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  1. Donwong

    Ban Appeal

    @Spartan yes I can I was the man with the knight Hemet and red jacket and the guy in the ghille suit is @Fudgey_Man and the guy with the green jacket was @DaMonkeyGod
  2. Link to the source of punishment (report/post): Why the verdict is not fair: because I was on holiday for a week and I could not get on my pc to reply Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: I want away on holiday for a week that why I could not reply to the report and I am sorry for this What would you like to achieve with this appeal: I would like to be unban and I would like to join the community and start roleplaying again What could you have done better?: I could of told the staff that I was going away for a week
  3. Donwong

    S1 BadRP/Metagaming NWAF fire station 9/18/17

    I think they where not talking at all but I don't know because I have my mic and sound when this happened
  4. Donwong

    S1 BadRP/Metagaming NWAF fire station 9/18/17

    I don't really know his name I think its luke skinner
  5. Donwong

    S1 BadRP/Metagaming NWAF fire station 9/18/17

    ok we where on the airfield and me and me and my 3 friend where walk about the airfield until we seen this guy so we wanted to rob him so I said in voice chat hand up or you will die to the man and then we told him to go into the fire station and we robbed him but when we where robbing him I was talking to him but my friend where not talking I do not know why Sorry do not have any evidence
  6. Don Wong he is 20 year old and he was born in Scotland but his family is from china Don Wong is a friendly and Strong person that try to help anyone that is in need. He always want to join the RAF and become a pilot and fly all over the world but Don Wong did not have the right qualification to become a pilot so he join the RAF at the age of 18 year old on the July 5th 2015 as a crew gunner he though that one day he could become a pilot if he want in the RAF long enough. 2 year later Don Wong has been in the RAF for 2 year he is a door gunner for a search and rescue helicopter. The UK government hears about a outbreak in the middle east so don Wong and his crew where sent down to a place called Chernarus
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