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  1. Okay I understand why you guys did that thanks for clearing that up for me. So what happened was that Bubba and I both left the same server Braindeadrp I came to dayzrp and he applied for Dayzunderground and got denied I told him he should come to Dayzrp so when he asked me for ideas for his backstory I sent him mine to get some ideas and i realized that's where I went wrong, So after that i asked if i could read his back story before he applied for the server and he only sent me the bottom half which is weird right? I asked him why he did that and he told me the beginning part is boring and left it at that. The next day he tells me he got black listed for copying a backstory and I asked him to send it to me and again he sent me half of it, I convinced him to send me all of it and sure enough its my story, all he did was change a few numbers and rearrange some wording. At this point I was pissed and told him you copied 99% of my backstory no wonder you got banned. Then I get black listed for the same reason and I understand why, I should of never sent him or any my story to get ideas from. I'm willing to start over and make a whole new back story if that what it takes to get rewhitelisted, I really like this server and I love the community and i'd hate not to be apart of it.
  2. Link to the source of punishment (report/post): there was none Why the verdict is not fair: Well I got accepted into the server a week ago and now I get banned today for Coping a backstory and I can assure you that i never copied anyone story I wouldn't of even gotten accepted if that where the case Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: I got accepted into the server using that back story and I'm still using it and when i go to log on today I'm banned for copying a back story, Recently there was a ban appeal for a guy named Bubba ray for copying my back story and the next day I'm banned for the same exact reason.I'd also like to know who's back story I"copied" What would you like to achieve with this appeal: To get unbanned and rewhitelisted What could you have done better?: Honestly I have no clue what I could of done.
  3. Garretts backstory begins at the age of 12 when his dad first took him hunting. Sitting in the deer stand in freezing temperatures while holding a 270 winchester rifle scanning the woods for any movement and that's when he saw it a 10 tipped buck, his dad told him to slow his breathing down and to slowly exhale before taking the shot and with this in mind he propped the gun onto the railing aimed down the scope and slowed down his breathing to a steady pace he put his finger over the trigger and slowly exhaled while squeezing the trigger there was a loud crack of the bullet. he looked up and saw the deer stumble around for a few seconds then it fell. Garretts heart was racing the adrenaline rush was surreal and at this point he was addicted to hunting 5 years passed and Garrett has been all over the world on hunting trips such as Alaska, Canada, Greenland and Texas hunting big game and small game picking up skills along the way but now he decided to travel to chernarus for a hunting trip. It was july 5 when he packed his dad's 270 winchester and a some clothes. nine hours into his flight his plane landed at the air strip. He headed to the black forest and spent several days camping in the wilderness at this point he decided to head back into town. As he approached the nearest town he realized it was dead silent it was like everyone just vanished he walked around the town going into houses searching for signs of life but there was nothing. After hours of searching he saw someone ahead of him, quickly running up to the stranger yelling to get his attention, suddlely the man turned around and let out a screech and started charging at Garrett. Quickly He raised his gun at shot, the man fell to the ground with a thud. Shaking Garrett walked over to the man gun raised. He turned the man over using the barrel of the gun, Garrett nearly screamed when he saw the man's face. It was all rotted and blood was dried on the mouth and the stench was horrible.Garrett left the creature’s body and went back into the woods and now he lives off the land
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