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  1. 9/10, neat and simple.
  • MrDew

    Prison Island Bridge EXAMPLE

    Not gonna lie; While I like the idea of a bridge connecting to the island itself, maybe if this community / server wasn't so much RP orientated I can see it being considered and added, but as Hollows pretty much hit the nail on the head, in a realistic sense it doesn't make any to have a bridge connect a remote island - a prison at that.
  • MrDew

    [GAME] What would you do if you woke up with the person above you?

    Truth is..
  • MrDew

    [GAME]Rate the profile above you!

    10/10, I like.
  • MrDew

    Add Check Pulse Mod?

    I never really understood the pulse-check mechanic present back in the day apart from logging and sorts, from my experience in the past within' DayZ roleplay as a whole it's really only promoted Metagaming and awkward scenarios / situations.
  • MrDew

    MrDew's Edited Things.

    This'll be where I put all my edited DayZ related stills and screenshots. Feedback is appreciated! All content here is free for taking.
  • MrDew


    Greetings everyone! Came back around to DayZRP after a long absence last week but never made an re-introduction post. A lot of new and familiar faces alike all around here, especially great friends and good acquaintances alike I've met in RP communities. Been active for the past week, but certainly happy to continue RPing and being apart of this community in future.
  • MrDew

    Galápagos | Medical Roleplay | Open Recruitment

    First group in a long time I've interacted with, and I'm glad it was. Not even a full week and already I had admired and loved the RP and interactions I had with everybody within' the group and at the camp. Thank ya'll for that.
  • MrDew

    Roleplay and you

    RP is subjective. While it's nice that you and your brother when at times in RP, have tons of fun and create experiences for other players, past or present, but from the way your portraying this post it seems like you just want people to appeal to your own definition of RP and how things should be. RP among many other traits at its' core is improv and playing a character. Acting. It's a choice for people to be militaristic, the "hard" motherfucker, the list goes on. Lots of people in this community are creative, and from personal experience in the past and present, every interaction I've had with people have been unique and each with a unique personality and trait to go along with them. Don't take things done through RP seriously such as being held up, try to make the best out of it even if you're not winning, because at the end of the day RP is not about winning or losing, but progressing and developing character's stories and expanding upon them through interactions with others, hostile intentions or not.
  • MrDew

    Private Storage that can be broken into.

    I'm down for this, since weaponry or atleast rifles can't be stored. It's not a bad idea, but similar to what others here have said already, there'll likely again be an increase of people to horde gear and loot in these, of course this'll always be the case with any introduced storage ability / mechanic.
  • MrDew

    Whose roleplay did you enjoy today?

    Today - and especially lately I've really enjoyed the RP and interactions I've had. @Peril Helluva good time talking and RPing with ya mang, can't wait to see what'll happen in the future with Fletcher and Theodore. Still a shame the car we were in two days ago decided to go complete SpaceX on us. @TheMrGasMask Was pretty good finally RPing and interacting with ya. @Scarlett Definitely was nice talking and meeting with you IC. @Mademoiselle Been a long while since I've RP'd with you, definitely has been nice RPing and interactin' with your characters lately.
  • MrDew

    Where is all the loot?

