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  1. Link to the source of punishment (report/post): ( Unfortunately I was unable to retrieve a link, or couldn't find the original source of the report that resulted in my removal near 2 years ago, if I am able to I will add it ASAP. ) Why the verdict is not fair: The verdict upon my removal from the community in the past, was without a doubt in my mind, justified and fair. Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: During the time away from my past removal, I myself as a person since and to this present day have been trying my best to improve solely myself outside of the community. In a way, it was a wake-up call back then alongside some IRL influences as well that had snapped myself mentally back into place and onto a path to change for good. My attitude alongside the sheer thinking of how I saw and acted upon things from the last week or prior up to my removal, has significantly improved compared to how rude, narrow-minded, and irrational I may have been at times leading up to it. I as of the present day, sincerely have the confidence to say that I as a person within' and outside of DayZRP, have changed for the better since. In the time being away, I learned of life lessons and ways to better manage my actions, thoughts, emotions, the list goes on that I wish I had known beforehand. Not only in the time being absent, as well as returning with a mindset to make new friends, form relationships, IC and OOC that I have achieved, have helped directly or indirectly bettering myself in the DayZRP community, most of my new-found or past friends I had known back in the day - have seen personally in the past or present either in-character, or out-of-character of not only how potentially great of a role-player and community member I can actively be or set myself up to become. Since returning, It was always my intention and goal of if ever graciously given the chance to return to the community once again, to not only continue improving solely as a person, but as well as proving to friends and acquaintances - both new and old alike - that I had changed since the past. Ever since granted, I have found myself significantly more involved with the community not only on the forums, discord, etc. but more importantly in-game role-playing and interacting with many, many community members - some few of which I would become sooner or later become friends with IC, or better yet OOC. As of the present, I hope I may continue presently showing of my improvements not only as a person - but as a full community member as well. What would you like to achieve with this appeal: Wishing for the final warning to be removed, so I may continue to keep playing and providing role-play as fully contributing member to this community. As something as minor as it may seem, viewing my own profile at times looking at the points to this day continues to remind me of the person I once was and how I used to act leading up to it, and it's something I do not wish to remember myself as anymore knowing today, as it is far from whom I am now. What could you have done better?: Nearly - if not everything. I sincerely wish I would've back then owned up to my mistakes, acted like a mature human being of my age at the time and not a child, telling the sincere truth and being up-front of what I had done instead of lashing out and making a complete fool of myself or at the very least acting maturely and talking things out. It was significantly and sincerely wrong in every-way shape and form of trying to sly my way out of the situation and not taking it maturely, rationally, and responsibly as I should have at the time of the hour, that's not the type of person I wish to be remembered as not only by community members but as well as the hardworking dedicated staff alike as well as it doesn't reflect truly upon the person I am on the inside.
  2. Continuing upon my latest response, as previously stated after a long role-play session situation yesterday, and speaking with few individuals I know OOC, I would like to bring forth new evidence pushing for my counter-report mentioned. In this video clip provided, you are able to see Phoenyxx @Phoenyxx conversing with myself IC claiming that there was an eye-witness who had visually seen the entire thing, stating that Robin personally herself went to her and informed her of the information. Robin had appeared to claim that she saw first-hand of seeing Fletcher had shot Sunny, witnessing the act and somehow seeing through his faux impersonation. Robin and I in a normal role-play circumstance, have not spoken nor interacted directly in the past where she would be able to recognize my name and normal voice. As with their previously given PoVs and statements, the only individual remaining within' the camp had been Robin @brringbumf whereas Sunny @zsmith1111 and Alfred @Method had went down, leaving herself as the only one not with anything relating to NLR of the situation given. This clip provided goes into more detail of the result of the report situation scenario, where the conversation is centralized upon speaking of how Robin had witnessed and managed to listen to the conversation between Fletcher (Impersonating as a faux relations higher-up in Wolfpack) alongside Sunny. This information solely explained IC within' this clip, I would've only known as I myself was the only one present for the conversation first-hand and lived. In her vod, it is present that she is able to see ourselves conversing, however at no point in time past the timestamp of 1:55, our conversation is audible. At this point in which you can clearly see the statement that she heard everything is untrue by her own given VoD, as well as her PoV where she states the following: Additionally with the provided evidence, this screenshot given between @lunathecat and @zsmith1111 shows that Robin was the one that informed him of the events that took place that night. In conclusion with the evidence and context scripts given, I would like to state the following as a summary: Robin @brringbumf had informed Phoenyxx that I had dropped the act suddenly followed with per quote, "Fuck you", which is information that Robin IC, had no way possibly obtaining since she alongside Alfred @Method had stood a far distance away where my conversation with Sunny @zsmith1111 IC could not be picked up by any means. With this conclusive scenario and evidence, she had no way of knowing this at all unless in the case Sunny "suddenly" unrealistically remembered and had told her IC / OOC. With all evidence provided alongside the support backing and giving context to the result of this scenario, I would like to push for a counter-report. @zsmith1111 For breach of 3.4 - NLR and possible breach of Rule 3.5 - Metagaming. @brringbumf For breach of Rule 3.5 - Metagaming. Finishing with this, I’d like to again re-quote of what I previously stated with my first PoV:
  3. @Xehara @Mademoiselle As it is early in the morning for myself currently, I would like to make you aware - I will be pushing for a counter-report against the opposing party later today. Including newly found evidence I have discovered after a role-play session yesterday / today and speaking with individuals OOC. With that being said, I will not be posting my evidence to this counter-report until later today after getting some rest. I ask that the staff team doesn't resolve the report until I get the opportunity to post my evidence, as the evidence I will be providing may change the outcome of this report.
