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  1. Vlad Belinsky was born in Moscow Russia. When he was a baby his parents took him and his brother to Portsmouth in the United Kingdom. They moved to quite a russian part of the neighbourhood and grew up in a rough environment. His parents were very traditonal Russian and had thick accents, passing them onto their children. Vlad and his brother Arytom went to the same school in portsmouth but Vlad was in the year above. They got into many fights as they were in a rough part of the city and had to defend themselves. Vlad's parents were both cornershop owners and didn't have that much money to spend on the two children, surviving on what they had and budgeting. As Vlad grew older he wanted to become a labourer and so did his little brother. They both ended up going to the same construction school doing brick laying, they barely ever got into fights with each other as they had a good relationship as they both needed to survive with their abusive alcoholic parents. As they finished construction school they both went their separate ways and moved to different parts of the UK, vlad got a job doing brick laying in the south west not earning too much money. Somehow, Vlad and his brother both had the chance of getting a contract in Chernarus where they would be brick laying in berezino. It was a well paid contract to vlad's surprise and wanted to go without hesistation. They both made their way to heathrow airport and got a long flight ahead to Chernarus. They made their way to chernarus and got a bus to berezino where they started their jobs. Vlad had his own, cheap apartment in berezino and his brother Arytom did too. News spread of the infection fast. One day, an old fat granny busted into Vlad's apartment and tried biting him, using his initive vlad got a kitchen knife and threw it at the infected's head, it died instantly. Vlad panicked and didn't know what to do in his old cheap apartment, he could hear infected outside. Arytom saved him, they moved west and survived in the woods.