. Every single time you run now. You wish to have solid roleplay but roleplay is a 2-way street. How can you RP if you run from every situation where there is potential RP? I don't get it. Either you want RP or you don't.
  9. Kriss Blade

    An Attack on Miroslavl

    *He listened closely to the man's broadcast along with the other voices coming through. He sighed as he picked up his radio, a soft chuckle following the pressing on the side of it as he put on a thick Russian accent to mask his voice as well as changing his vocal octave to a deeper one* "Y'know, to those that attacked the CDF, whomever you may be, I congratulate you. The CDF are simple cowards who've done nothing but leech resources from the small man and then claim to have done good. To those that seek refuge from the hardships by hiding under the blood tattered wings of the CDF, you're simply signing your own death warrant. Those caught in the crossfire are nothing more than 'acceptable casualties.' " "If you hear this, mainly to those who are still hoping the CDF will bring them the light, make the right choice and leave them behind or you will end up like every other forgotten CDF dog that's died here in Chernarus." *He scoffed as he ended his transmission, stuffing his radio away in his vest*
  10. *Kriss sighs happily in Don Moretti's office with the sound of a small crowd and vehicle engines can be heard in the background, looking outside the office doors after pressing down on his radio's PTT* "This message is for the Anarchist's and those that hear it. The Moretti's wish them safe travels on their trip up to Russia. The people here are also wishing them farewell as they are taking off in the few vehicles we managed to scavenge up for their journey. This does mean we will have lower activity in the town, but this does not mean people are not welcome. The town is still open to all and the festivities on the weekends will be available to the public." *He smiles as he waves his hand at Loui and Fyodr as they board their truck, seeing them drive off down the road towards the border*
  11. This topic has probably been brought up a few times (or more, I have only been here for less than a year) but I think this deserves a little light. As we all know, .63 DayZ Standalone is around the corner. It could drop tomorrow night, next week, next month or next year. Honestly, no one really knows except the Devs themselves and I've personally supported the Devs that it's become a chore. Recently, as well as today, I've had a conversation with a few community members of the "What Ifs" on switching from SA to Arma 3 and the feedback was rather decent as well as explanations as to why. Why should we switch it from SA to Arma 3? Switching from SA to Arma 3 offers countless numbers of new content, bonuses and massive positives for an RP Server. For RP, you get your own choice of map and map size, own choice of mods and staff members get more access to "behind the scene" stuff that could help in reports much more than SA could. Content is pretty self explanatory, but to give a bit of insight, take today's event for example. RP'ing a plane dropping a pod that was RP'd being a damaged barrel and the device being a Suppressor East is very creative and fine, but think of the possibilities you could have. Having Major actually fly the plane/jet as described, having control of where he flies and actually dropping a pod down. Players being able to see the plane in the sky as well, it would just add a greater sense of immersion. As for the other events, just think of seeing bombs drop on a military base or seeing a truck capable of launching a missile instead of having to imagine it there. Okay, Arma 3 has positives. What are the downsides to Arma 3 and SA? The downside to SA is self explanatory. The devs, as much as they are trying to actively work on .63, simply won't work as much as switching to Arma 3 would. You may have new map additions, new engine, new guns and vehicles which includes the Little Bird, but it may last maybe 2-3 months? Then people will want .64 then .65 and who knows how long it will take them. The downside