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  1. Let me clarify myself further on this starting from bottom to top. I had misunderstood dynamic groups and Chewy helped me with this via DM's to avoid cluttering the report, so yes I was in their dynamic. They were my allies at the time. Yes also, in a sense I was technically still related to them as I was with them at a certain point but IC, no one else besides the Bounty Hunters themselves know this information. Alongside that, I left their group. After the situation would be over, I would no longer be part of their dynamic. If you listened and watched the videos, which I assume you have, you would hear them ask "Is that you Masaru?!" in which I confirm that but they must've not heard me. That's me ID'ing myself without knowledge of a firefight. As stated in my POV, they knew myself and this other man (Logan) were coming. To my knowledge as I cannot speak for Logan, I thought the situation would kick off AFTER everyone had arrived. In the video as well, they, of course, knew they were in a firefight but never went ahead to notify me of it. Logan was in the same channel so he might have known but still never told me about it at all. Now you use logs to tell me when the firefight kicked off. I know when it started because I can read the logs myself and Dusty already clarified when it started as well. As everyone and yourself and very well see, I am not a staff member. I do not have access to logs and can't use logs to know when a firefight is happening. As stated in one of the POV's of a person you stated as your ALLY, and was in the same comms as you were- I would also like to state that another kill happened merely 4 minutes before he was shot aswell- The information above in regards specifically to TommyGun_, the people in the channel I switched to had GrainSack, Richard Grayson and the other 2 people joining as shown in the video in which I was clearly talking to them about OOC things, mainly to Cosmo. If they knew a firefight was happening, they would've told me but didn't. The people in the upper channels were Alex, Pastor Clemmens, TommyGun_, etc. I was in their channel, again as you can hear, but nowhere did they say a firefight was started. If they did, it was not clearly stated to everyone in the channel. A bit of backstory to bounty hunters, when there is a firefight, everyone involved is required to stay in the channel unless they die but is notified that a firefight ensued prior to clearing comms. That's just how we did things and even though I am not in their group officially anymore, I would still follow that as that is a good way to have non-toxic comms. @TommyGun_ can confirm this. A lot of people can confirm this statement I will make here as well... I am not stupid. If I know a firefight is about and my friends are involved (I say friends OOCly because OOC, I still talk to them about anything as proved with Cosmo a.k.a GrainSack. Don't mix that up IC) I will remain in the channel and either assist where needed or remove myself from the channel and avoid the situation entirely. The only 'facts' I see are either a grey area or simply you not knowing the whole story. The only fact would be #3. 1.) Backstory again, we usually wait until everyone arrives before anything starts. I had knowledge of something GOING to happen which was a kidnap and a possible execution. NOT a firefight. 2.) I do hear shots, I can't lie about that even if I wanted to. I don't assume it's nothing, I assume it's people killing zombies. As Severograd was once an RP Pub, I assumed people were around and were killing zombies. I talked to Chewy about this and I quote my response: "but most of the time it's people attacking zombies and when you run towards those and help it isn't NVFL. But when it's a firefight, it is? Even then OOC and IC we didn't know it was a firefight or that people were already dying." In which Chewy responds but will provide I believe is the most important segment, "Enter at your own risk." I believe that NVFL is a grey area as if it was just zombies being killed and there was no firefight, no one would bat an eye to NVFL, but since there was a gunfight and I died and put up this report, NVFL gets brought up directly and indirectly by you and Dusty. 3.) Not denying that either after Chewy clarified Dynamic Groups to me. I was in their dynamic and did agree to help them. 4.) See, ain't that common sense? If you're going to hold someone hostage and only want people you know to be a part of it and you come to their location, isn't it common sense to ID yourself regardless? ID'ing is a way you can confirm who you are IC, especially if you're not in the same channel. As for the assumption of being TK'd, that was OOC and information I received after I died. And if they didn't know who I was, why didn't they just shoot me through the windows of that school? Dusty did and a lot of people seem to be on his side, so no issue would arise if they did. Right? Lastly, when I say RP, it means not shootings targets you cannot confirm and re-initiating. I know what happened and Logan did too, we did not know a firefight started so in my mind, it would make sense to simply not shoot unknown targets. If we knew a firefight was going on, why would we continue to stand in the middle of a field? Let alone walk in the middle of the MAIN ROAD and stand in front of the school where everyone can see you! Even if I was lagging, we would've attempted to run into some bushes or behind the rock fence immediately. We aren't dumb players.
  2. I would like to add something in response to Dusty's accusation as well as extra information that I already stated but will restate for clarification purposes. Logan and I clearly did not know a firefight ensued. According to Dusty, he was at the apartment buildings. We could've easily been shot when walking up to the main road and then on the main road to the school, sitting infront of it and then to the field itself. As shown, we were not shot at any other time. Now let's say Dusty coincidentally saw us just as I lagged out into the middle of the field. We posed no threat and just stood about. Its shown right there. From what I was told numerous times by other staff members, it's best to RP than kill even if you have kill rights. Again, we posed 0 threat. Standing in the middle of the field looking at each other yet we were killed anyways.
