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  1. I've even been to the airstrip and I haven't found a single soul :c
  2. I made it guys don't worry, its pending approval thanks for the encouragement!
  3. Born in Seattle Washington, Clarke Bentley always wanted to help people. Through his life, he always tried to help people in need. Clarke attended medical school at Pennsylvania University. The infection spread to America shortly after his education and he had to handle infected patients with little experience. As time passed and people died Clarke had enough, he had to stop the disease once and for all. Clarke began his journey to Chernarus because to fix a problem for good, you have to go to the source. Objectives: Find the source of the infection. Help everyone. I must also remember to stand up for my self as well.
  4. Pressures on, shows me this server really is worth it. I'll study harder than I did in class.
  5. It was both lore questions. I always mess up dates in history classes now I messed it up when it really matters... RIP.
  6. Thanks, I guess I will. I was just hoping to get into the game tonight so I'm just salty.
  7. I got lore questions wrong... I didn't know it would ban me for 4 hrs As a kid I was introduced to role play by my beloved cousin and dear friend. we "played pretend" up into our teenage years and now we make movies and have a great laugh together. I've recently purchased dayz (I have about 24 hours of gameplay) and I want to learn in a more familiar environment and actually have FUN in dayz (weird right?) I hope to get in soon, I'll be taking the test again as soon as I am ready. I'm just sick of feeling like I am wasting time looting up on pvp servers only to get sniped. I am super excited to join this community.