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  1. Teamspeak and Discord

    I've personally never had the issues stated above to do with Discord, but the community uses TS3 for the most part so i think it would not be a good idea to make the switch. unless there's some glaring issue with teamspeak I see no reason to switch just yet.
  2. The landlord of my flat has not provided me the bank details i've requested to pay them their months worth of rent, and refuses to Text me back to acknowledge that i'm still staying in their accommodation. And now i'm sitting here wondering what the hell they're playing at.
  3. What was your first roleplay community?

    My First ever RP community came from WoW, SW:Tor and more Recently ESO , this server is the first one which I've used my voice in RP instead of Text driven RP.
    1. Josei


      It's because you like playing me.

    2. Titan_


      Or i'm just sad

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    4. Josei


      Pfft. I always runs off leaving you anyway. 

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  4. S1 North-West Airfield Invalid Kill

    Sergei's POV: Sergei was passing through the North west airfield just grabbing ammo for his AK-47 while on his way towards Myskino , he came across a man who was wearing a bike helmet and was attracting alot of attention with his un-suppressed AKS, he'd stand and wait for hte man to notice him who would then say hello, sergei would say hello back and they would end up walking down the airfield , Sergei making his way out while sticking close to the guy, after Sergei explained he was retired military the man was chased into a barracks by a infected, and Sergei followed to take care of the infected, once delt with Sergei holstered his pistol to pick up some Tuna from the floor and when he turned to show the new "Friend" he made he shot him directly in the face
  5. S1 North-West Airfield Invalid Kill

    I will post after i've had my dinner. Promise
  6. S1 North-West Airfield Invalid Kill

    I'm not good at long posts, but i can put my POV if that would help
  7. Server and location: EU1 , Northwest Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 2017-09-04, 13:23 Your in game name: Sergei Jackson Names of allies involved: non Name of suspect/s: Gator (Unknown last) Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): N/a Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): non Detailed description of the events: I met a guy at the Airfield, walked with him for a bit he then drew his gun after i offered him food and shot me in the head twice, i didn't get a chance to even hear what he was saying , if he even was initiating
  8. The Establishment of a Community [CLOSED]

    *A Garbled static would whine over the frequency before it settles, allowing a voice to project over the said frequency* "Těší mě" *the static would return before he spoke once more* "This is Sergei Jackson receiving your transmission" *He'd take his finger off the Push to talk for a moment before his voice would return* "I would like to inquire ,Ano..I would meet with you mister David....Děkuji"
  9. Describe your latest RP with a GIF

    Surprising people with wolfmeat and water
  10. Sergei Jackson

    Born in 1989 to a Thomas Jackson and Ayleta Totoskyi, his mother would return to Chernarus after his father decided to move to Chernarus with his new love, though to Ayleta’s dismay Thomas and her would end up separating soon after leaving Sergei fatherless at the age of 6 After spending many years with his younger step-sister Katya and his mother ,Sergei would join the CDF as a Tank driver in 2004, passing the basic training right after bootcamp , he would be a with a decent comprehension of military tactics often consulting with the commanding officer of his T-72, but he is no Patton. Shortly before 2008-9 Sergei was promoted to a junior sergeant placing 4 men under his immediate command though they would not experience any real proper combat until the civil war, meaning his rank was only ceremonious. Sergei would later leave the armed forces to join the police force, feeling like his military career was heading no where. Sergei and his squad were stationed nearby Berenzino on surviving only due to their stationing at a roadblock, this prompted Sergei to order his group of now five men to quickly head south to meet up with the rest of the platoon , though this order didn’t follow through, as the situation around them dissolved, soldiers and civilian refugees turning into rabid monsters ended up with two of his men to fall, ordering his two remaining to find the rest of the platoon and radio them if possible. This left only Sergi and his police patrol partner returning to Stary , where his mother lived encountering Many infected who they avoided to the best of their ability , reaching Stary was a lost hope to Sergei rationalizing that his mother and sister would have had the sense to leave their home for safety , this and he had a job to do, he and the second member would change directions homing towards Cherno.
  11. Hello.

    Hello everyone, It seems this is the place to introduce myself, My name is Titan , and i'm a 19 year old university student who's training in game conceptual art and 3d design (Game character modeling ect.) stemming from my passion of gaming obviously, i've played games since my dad built our first family computer in 2003 , and now i've had my own PC tower for about 8 years (Yes same motherboard and CPU , but edited internals) and it's served me well so far. I'm not entirely gifted with belching out information in long paragraphs so i will just say i've not RP'd in a voice'd environment before but i will try my best , Most of my prior RP experience been done in Text form , DnD, MMOs ect. I hope i'll get along here