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    1. Corry


      abit different from this

      probs not high of his face when he covered that 

  2. Can't say I saw that one coming.

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    The Legion

    What the fuck. Are fidget spinners your currency?
  4. I have no idea what to say about logs, seeing as apparently my logs for the emotes made during the video aren't even in there. However I know I took the coin from a sleeping man in the passenger seat of a Sedan on a trip to Staroye Military base yesterday. Not exactly sure who it was, however when we were speaking in vehicle chat both of us made emotes. But apparently you havent been able to find those and thus my point is moot. I stated that what I believed was VDV has initiated I don't recall saying Dew initiated specifically as I don't even know which character was his. As for the allies they were with me when we arrived. I had no knowledge of where they had been taken during the event's as I was not asking over radio other wise I would have had to say something in front of the 2 VDV men next to me. The 4th member crashed prior to this and was still in queue, but as it was my first time traveling with these people I had no idea who he was OOC'ly.
  5. https://gyazo.com/736840095430680935d8b29bf329aeda A bunch of Military guys walking into a market and then pulling people out one by one seemed like a "raid" to me. It's just a phrase. Happened to get a screenshot after the crash
  6. https://gyazo.com/290606d9b9309955b061ee528fa1e44a Given that I had the video from the session before my crash I would have uploaded that. However as I said afterwords. I would post my video when it happens. However I didn't have the video of the session prior to my crash as Plays.TV has a habit of not saving unless you exit the game correctly. Hence why I wouldnt try to argue a point without evidence of it happening. I said CDF soldiers were talking about the executions. And we were in Kovars Market when you pulled me aside and started showing your Military ID's around, searching their tent.
  7. To quote the incident in the CDF camp 20 minutes prior to this. CDF Soldiers talking about how they don't trust the "Ruskies" and saying that they werent going to let anymore civilians be executed by them anymore. So in my characters interpretation he wasn't going to trust a bunch of Russians who had just raided a civilian market.
  8. The lead up to this is as stated in OP's post. However I had a total of five men with me if you include myself. I took a risk and traded with 2 of you while another one of my people talked with yours down the road to my right. The Challenge coin was taken off a man I pickpocketed while in Staroye earlier while in a Sedan. I couldnt manage to get his CAC card and hence did not have one. I may have been wrong taking that as an initiation, however I did not powergame, nor did I NVFL based on numbers, and due to the fact that had the server caught up with the shot I had made the second man would have died instantly just as the first. But none the less, I dont know where to go from there. http://plays.tv/video/599381e23e39aef9b3/no-chest-
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    Please don't hate me...

  10. JakeWalford

    Ask the LMs about the Lore!

    I too enjoy stirring the pot just to make people argue. It's totally not as if we have the lore written out for us and we all just want to be special snowflakes that stand out among everyone else for ___ reason. Don't worry everyone, I'm sure you can write yourselves into the lore as an important figure who contributed far more than you actually did. Worked out so well for that "Father" guy didn't it? <3
  11. JakeWalford

    "S2: BadRP/"OOC Hate"? in Cherno Docks - 02/01/2016 00:20"

    She said she never spoke to us in character when our car broke down. And then later said that when we spoke she had just woken up. I called her out on this in which she then attempted to argue that I was in some way harassing her for her nationality or something. Which makes even less sense considering my character is the leader of the anti-nationalist party. We then asked her why they would take hatchets to our car when we were scavenging for parts, but she said she never knew about a car in town even. Immediately after saying she never knew the car was ours. It was just a bunch of back and forth that lead nowhere and eventually we left after being called back to camp.
  12. JakeWalford

    "S2: BadRP/"OOC Hate"? in Cherno Docks - 02/01/2016 00:20"

    The Deception from Joules' character is her lying to us in character. I have no idea why she would bu it's IC'ly so I don't personally care. The NATO mention was saying that she should return to them if she wishes to have armed guards acting under any authority. The CDF are acting like this to a person who denied us supplies in the past, and destroyed a car we were using, resulting in the death of one of our members we were rushing to a hospital in Chernogorsk. Allies: @Autumn @marianosvc Other's I am unaware to be frank. Was in 2 TS's and communicating with the Firefight in the UN Encampment at the time.
  13. JakeWalford

