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  1. Link to the source of punishment (report/post): Why the verdict is not fair: My first point is that I was not given the opportunity to carry this role play on, I was planning on every so often playing my character as a frequent drug user, but was not given the chance to do so. I would also like to disagree with a made point on my final verdict which reads: "nor the habits of a person on drugs." I am disagreeing with this as each and every recreational drug can make everyone act in a different manner, I have not personally done drugs that would induce a reaction even close to the one I was portraying through the use of my character but I have been included in situations where people have. This means I have some knowledge on how some drug users would react - I based my role play mainly around the effects of a drug called "DMT" this is a very hard drug that induces hallucinations and can 'transport users to another world'. That being the reason why my character would have used the drug to escape the fucked up world in which he lives in. I also believe that I was not an immersion breaking distraction as I was not bothering people who were already in a rp situation, all the sits I was included were newly started, Yes players may have been able to see what I was doing out the corner of their eye but they could have ignored me - whats the difference between them seeing what i was doing and them seeing two people talking? I was also never told I was breaking rules or personally annoying anyone through OOC. I would see trolling as going up in random peoples faces and saying nasty thing to provoke a reaction or purposely blocking doorways without saying anything and not moving; not just an attempt at unexpected role playing. As well concerning the issue of me not going into teamspeak and discussing the sit, I did, I went into teamspeak and went into the waiting for staff channel and raised the issue about my report to the staff to which I was told that I should wait till the review team to make their final verdict. I was not given the chance to discuss the nature of the report. Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: I understand that I may have not been as mature as I should have been at points, but I believe this is due to me just getting too caught up in the situation. If you just look at my profile you could see that I have put effort into doing things such as writing entries, these should show that im not on the server to troll, im wanting the role play. As well as this I would like to point out that I never said I was portraying a character with mental illness as insinuated in the report, I have been surrounded with many mentally ill people and I know how horrible it can be for a person to have them. I know people perceive things differently its just something I wanted to point out. I would also like to add that I do not believe I need to be apart of a mentor program as I have previously co-owned a ArmA 3 role play server and have been involved in many different rp situations - I am just not used to playing a drug user and will not do so again. What would you like to achieve with this appeal: To be re-whitelisted instead of having to re apply - as I understand the things I have done wrong and will not carry them out again. I am willing to wait out the entire length of my ban, I just wouldnt like to have to get whitelisted again as I enjoy the character I am playing as and dont want to go through the stages to again. What could you have done better?: I could have made sure to keep everything I did mature and made sure I didn't laugh at points, making it seem like I wasnt taking it seriously. I would like to thank you for your time taken to read this and make a decision, I hope you understand the points I have made and I would like to discuss any that would be needed to on the server TeamSpeak. Many Thanks - DavidTaigh
  2. DavidTaigh

    S2: Trolling In Cherno - 18/08/2017 around 21:20

    I'm sorry that my RP bothered you, i assume we are in different time zones, but ill make sure im on the TeamSpeak as much as i can be tomorrow, ill be under the name "DavidTaigh - Taigh Smith", as long as i am not set as away i should be fine to be dragged into a channel where we can discuss what happened.
  3. DavidTaigh