    It all pretty much comes down to RNG, luck, and knowing where to look. Heck, I even found my first M4 on the server earlier today. AKMs, M4s, etc. are still in circulation but they're more uncommon to find than a UMP45 or MP5K. Of course the higher-tier weapons such as the SVD, FAL, etc. will be hoarded, stashed, or held onto for trading purposes by groups, but some very few are likely still spawning around, of course you'd have a better chance finding those types at Helicopter crash-sites or trading for one.
  • Michael Fletcher was born on May 11th, 1999 in the providence of British Columbia, Canada in his hometown of Vancouver, being the sole descendant of Natasha and Vladimir Fletcher. Michael’s parents arrived to the providence 3 years ago through immigration prior to his birth from their original home country of Chernarus. Vladimir was among the prominent and reliable lawyers within’ the Chernarussian Department of Justice, most cases he took from clients had very good or at the very least satisfactory outcomes. His occupation didn’t reside not only with the CDJ, but as well as his involvement with the Novigrad mafia family - investing money into the family whilst providing his services to them to the best of his ability. Natasha was not involved with the family, however she was acquainted with various notable members residing in it, as she was more focused upon her work more so than anything else which involved with medical field being a nurse. With a large sum of wealth saved and accumulated in the span of 6-8 years, the two desired to follow their passions, living in a beautiful city, working the same occupations, etc. soon enough, they filed immigration out of the country and into a more welcoming and desirable one, of which of course was Canada. Growing up, Michael always consisted of having a positive and creative mindset, in particular in his free-time doing activities such as drawing, painting, taking photos, the list of activities he enjoyed creatively goes on. Quickly through the years growing, the children and teenagers alike he met along the way in his schooling, saw him as a whole generally as somebody to trust, and to talk to in need of any help either emotionally, mentally, the list goes on. Within’ his school years, he never gave up on the friends he made and alongside those he knew very well, especially his own parents whom he loved dearly. He almost always took any opportunities in high school that were set foot in-front of himself, aspiring to not only make himself feel proud, but to his parents as well, many of which he involved himself with were sports-related such as Football, and Soccer. Through media and other sources, through time he and his family would hear news from their home country of conflict and civil uproar, leading up to the civil war and conclusion many years later. He excelled in his high school at the age of 17, graduating early within’ his junior year with a healthy final GPA alongside being offered a complete tuition at a university within’ the state to play Soccer for the university’s team. Within’ the last week of May in the year 2017, the Canadian Red Cross began involvement in the aid of Chernarus, as the demand and desperate need of medical assistance and staff was increasing due to uprise in violence in the Northern province of South Zagoria. Natasha, due to her prominent director position and years of experience, was required to assist in the aid. She alongside her husband and son, were very upset at the demand, a solution to the problem was made by Vladimir. The contract given to her was to remain active duty in the aid of the country for approximately 2-3 weeks, with all monthly payments sorted, he alongside Michael would come with her to avoid any long distance conflicts with the implemented martial law, living in a apartment until the time was concluded. She agreed, and on July 1st, 2017 they arrived back to their home country of Chernarus once again. With whatever remaining strong connections and favors his father had with the Novigrad family, he was granted an apartment suite for a month in the small city of Krasnostav, of which coincidentally was nearby the airstrip where Natasha was stationed providing her medical services. The first days upon arrival were calm, Michael and his father still retained modern technology devices and applications brought over from Canada. It was only until the 7th when the spiral of controversy, and national outrage had begun, the two focused on any news and media updates that were occurring in the providence, his father contacting her in the days ahead making sure she was alright. On the night of the 11th, Natasha was contacted by the head-director in the CRC that a NATO fleet and medical garrison in 6 days would arrive and be dispatched to the city of Miroslavl to retreat her alongside her husband and son. The family sat down that night and began to talk of leaving the country while they still could before anymore events transpired, they all agreed to the decision and packed up any and all belongings they could carry and that night taking a 2-hour taxi drive to the city of Miroslavl. Upon arrival they signed and checked into a CDF present encampment for those awaiting to be departed. Upon the arrival, they boarded a large vessel with a boarding of about 50-75 men, women, very little children, and military / naval personnel. Due to the unexpected numbers of boarders, the crew of the ship had to arrive the following day to the outer island of Chernarus; Utes, to collect more supplies needed for the arrival back to the Canada province. After days awaiting at a military encampment, on the night of the 21st, the ship was ready to be departed once more. At night a large-scale storm erupted across the entirety of the Chernarussian land and sea regions with strong sea waves and heavy winds. The ship - of which was about 10-11 miles away from the island - cautiously began to change course and return back. The decision would ultimately cost the entirety of the ship to go off course, with the raging waves shoving and pulling the ship farther and farther off course, it soon enough would crash into a large rock formation roughly 5-6 miles off the Southwest coastline of Miroslavl. It was around this time the storm slowly began to calm the seas, and as the ship began to sink to the bottom, lifeboats were scarce, with roughly of about 60% of the populace on the ship managing to board among the few, leaving those who hadn't down with the ship or drowning in the sea. Prior to the boat sinking and with a final goodbye and family hug, Michael was separated from his parents on different life-boats, praying they’d find one another upon the shore the following morning or day. Upon arrival on the coastline in a small town roughly 3-4 miles West of Kamenka, it had been completely desolate and abandoned. The 18 survivors upon the boat including himself begun to reside in the abandoned small town, gathering supplies and venturing out any nearby settlements for supplies to return with. Sickness overcame half of the surviving group, those unfamiliar with the infected and how it worked or those who turned acted, would one night be attacked either in their sleep or scavenging. Only 6 survivors from the boat remained including Fletcher, they formed a small group and began their journey towards the Black Mountains in hopes to reach the Russian border and arrive to a safe-zone or any sort of military encampment. They never did, and through weeks upon weeks of survival and internal conflict, the group began to dissipate, two of the survivors were shot by hostile lone individuals, another bitten and killed before turning into an infected individual, and the remaining 3 - including Fletcher - went their separate ways.
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  • MrDew

    S2 Cherno -Troll RP and Baiting

    I wouldn't consider myself acting "feral", more or less the insanity of my character dwindled as he witnessed his two closest friends die right in front of him and after everything they've went through together, vanished within' moments. In simple terms, primal instincts kicked in, and given he had no where else to go, he began going around begging and even demanding for food, clothes, items, to each person he met during this time. I would like to note, that I am not naked during this video, my two theory's are that either both of them saw me naked locally, or my character's clothing did not show up at all for everybody within the server, because I was wearing a Ghillie suit, alongside a Wolf Mask. My evidence to back up this claim is the fact I was equipped with a Mosin Nagant, however during the video it did not appear on my character at all during my interaction with them, and during combat. Edit: You can see in the hit logs I used a Mosin Nagant. My role-play I do admit during this period wasn't the best, nor did I really attempt to do my best, mainly because I was sick that day and at the point of which they encountered me, I was tired as well. I do sincerely apologize for this whole commotion, both to everyone involved, and to those having to deal with solving this case. @Nihoolious Also relevant but unrelated, the author of this report messaged myself concluding he would close the report and disregard what had occurred during this whole ordeal. I will provide more context if needed.
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