  3. @Chewy Jade had assisted me in TS in regards to troubles with the video. She helped me very well and from my understanding, she will be uploading the evidence as I cannot as there are numerous complications with this video for some reason when uploading it to YouTube, Imgur, Tumblr, etc. Only option was cutting it down to rough 5 minute clips one after another in Windows Movie Maker from the 22:09 long video.
  4. @Oliv Tried everything in attempts to upload it to YouTube, I will simply just upload it to my google drive instead and go from there. https://gyazo.com/933155caf1b936a3a3daacf1b894bbb3 Here is the time so far.
  5. @Oliv The video is proving to be difficult to upload. It's only 25-28 minutes long but YouTube does not seem to like it. Is there any way I can give it without uploading it to YouTube?
  6. Was sent a PM by Chewy clearing up what a Dynamic Group was. All good now.
  7. So assisting someone at the time makes me part of their dynamic group. Does that still make me part of their dynamic afterward?
  8. Again, what else am I supposed to label them? They aren't enemies and they aren't random people. Logan VanHoy was someone I talked to and helped a few times. If I wasn't contacted by Alex of the situation, we would've parted ways most likely. The other 3 I name off are still OOC friends of mine, IC I still have their radio frequency and they still have mine, they don't exactly want me dead and asked for my help is all but I told them myself and Logan would be medics only. If you could elaborate how naming off people under 'allies' could make me part of someone's dynamic would be great because I do not know what to label them as since they aren't enemies or random people. It'd only make sense to put them under allies.
  9. In response to Dusty's POV: There was a large RP situation where my character had gone 'AWOL' from the Bounty Hunters as confirmed by @TommyGun_and @GrainSack as they were both present at that time. OOC, I may join at some point and it's on the fence but the group isn't official and just because my name is on a roster doesn't mean I am joining or even in 100%. As a matter of fact, my character has been almost alone for roughly 3-5 days straight now and I've been given group offers by 3 other people, still doesn't make me part of their dynamic. That logic there makes no sense. Yes, I do list them as allies because what else am I supposed to label them? They aren't enemies and they sure aren't random people, Alex Menendez was and I think still is leader of the Bounty Hunters along with Bradly Mason. I cannot remember when exactly, but I know I told Mason I left the Bounty Hunters IC along with others who have left and made their own group. OOC I said I would possibly join at a later date so I told him to add my name to the roster and if I make my decision 100% to either remove or keep my name there. By that logic, if you're trying to pin me for nvfl, then a lot of other people should be hit for it too. Just because we hear something may happen doesn't mean it entirely will and shots can always be against zombies. Even if they were from a firefight, the shots did not sound like they came from the apartments as which you state below: And to respond to this statement here: Myself and Logan had no IC or OOC information that led us to believe a firefight was at the time occurring. Quite obviously, we aren't staff so we can't check to see if people are dying already or if people are getting shot nor do I know or see what you know and see so unless I gain telepathic powers, I couldn't have known it was occurring. Even when I approached the school and was in VOIP range, the people you claim are my 'dynamic' also made no attempt to tell me that they were under fire either. Also, the hostile area we were told was Severograd School and everyone who's been to Severograd before knows it's a small jog going east from the town square and as I state for the 3rd or 4th time, the shots rang out towards the dirt/concrete road going to Kamensk Military. The school isn't exactly close nor far. @Chewy My character is all alone Chewy. IC, I am part of no one's dynamic or official group whatsoever. I may help people here and there but that shouldn't make me part of their dynamic if I am going to help them once in a blue moon and one of those moments being at that time.
  10. .Server and location: S1 | East Side of Severograd. Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 11/1/2017 | Between 1:30 - 2:11 Server Time Your in-game name: Masaru Conrad Names of allies involved: Logan VanHoy Name of suspect/s: Dusty (possibly more) Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): Alex Menendez, Bradly Mason, Pastor Clemmens. (Logs and responses will reveal if there were more involved) Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): Video evidence will be provided once it has been uploaded. Detailed description of the events: Upon logging in at Bash (Prison compound north of NW Airfield) I had decided to go ahead and go back to NWAF to loot a bit. Upon arrival, I heard a few suppressed shots so I turned off the music I had playing in the background and listened in for where they were coming from. I then began to run south, down the airfield, and that's where I found Logan VanHoy who I had approached inside one of the hangars and had recognized me. We talked for a bit, made a campfire to warm up as it was raining rather hard and I was drenched and cold. As we talked, my OOC Friends (IC, my character now and Logan are not part of their dynamic or official group(s)) contacted me on the radio about a possible situation that may go down. Something along the lines of killing the Queen of Severograd (Quinn Gray) and holding someone hostage. I told them explicitly that we would not partake in any gunfights or any hostile actions, we would be there as medical personnel only and would leave afterward. But note, at this point Logan and I assume nothing is happening. They never told us if they initiated or if anything went down or if anything was going down as we spoke of what they were planning. A bit later, I then leave the comms and talk to my friend GrainSack about living in the UK (as will show in the video) for a while before entering Severograd. We hear multiple shots but think nothing of it as we suspect people killing zombies, not to mention it sounded like it came from the roads leading to Kamensk Military (Ground Zero). At this point, as will show in the video, I start lagging rather hard but eventually reach the school where they ask "Is that you Masaru??" At this point, my keyboard and mouse and even microphone start acting up and it doesn't pick up some things that I am saying. The little bit of time after they asked if it was me, Masaru, I said "Yeah, it's me guys!" and then proceed to contact them saying "Hellooooo." but due to me lagging, I suppose on their end I was elsewhere. Afterwards, I start lagging out again and eventually get teleported to the middle of the field with Logan where we stand still and talk a bit as I try to RP me lagging by saying "Was I walking this way this entire time?" and if Logan said "Yeah." I would've responded "Must be losing my mind." and tried playing it off as if my psychosis was acting up. But before any of that, Logan was immediately killed and I try running away but lag even more so on Dusty's screen I must've been standing still so then I am immediately killed as well.