    S2: Trolling In Cherno - 18/08/2017 around 21:20

    My POV: I wake up in cherno after a long night and head my way down to the coast, this is where i see some people congregating outside a pub, I end up speaking to a fireman. I went out on the look for a tyre when I start to have a panic attack. "I can't take this anymore" I mutter to myself; remembering the fucked up world around me, I wanted an escape. Them I remember some drugs that I had been traded the previous night, so I take them. All I can remember is I find a tyre, my head is filled with the story of a film called "Castaway" which was the last film I had watched before the world went to shit. So i called my new tyre Wilson, like the ball in the movie. I cant remember any other events until the drugs started to slowly wear off and I was told to leave town and dont come back till I am sober, which I did. Side note: Don't understand what I have done wrong here. I wouldn't perceive this as trolling, I was just role playing. Is it an offence to role play in an unexpected way? I was rping that my character couldn't take the fucked up world around him and had to find an "escape" so to speak. If i was told that i was breaking rp at any point through OOC I would have stopped, I was told that I had to leave the town - in rp - so I did. I do not have any recording of the situation as I did not see it as fail rp. I seemed to be entertaining the people around me as well as myself, and didnt see myself as a "retard kid". I am open to coming into TeamSpeak and discuss the issue but i am not free now to do so, so I will tomorrow if needed.
  4. So yeah I am new here, well i have been playing for 2 days now but still very new to the community. But the 2 days I have played have been very fun, I hope to meet some of you in server and have some fun interactions. You can check out my profile, I have already put a couple of journal entries up and would love to have some feedback and advice. Thank you all, hope to see you in character, Taigh Smith
  5. Thank you for the feedback, I have taken it into consideration, just posted my second entry and included some pictures like you said, ones taken in the server as well. Once again thank you Thank you as well for the feedback, i made sure to split up the sentences in my second entry that I just posted. It is written in a 1st person perspective from the character I play as. Thanks for the kind and helpful words!
  6. Written 14th August 2017 Today was a long day, I am currently sat round a campfire listening to the silence of the night echoing through the masses of woods surrounding me. I started off my day back in Elektrozavodsk at the beginnings of the camp, still with no sign of my new friend. I began scavenging for more supplies to help build up the camp. I ended up finding a 20L Gasoline Canister that i took back to the camp, I was going to fill with water to keep a bigger supply and to water a larger amount of my crops. I quickly went back out searching leaving the camp all alone. But when I returned the gas can and fertiliser I had kept were gone, this put my feelings on edge... A while later I heard a sedan passing through town, I ran over to the main road and waved to the car. It brang itself to a stop in-front of me and 3 heavily geared guys hopped out guns rearing. Before I got a word out I was clocked in the face with a buttstock of a shotgun. I fell to the ground with a loud thump, I cannot remember anything after that point. I later awoke next to to a house, the guys had stripped me of all my useful supplies, leaving me with only my clothes and my journal. I made my way along a dirt road to a small town and started gearing up, I quickly found myself a backpack and a hatchet which I used to make my fire. I am planning on heading to green mountain after hearing rumors of civilisation there. I will share my story with others along with the plans for my camp. I hope I will find my friend again and will make some new friends who can help me set up the camp. I will also show them the Polaroid pictures I have I have of the current camp that I tucked away in the journal. Signed, Taigh Smith
  7. Written 13th August 2017 This is my first entry so I guess this is where the story of my survival starts - just don't expect this to be a regular thing, I only write when im in the mood too. My day started in a place i believe is translated to "Berezino" (Im not very good with Chernorussian or whatever). But I swiftly made my way down to Elektrozavodsk. I used to go visiting there with my family on shopping trips. I didn't meet a single soul on my way there, but I was heading there as I thought it would be a good place to set up a camp; a camp for others to come and survive in a community, maybe the place where society is rebuilt? But besides that when I got there I went scavenging and I quickly found some farming tools as well as tomato seeds, which lead to me making a tomato patch in the middle of the town. While still looking around town I heard the distant voices of others so I made my way towards them, I then found myself in front of two well built looking males. I told them about the camp I was trying to build and offered them some of the tomatoes. One of the men left as he was meeting one of his friends that he was speaking to on the radio and they headed up north - but the other stayed with me. We spoke about our past and scavenged the town together for more supplies to help start off the camp. I ended up sharing the two chicken breasts I had been saving for a special occasion with him, we sat round a fire and ate together. After a few more hours of scavenging he said he was tired so we headed back to camp where he went to bed. I stayed up for a while making sure the close proximity was clear before i eventually headed to sleep. I covered the two doors of the military tent we were staying in with nearby debris and rolled down the windows. But when I awoke I found my friend had left. I will continue to build up the camp, I just hope he returns some time soon. Signed, Taigh Smith
  8. I am a male 32 years of age, called Taigh. I was an originally English entrepreneur, I made most of my money through Foreign Exchange trading and invested money wisely in big companies. By the time I was 22 I was a multi-millionaire and wanted to move out of England to some place that was quiet. I had met my wife in Russia while visiting with a couple of friends, I soon payed for her to move to England as she wanted to further learn the English language. When I heard of the russian speaking country Chernarus in 2009 following the civil war I thought it was a perfect place for my wife and I to move and create a family - so we moved there just after my 23rd birthday. We soon moved to a small town called Staroye located in the country and thats where we had our first (and what would be our only) child "JIbb". I found it very hard to find work as I knew very little Russian but my wife was teaching me, so I ended up taking up hunting as a keen hobby and spent a lot of time doing this. This taught me a lot of weapon knowledge and experience - that unbeknownst at the time would help me a lot later on in life. Fast forward 7 years to 2017, Jibb had been in the education for 3 years now; going to a school in Elektrozavodsk. This was also around the time of the Martial Law crisis that soon lead to the downfall of the country. Me, my wife and our beloved son were out walking one day when Jibb decided to run into a nearby forest, he came back bleeding and screaming that there was a strange man in the woods that had bit him. That's when it all first kicked in for me that the world was going to shit. My son became infected and later turned. It was so hard to let him go, I will never forget the day I had the barrel of my hunting repeater pressed against his head and had to squeeze the trigger. Me and my wife stayed posted up in our house barely getting past everyday, then once during the night we heard gunshots outside. We thought it would be best if we fled the house and snuck out the back. There was two sick twisted men waiting outside for us, they captured my wife while she screamed for me just too run. Two weeks have passed since I last saw her and I am hoping she is still alive I will never stop searching for her.