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  1. Steven Jones

    My mother, Emily Ivanov, was a very kind woman. She had a big heart and would always be there for anyone. She was born in a small town in Chernarus called Girshino, in a poor family with two sisters. When she grew up her wish was to move to USA and find her soulmate, get her own child and live a good life with her own family. She started to help people in the small town for some change. The day she turned eighteen she decided to make her move and travel to the country of dreams, America. She settled down in a very small apartment and lived there with a minimal income from a small grocery store down the street. One day when she was at work she got in contact with this tall and handsome man. His name was Harry Jones. He seemed to be a very kind man, just like herself. He was a former soldier in the american army, and he was now running his own industrial company. They started talking and after a while he asked her if she would like to have a cup of coffee. The same night they went out, and had the time of their life. It's crazy, how two soulmates can meet. After two years toghether I was born. My name is Steven Jones but my friends just call me Jones. I was born April 1st, year 1993 in New York. When I was younger I was a hyper little guy who loved to run around and find new exciting things to do. I was very fascinated in the world and wanted to travel around the globe, that was my biggest dream. Me and my friends would always play soldiers and pretend we were traveling the world and protecting countries at war. Time went on like it always does, and I got older and older. I had grown up, I was no longer a little child. At this time I was training to become a marine in the american army. The training was really difficult and it felt like it took much longer then it did. When I was done with training I was moved to serve in Afghanistan. My mission was to protect towns from attacks. I served in Afghanistan for 7 months. At that time I had no contact with my parents. We did send mail once or twice but it really wasn't like talking to them in person. When my service was done and I was going home I felt really proud of myself and my team, I couldn't believe we made it. We were all very happy at the way home, everyone was laughing and talking. But everything I could think about was my parents and the look on their faces when I come home... alive. Thats when everything took a fast turn for me and for my life. There was this guy calling my name "Jones! You got a phone call!" I was thinking "Could it be them?" I was moving towards the phone. And the man told me "It's your father". I was excited. I hadn't talked to him in so long. I picked up the phone and with a happy voice I said "Hey.. father?''. But I wasn't ready for what was going to happen. "Hello son". He said with a low voice. "What's wrong?" I asked. "It's your mother.. She was in a car accident last night". I panicked and almost shouted out "But everything is fine.. right?!". He was quiet for a while that seemed like forever. Then he said "She passed away this morning in the hospital". I got completely heartbroken and I hang up. When the car stopped I just started to run. I did not know where I was going but could not think straight. I just ran, and ran, and ran... After a while, I calmed down. I remember I thought.. "How could this happen? It's not possible.. My mother can't be gone.. She was supposed to always be there". I didn't know what to do anymore, I was lost. I was thinking for a while, and suddenly I remembered that she had told me that she wanted us to go to her home country so she could show us where she came from. When I got home I started to think about whats needed for the travel. In the morning of June 28 - 2017 I arrived to Krasnostav Airstrip. I stayed in Karmanovka, it was the only place I had money to live in. I was going to keep on my travel but I decided to stay here for a while, since the calmness of the city made me feel better. I knew that the country was a very dangerous place to be in, but I had to do it for my mother. One day it all broke loose, a diease that no one can explain. The ones who got sick were just called infected by the people. But I called them the living dead. Some days have gone into the invasion and it's spreading fast. I have to seek cover. While i'm moving I hear two girls walking along the road. I didnt know what to think really, they could be infected. I haven't really seen one of them up close. I walked closer and closer, and I suddenly heard them have a conversation with eachother. By then I understood they had not gotten sick yet. I walked up to them slowly.. I greeted from a distance. They got scared and turned around. I told them there was nothing to be scared about. I asked them if they had any food because I had not been eating for a long time. They gave me an apple, then I knew they were friendly. Their names were Alex Cooper and Ellie Cooper, sisters. We decided to team up and stick toghether in this chaos. So, we moved on to find something to eat and somewhere to sleep at night. Time went on and the relation between us just got stronger and stronger. Ellie was like my own sister, and I cared so much about her. There was a special connection between me and Alex. I haven't really felt this way before. Her eyes were so beautiful. Still, I don't know if it's possible to find love in a horrible world like this. All our focus, must go to surviving.