  11. Whether or not the same outcome would've happened regardless of the events in between, Cody Husky still is subject to an invalid kill or two along with BadRP from what was posted. (Simply from an opinion standpoint, not a verdict) Not to mention that even though injured may possibly not be required to be RP'd, nonetheless this is an RP Server and from what I see a pretty mildly hardcore one at that. That being said if Cody here was shot multiple times in the leg prior to being tortured with the bullets of whatever metal type still lodged in his leg... Then being tortured and then released, even you should agree @Bubblegum , that does not seem right. Sure you could counter it by saying people get smacked by the undead every day, fall here and there, get shot in firefights and come back feeling healthy as a horse. But I use the same analogy each and every time "If everyone else is drinking Bleach because they say it tastes good, would you do it too?" No, you wouldn't because you'd die from chemical poisoning. In the end (In my opinion and the rest of my group) The radio being found in the grass with the weather conditions being how they were, the lack of RP of injuries even though they were quite severe and then the invalid kill(s) is in our opinion BadRP. Trust me, if we went ahead and did exactly what he did then we would've most likely not be having this convo because it wouldn't even take 2 pages for us to be banned.
  12. @Chewy The video footage G19 has is over 8 hours long. It took over an hour for him to just upload those segments. God knows how long it would take for an 8-hour long session to upload. Even if we were to cut it from where the most important parts were until the end would take less time than uploading the full 8-hours but still a massive amount of time.
  13. [Game] Show your desktop

    Foxes are dope.
  14. Sylva, we had differences before but you're a really chill dude. The closest thing to the military I will ever get is private security or security in general because of uhmm.. *cough* certain reasons *cough*. Not exactly proud of it, but the point I'm trying to make is that you're lucky and I thank you for your service bro. Stay safe out there and make American proud.
  15. Masaru Conrad

    Masaru Conrad - 12/08/1995. Masaru was born in the Yakima Regional Hospital by his 2 parents Kiyanu Conrad and Jared Conrad but he wasn't born like most kids. He, in fact, was diagnosed with autism at a young age due to his mother and father being heavy smokers so a birth defect he was diagnosed with unofficially at a young age was Autism. As he got older it began to show that Masaru had in fact autism and eventually had to deal with the negative feedback he would receive as well as the attention. Barely 7 years old, Masaru had entered the 1st grade of Elementry School at Ridgeview Elementry in hopes that others wouldn't discriminate against him but that hope soon was crushed. Teachers would often ignore him and kids would constantly bully him to the point where they had older kids beat him up. This action going from bad to worse in the passing months, it got so bad police were involved and eventually he was transferred over to private schooling for 'Kids with Special Needs.' He had never liked to be segregated like he was, different school because he was born different. At age 14, Masaru had chosen to run away from his family and schooling due to feeling neglected for who he was or how he was treated; always like a child or like he couldn't defend himself. In reality, Masaru was an extremely smart person and that would soon increase. He was able to build drones and small weapons from absolute scratch, operate small medical operations on his own when needed, and even had perfect vision and a knack for marksman rifles and eventually began secretly going to outdoor gun ranges to improve his grouping and shot until it was almost perfect. Masaru eventually got the attention of the Marines at age 16, even though he was a runaway, he had recruiters find him in a small alleyway and saw potential in him after giving him an unofficial initiation by attempting to pummel him into a pulp in which he countered the 2 highly trained Staff Sergeants and took them both down with ease. This got him an invitation into the Marines and he happily accepted since the way they explained it basically meant a new life for him. Masaru was the youngest recruit ever brought into the Marines since 1942 during WWII. Since he was so clean and under the radar, a lot of his info was forged for the sake of keeping him in and giving him opportunities to be part of the special forces. By the age of 20, he finished top of his class and eventually made his way into MARSOC which is where he was given primary MOS of 0372 as a Critical Skills Operator (CSO) and secondary MOS of 0317 as a Scout Sniper due to him being a crack shot with his designated yet dated rifle; the Mosin Nagant. Masaru was later dispatched to Chernarus under secret circumstances with his small fireteam to investigate the possible threat of chemical and biological warfare. Flying over Chernarus, their helo was shot down and all but 3 survived. He blacked out upon crashing and found himself half-naked on the shores with his jeans and shirt. (MORE TO ADD.)