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  1. Gordie Hull is an oilfield worker from Northern Alberta, Canada. For the most part, he's friendly, he loves conversation, sticks to his morals, but Gordie doesn't take shit from anybody that has wronged him or those he cares about especially when he's been drinking.... He likes to party. Where he grew up, you had to be tough, most of his childhood was spent ripping around in the woods hunting, fishing, camping, and whatever else he could get himself into. Gordie scraped through highschool and started working on the rigs as soon as he could. Over the years made his way up in the company he worked for and started getting jobs servicing Oil and Gas machinery all over the world. He's been to China, Saudi Arabia, Chad... He's worked in some pretty rough conditions. His latest job was in Chernarus. The country was in political turmoil, but as we all know, that isn't enough to stop the oil and gas industry. Gordie wasn't worried though, being a tough kid from northern Alberta, he could take care of himself. He's worked at some hairy locations and gets paid handsomely for doing so. This job, however, ended up being a little more than he bargained for...