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  1. Kevin Gilbert

    Kevin had a rough start to his life, his mother had passed away when he was 7, he still remembers what she looked like to this day. His father got caught up with drugs and had no other choice but to leave Kevin by a gas station just outside Zelenogorsk. Kevin stayed there for a good 5 hours waiting for his father to come back, but little did he know his dad had already left through Grozovy pass and was in South Zagoria, never to be seen again. It was a struggle to pay for food and drinks and find a place to stay for Kevin, most of the time he would find himself begging on the side of the streets for someone to give him a ruble or two. People would look and instead of helping him would turn aside or mutter under their breaths horrid things about what he looked like. On the inside, Kevin could never stop thinking about his parents and what happened to them, almost making him go crazy, thinking he could see his mother right there in front of him. Kevin still got the chance to go to school, but maybe only two times a week, he only had a couple of friends as they understood what pain and suffering Kevin was going through, everyone else would bully him. Kevin was surprisingly kind to the people he would meet, helping them, gaining their respect. It was only a matter of time that Kevin would have to start paying for equipment for school, making it harder for him to just scrape enough money to buy some food. He thought to himself, if he was going to survive he would have to start stealing from other people. Sooner than later he got caught by the police and was sentenced to a year in jail. He didn’t mind being in jail, as he actually had a place to sleep and some protection from the weather. The only problem was there was no room for comfort, being tightly packed into a small jail cell was not Kevin’s cup of tea. The year passed by quickly and Kevin had turned 17, only part of his former self. He met a few other homeless people at a small bar in the center of Zelenogorsk, he asked them if they could help him by giving him a place to stay, even a dustbin would suit Kevin’s needs. They took him to a small alleyway about a 2 minute walk from the bar, where they had a couple of sleeping bags and a few barrels to store their water and some food inside. This wasn’t as good as the jail cell he thought to himself, but it’d do for now. A few days had passed as Kevin grew to know the people around him pretty well, they were all happy, not one of them was upset. They all cared for each other and never disagreed. They all agreed on saving up their money for a few years until they could afford to pay for a place to stay, even if it was just a single room. 5 years had passed and Kevin and his 3 friends had earned enough to stay in a small apartment just outside of Zelenogorsk, taking a small bus into the city every day to try and make some money. They were the only homeless people in zelenogorsk, but they surprisingly had a good reputation due to being nice to everyone. They continued doing this until 9 years later, where they had heard about people that had been infected with an odd type of virus in the north of chernarus. They decided to stay as they new that it would take a while to get to them, that’s if it were to spread. Days passed by and people had started to leave the city in their vehicles with their loved ones. Only a few people stayed behind, the ones that had ill family members or couldn’t make the move out of the country. Even more news about how there are millions of people infected moving down south in swarms, clearing towns and cities, infecting more and more people. The only places left without any signs of infection were Chernogorsk, Elektrozavodsk, and Zelenogorsk, along with plenty of towns on the coast. This started to make Kevin worry, he didn’t know where any of the safe zones were, so him and his small group of friends decided to take their supplies and minimal amount of clothing and move up into the forests, where they would be miles away from any sign of life. Leaving their past behind they moved out from Zelenogorsk towards the north west, Kevin and his friends knew how to make a small shelter out of wood, they used some of their supplies as a cover from the rain. Now the only thing they could do now is wait, see if anyone comes to save them from the hell that has entered the world.
  2. Long short the last time I was trying to sign up was around 2-3 months ago and I didn't realise I had already tried to sign up 4 times before. So today I tried applying again and I miss clicked on one of the questions and clicked on next. Little did I know I had clicked on the wrong answer, what can I do now as it says I am no longer able to apply again?
  3. Is there anything I can do to change my application?

    Thanks dude appreciate the instant response!
  4. I accidently put the age of my character as 12 instead of 21, would that make much of a difference in getting white listed?