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  1. Sergei Jackson

    Born in 1986 to a Anthony Jackson and Ayleta Totoskyi, his mother would return to Chernarus after his father decided to move to Chernarus with his new love, though to Ayleta’s dismay Anthony and her would end up separating soon after leaving Sergei fatherless at the age of 2. After spending many years with his younger step-sister Katya and his mother ,Sergei would join the CDF as a rifleman in 2004, becoming a average footman , he would be a grunt with a decent comprehension of military tactics but he is no Patton. Shortly before 2008-9 Sergei was promoted to a junior sergeant placing 4 men under his immediate command though they would not experience any real proper combat until the civil war, meaning his rank was only ceremonious. Sergei and his squad were stationed nearby Berenzino on surviving only due to their stationing at a roadblock, this prompted Sergei to order his group of now five men to quickly head south to meet up with the rest of the platoon , though this order didn’t follow through, as the situation around them dissolved, soldiers and civilian refugees turning into rabid monsters ended up with two of his men to fall, ordering his two remaining to find the rest of the platoon and radio them if possible. This left only Sergi and the squad’s support gunner returning to Stary , where his mother lived encountering Many infected who they avoided to the best of their ability , reaching Stary was a lost hope to Sergei rationalising that his mother and sister would have had the sense to leave their home for safty , this and he had a job to do, he and the second member would change directions homing towards Cherno.
  2. Hello.

    Hello everyone, It seems this is the place to introduce myself, My name is Titan , and i'm a 19 year old university student who's training in game conceptual art and 3d design (Game character modeling ect.) stemming from my passion of gaming obviously, i've played games since my dad built our first family computer in 2003 , and now i've had my own PC tower for about 8 years (Yes same motherboard and CPU , but edited internals) and it's served me well so far. I'm not entirely gifted with belching out information in long paragraphs so i will just say i've not RP'd in a voice'd environment before but i will try my best , Most of my prior RP experience been done in Text form , DnD, MMOs ect. I hope i'll get along here