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  1. I love the 100 people on a server but if the server can't handle 100 then I'm down for 80. I think it's reasonable enough
  2. grab your sun block and sun glasses it's back!
  3. I like this. Good luck with everything
  4. @Mademoiselle I enjoyed the RP from the tarot card readings especially how clear and well spoken you were with explaining to my character what it was and how it all works
  5. Server and location: S1 - Green Mountain Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 05:04 1/31/2019 Your in game name: Clark Jackson Names of allies involved: @akabrock Name of suspect/s: A Demon. Yellow Armband. John something but logs will show who shot Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): None Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): Detailed description of the events: Me and @akabrock were hanging out in GM not doing much and I see some people questioning a Demon who was wearing a yellow armband. We approach him and people start questioning him about who he is and what hes about. After a little bit of chatting he moves to go sit down and some of us follow to keep talking to him as we were not done. I walk up next to them to see what he has to say and as it gets more heated with some others asking for his weapon and he repeatedly says "No" and one guy slashes the Demon with a knife and the Demon gets up and begins to be stuck in place as if he was lagging and about 10sec later his player model was gone and I was shot idk how many times and two people to my left were shot and killed.
  6. Server and Location: S1 - Kab Aprrox time: 21:30 Your in-game name: Clark Jackson Name of Allies involved: N/A Name of Suspects: N/A Friendly/Enemy Vehicles involved: none Additional Evidence: Detailed description: I was heading to Kab coming from Stary to meet up with my group members and as I approach Kab I see someone get killed in the streets and so I turn around to run away as I didn't know if there was a firefight or not and I get shot and killed.
  7. Make yourself known and you might get your wish ?
  8. Howell


    I'm down for traps just not explosive traps. It doesn't offer good rp but what can you do, you're a builder and have to deal with the consequences whether it be robberies or persistence on or offline
  9. I agree This is used in firefights, looting, etc and definitely needs to be a thing
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