to SA is that there is not enough and will not be enough immersion or freedom as you would get with Arma 3 for a very long while. The downsides to Arma 3 though is also pretty fair to see. The optimization is relatively poor, as stated in the reviews for the game itself, and most of the content is locked behind DLC after DLC after DLC. Say we switched to Arma 3 Exile in... 1 week. It's May 29, new change. Guess what? You can't play unless you got Apex. Oh! Rolle added a rifles mod. Sorry... You can't use them unless you have the Marksman DLC. Arma 3 by itself is $39.99 (or 29.7 British Pounds) Apex costs $34.99 (or 25.99 British Pounds). So in order to play proper Arma 3 DayZ without any other mod, you are already paying $74.98 (or 55.68 British Pounds). And this isn't including the tax and as stated, any other mod such as Helicopters, Laws of War, Tanks, Marksman and etc. The plus though is that they did give you bundles. So instead of paying $142.91 (or 106.13 British Pound), you may possibly be paying $119.96 (or 89.09 British Pound). But let's be honest, not a lot of people would wish to spend $100+ just to play on 1 server. This is the only downside I see. What can Arma 3 offer DayZRP that SA can't? Quite simply, Arma 3 offers a lot more things than SA could even if it hit update .70. Arma 3 offers a huge array of content and modifications that is practically unlimited. DLC's aside, let us say every community member owned all mods required to play on DayZRP if Rolle switched it to Arma 3 with the mods he wanted (and as well of the community because we all know Rolle loves us) imagine the possibilities and extensive amounts of RP to be had. 100-120 pop server, large map with different areas such as winter plateu, rain forest, desert, etc., base building more extensive than what SA will ever offer, a huge array of aircraft and armoured vehicles for any event our 2 Loremasters can play with, plug-ins and admin tools the staff members given the power could use to easily handle reports, underground bunkers and sea-bases, and more. I'd just like to say I know this would benefit DayZRP if it switched as I currently run with a Mil-Sim unit known as the 4th MRB under PFC Gauo(http://4thmrb.net/forums/) which is Arma 3 with mods to match the looks, weapons, vehicles and aircraft used for current day U.S Marine Raiders. Each Tuesday training and Sunday Ops are astounding and if placed in DayZRP would bring a whole new light to the server and unlock the potential of RP to be had. A lot of what you say is repeated and doesn't seem worth it. Why else should we switch? It's quite hard not to repeat myself as pretty much all that is true is listed up above. Pushing aside content and DLC walls along with all the other things listed above, it's simply just change. People do not like change and it's been proven by people not liking certain rules, how events are run and how groups are. Take Anarchy for example. It's pretty 50/50 of people wishing them good luck or giving them a solid yet indirect "Fuck you". If people can't handle that, then it'd be hard to switch but you never know unless you try it. The second server has been down for some time. Why not use that to make it an Arma 3 DayZ Server and see how that runs? If it gets positive feedback and decent activity, keep it up. If not, then take it down. Rolle and Jim, with the donations themselves, you can run an Arma 3 DayZ server and hire a server techy man/woman to install all the proper mods and plug-ins correctly for 1 month just to see how it runs. This is in no way flaming or an insult, it's just common knowledge and math skills. With the amount of people with Tycoon and the monthly $12+ donations, an Arma 3 DayZ server shouldn't be that bad to run for a month to see how well it does. This probably was a side project at some point and this topic was probably brought up at some point but both were just rejected or never completed, so why not start or start again? I just personally feel, as well as behalf of some community members, would love to see the popular DayZRP switch to Arma 3 to see what it can do.
  12. Kriss Blade