    "S2: BadRP/"OOC Hate"? in Cherno Docks - 02/01/2016 00:20"

    These are all IC things, our group has been getting rid of foreign administration in South Zagoria. We had previous encounters with you, and had your video any audio it would catch your character lying to us twice in which we called your character out on. Once again this is all In Character. I dont understand what I'd have to explain.
  14. JakeWalford

    "S2: BadRP/"OOC Hate"? in Cherno Docks - 02/01/2016 00:20"

    I do not have footage. Didn't feel the need to record during this.
  15. JakeWalford

    Černaruská Republika [CR] - Chernarussian Lore Faction - Open Recruitment

    We haven't initiated on any civilians to this day actually, but ok. You guys were also asked if you wanted to leave to provide hostile RP elsewhere, we didn't kick you out. Either way, good luck out there, lets all just RP these things out.
  16. JakeWalford

    Černaruská Republika [CR] - Chernarussian Lore Faction - Open Recruitment

    Well, the civilians staying at our camps would disagree. The NATO members we are co-opting with would disagree. The VDV Soldiers we are co-operating with to stabilize the region would disagree. We aren't following any orders from the VDV, they are in this country to help the CDF and are acting as such. The Russians want to go home too, they have families and lives back there. The CDF are accomplishing their directives especially as of late, and I have no idea how that could be perceived as otherwise. I feel as though the person who left our group after having never been in game with us, and only acted on his own has very little idea of how the group works internally, but thats just me. Either way, for those of you who dont understand why on Earth the CDF would be working with someone on which both of their governments have asked to help please go re-read the lore. There's no invasion, there is only co-operation with an ally.
  17. JakeWalford

    "S2: BadRP/"OOC Hate"? in Cherno Docks - 02/01/2016 00:20"

    I was escorted to the Docks by Samti's character from our camp in Cherno after we asked around for any U.N and U.S Embassy workers as we were asking them to leave to Miroslavl in the next 24 hours. When we arrived my character talked with the Ambassador about a previous scenario that occurred. I stepped off and then smoked a cigarette while the privates harassed her I talked with Samti's Character about his political career. My character acting as though the men weren't harassing her as to let them "Have some fun." After a long firefight. I then spoke to her again where she lied IC'ly a few times, I called her character out for it and then tried to push her over the dock. We talked some more and we then left as a situation had transpired at our camp.
  18. JakeWalford

    "S2: BadRP/"OOC Hate"? in Cherno Docks - 02/01/2016 00:20"

    This was an event that transpired after giving the U.N a similar ultimatum. None of this is OOC based.
  19. JakeWalford

    Calling all active local officers in the South Zagoria area [EMERGENCY POLICE FREQUENCY]

    *He would press his PTT speaking into his radio.* "I'm not exactly sure who this is, or why you are masquerading as a police officer, nor am I aware of why you would be instructing civilians not to go to a safe place created by the, let me say this right. Literal fucking government of Chernarus, but this is exactly something I would expect of the disorganized mess that is now the United Nations and their compatriots. If you are who you say you are, re-enlist with a government official. If not, you are a civilian." *He would release his PTT.*
  20. JakeWalford

    VDV Contact Frequency (73.7)

    *He would press his PTT responding.* "The CDF will be attending this meeting, good luck out there." *He would release the PTT*
  21. *Advel would take the radio from his COMMS officer pressing the PTT he would speak.* "I'm not sure what the fuck you are talking about, and quite frankly your call for uprising is worrying to the general populace. As such the CDF will be looking for the source of these broadcasts in order to shut down these uncalled for terrorist inciting messages. The Russians are here in order to help us secure our state in times of need. They have been a help to our country, and will continue to do so with the co-operation of our two governments. Anyone who is able to bring this man to us will be rewarded. Also a quick reminder. This is not your shitty western country. We have different laws here, and our noble local populace abides by them. do the same or be punished accordingly." *He would release the PTT returning to his men.*
  22. Kill tbh, too much Pink Hat. <3
  23. I'm not saying you manipulated audio. I'm saying there's points where people are clearly talking in TS based on the heard responses yet neither you or the man next to you spoke in game.