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  1. Daniel was born 5th March 2000 at Czech Republic, Prague. He lived there with his family for 14 years, but when his father passed because of cancer, they moved to the Ostrava. There he went to the high school with specialization on programming and later found a girlfriend named Eliška. As he was the best student in the class, one day he received an e-mail from his head teacher in which it was written: " Dan, I have a great opportunity for you and your future. You'll go to the country Chernarus and show its residents newest technology which could improve their life. They aren't very modern, but I strongly believe that you can make them understand. Of course you don't have to go there, if you don't want to, it's only your call. Marek Kozák, head teacher." And he accepted this opportunity, but before he left, he decided to make a tattoo on his wrist that would remind him of his girlfriend. He chose "Ellie" as he always called her. If he only has knew what would happen there... He arrived in Chernarus on 7th of July 2017, took a bus to Berezino where he got a room in a hotel. It wasn't much, but it was enough. Next day he went to meet up with his team, other people from Czech Republic and one from Poland. Together they went to Novodmitrovsk, where they had their first talk with locals. And that went like this every day until 13rd of July. Daniel woke up that day and streets were filled with soldiers. People were screaming, shouting, some of them crying. And then they started running and soldiers shooting. Daniel couldn't see what they were shooting at. Until 10 "mad people", as he called them when he didn't know what's happening, jumped on 3 soldiers and started biting them, tearing them apart. He react quickly; put a wardrobe and couch in front of doors so no one could enter his room. And then he waited until the streets went quiet and all he could hear was wind blowing through holes in windows frames. He packed up food and other supplies, dressed up and took a baseball bat with which he used to play with his friends/team. And so he went out...