    Anarchy [Closed Recruitment]

    Then it seems a lot of my time was wasted in attempts to assist you. I can't really argue any more since it seems you just want to keep up the stone wall of "Disregard and Deny." Hope to see what happens next in-game.
  13. Kriss Blade

    Anarchy [Closed Recruitment]

    I don't understand why you're getting defensive. The issue of people avoiding you is apparent and I've heard you complain about you guys not seeing enough people because they are afraid of a super group. Going back to my first post at the bottom simply will help. Again, I've been the only one accompanied by Para and a bit of Sophie pointing out the flaws, we're trying to help. But you want to role a 15+ man group that is hostile, then simply make it correct by not naming is Anarchy. Anarcho-Communism seems to work, it doesn't role off the tongue as flawlessly as Anarchy, but you can call yourselves Communists In-Game. I saw your first post before it was edited, Loui. Right there proves my point in the first and second post of disregarding what we say. It shouldn't be that hard to read it.
  14. Kriss Blade

    Anarchy [Closed Recruitment]

    That's not true Anarchy. That is Anarcho-Communism, you answer to yourselves and no government, by now it's nit-picking because Anarcho-Communism is simply Communism with some Anarchy ideology. Again, not True Anarchism. This isn't an attack, if anything, I am trying to help you not be hated. I've seen people complain about you almost 100% of the time (referencing Anarchy, not JimRP himself by the way) and this is a way of making it better.
  15. Kriss Blade

    Anarchy [Closed Recruitment]

    I have never said you had worked with the community. The green text was a title to the context, you surely have worked with the community but it seems more bent towards those of importance I.E: Major or well-known community members. If you can prove that in the coming days and make it apparent, I'm sure the feedback would change. The reason I do not ask Anarchy members of information is because there were times that truth was sort of chucked out the window. That logic can be applied to your group, there will always be conflicting stories unless solid evidence is provided and recording is the only way. The trucks and supplies? I get it, you weren't there and will take what Anarchy says and what you think over what myself says, but I have witnessed it myself as well as possibly other members, including the BR collective, seeing those vehicles in possession of the Religious Cult (which is played by Anarchy character owned players) which can then be easily transferred to the revival of Anarchy now. Also, from what I believe was proven, a member by the name of Exotic got 13-15 of those 20-30 something kills. Not to mention the tactical advantage the Coalition had by taking Novy twice. So if anything, he should take 60-70% of the credit and Anarchy as a whole taking the 40%-30%. Sure, as a collective you got credit but not as much with that 1 person. And a gun embargo isn't really interesting on paper nor how it was executed. "We ban guns X,Y,Z, if we see it, it is ours. Sign up to keep it." It's just a more organized way to rob someone and have a reason to. You know a lot of people won't sign up to that thus creating a reason to initiate as well as the ability to pull the permission slip at any given point. It's not really that interesting if you think about it. As for the people hiding, the people hiding don't have as much negative feedback as this particular collective does. This is not in any way an insult but simply a fact. When was the last time you heard of Animus people getting reported? Or The Damned? Ok, maybe here and there, but now how about the last time Anarchy was reported? Also, I've very much checked my sources which is why I posted it in the first place. I'm not as oblivious as you or some would think. Even a self-proclaimed or 'fake leader' is still against Anarchism. You decide as a collective as what to do and not 1 person making decisions for everyone, because that then forms a structure of higher power or a 'leader'. (Also there are many people who can back me up as Anarchy have leaders. I.E: Sophie. Thanks btw Sophie.) Not to mention ,looking further into sources in which you happily wanted me to check, I did. Immanuel Kant The German philosopher Immanuel Kant treated anarchy in his Anthropology from a Pragmatic Point of View as consisting of "Law and Freedom without Force". Thus, for Kant, anarchy falls short of being a true civil state because the law is only an "empty recommendation" if force is not included to make this law efficacious ("legitimation", etymologically fancifully from legem timere, i.e. "fearing the law").[4] For there to be such a state, force must be included while law and freedom are maintained, a state which Kant calls a republic.[5][6] Kant identified four kinds of government: Law and freedom without force (anarchy) Law and force without freedom (despotism) Force without freedom and law (barbarism) Force with freedom and law (republic) (Source gained under "Immanuel Kant" from this source here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Anarchy If anything, your group should be named Barbarism or even Despotism, not Anarchy. This should therefor, by definition of Anarchy, should be a Hero Group or at minimum a True Neutral group and not a Hostile Group creating gun embargoes. Also shown here as well: http://www.anarchy.no/anarchism.html I can understand what you've thought I implied in my feedback and I am sorry if I offended you or you felt insulted, but it's all simply true and now looking further into what true Anarchy and Anarchism it now makes little to no sense as to what you guys did or may be doing now. I seriously want you to read the links I provided in which I will provide once again. If you really want the group to work out or play the style of "Big Bad Wolves" then archive this group and change the name so it makes sense. Simply changing the goals and still calling yourselves Anarchists makes no sense. Links being shown once more the one more addition found during research: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Anarchism https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Anarchy http://www.anarchy.no/anarchism.html