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  1. My name is Henry Wulf I am 26 years old born and raised in NY, NY my parents died when i was young and I was an only child. As I went through foster care I had few friends and others referred to me as a lone wolf type until i turned 18 after i left and eventually joined the united states army where I was taught how to work with a team to get the job done however i still remained as the type to go it alone. Working my way through the ranks i ended up as a First Lieutenant in the 160th SOAR (A). I was sent in with the US army to the city of Chernogorsk as part of the containment effort. A couple of days after arrival my squad was patrolling the streets when we came under attack by the infected. During the battle my team died and I was bitten. Rather than return to base and maybe get killed I decided to hold out in a house and kill as many infected as possible.