  4. At the time of when this situation began, it was already very early in the morning, from my perspective this was how I myself remembered from my perspective. And where was this video evidence required to provided from the beginning of your report? @zsmith1111 You seemingly obtained this after coincidentally I had posted my PoV? Despite admitting you had more you chose to post a full video of the situation, and the very brief clip as provided. It seems like you were withholding evidence, if you had it already, exactly why had you not posted it from the beginning of the report? An average community member that is suspicious or knows of a rule-break conducted ingame, would immediately or afterwards exiting the game check to see if they had a recording - Shadowplay and OBS being the most common, where not only are the two easy to set-up, but as well as finding the recording file itself, and it seems like you did and refrained from providing it until now, knowing you are required / should present it when asked, otherwise you likely were saving the recording for blackmailing reasons OoC. Upon creating a report, you are required to provide any and all available evidence as soon as possible - especially this clip seemingly short and the audio / initiation cuts out briefly as you've provided here, to counter this accusation of "lying" in a report, I will remind and mention you that withholding evidence is also considered lying in a report. Please provide the full unedited VoD of the incident from the beginning and after the initiation occurred. In that video you provided, it is very clear on both sides are present hostilities to the point where they'd kill each-other. You knew this especially when I had the day prior held a gun to your head at the Myshkino Summer Camp when present at the camp and myself asking you multiple times to "leave", non-complying.
  5. Fletcher Point-of-View (PoV): Greetings! Apologies for the slightly late post response, nonetheless I’ve been spending a good few hours from my day outside of work and other duties within’ the 24 hour span writing this up and understanding the situation in full. To begin, some context will be needed with the information I will later provide in my PoV. On May 18, 2019, Sunny had large involvement alongside Constance and a few other Funeral Parlor members / Hired mercenaries in the act of holding up Hutch / Grace on the main road from Kabanino to Vybor, bringing them to one of the Southeast tri-bunkers at the airfield to interrogate / question the two - moreso Grace - upon an incident (irrelevant to this report) she got involved with or may have caused. https://www.twitch.tv/videos/426647714?t=09h44m30s (Event Timestamp) 09:44:30 - 10:50:00 Prior to being held up, I had met Hutch in the town of Kabinino, speaking to him briefly before losing where he went, asking around I was directed to where I saw the two being escorted away. Trailing them without being spotted, whilst doing so I contact Nick Sauce and Noah McKaine - whom of which were in our radio communications as it all happened. In short (If more context on the event is needed, I will happily provide with as much sufficient evidence as I can give), I track them to one of the bunkers, they arrive and help in the aid of attempting to rescue them, around 10:26:00 with the clip provided, Sauce willingly initiating, resulting in nearly killing Sunny and another FP individual, Sunny downed / shot at Sauce in the ensuing action, Fletcher, informing Sauce later that day upon the incident, Sauce had held a grudge of wanting to kill Sunny for shooting him / returning the favor. https://www.twitch.tv/videos/426647714?t=10h26m00s Within’ the day or two prior to the incident, a build-up of paranoia, jealousy, etc. etc. through RP and behavior exhibiting them IC, witnessing and knowing of his closest friend / love interest, Willow, being around him for short amount of times, and overhearing very few in Wolfpack close with Sunny, mentioning his potential (confirmed) interest in her. A remark he had made to myself IC at one point, regarding to he knowing information “If only I wish I could know”, had mentally strained him to the point of breaking and forming a plan to gain the information or any sort of information he had upon himself. The morning of the incident, I had devised a plan to disguise myself IC (Reminder, myself officially being apart of the Wolfpack) as a covert allied relations agent within’ the group kept under wraps, undergoing the alias; Reznov. Around 30 minutes prior to initiating upon him, I drive up to their camp where I am met with 3 survivors communicating with Alfred Josiah upon one of the watchtowers, shortly afterwards Sunny alongside Robin appear walking down a path towards the camp, the two entering inside as I stood out with the 3 others, they leaving shortly after upon my arrival to the camp. Speaking to him directly, I ask directly about retrieving something left behind by one of the Wolfpack inside the camp, he communicating with someone over the radio, about my presence. My purpose of being present had changed, and I inquired to speak with a “higher-up” present within’ the camp, knowing Sunny’d answer. He comes outside, wanting to know what’s up, I explain to him directly of whom I am, and why I needed to speak with him about relations between the two groups, successfully drawing him out far enough to where our conversation could not be heard from within’ the camp. The conversation between he and I was informing him that two members, Hutch and (especially) Fletcher had issues past and present with some individuals that resided at the camp, for Hutch the incident of course mentioned, was when he had a large involvement of holding him alongside Grace up on the 19th of May, not injuring he nor her, but almost fatally wounding his best friend Sauce. To gain information upon Fletcher, or myself, I began to insinuate that he may cause trouble between the two groups due to his “personal” issues with him, acknowledging this, he begins speak upon of how “hot-headed” he can be. Shortly I inquire more upon the matter, and he begins to explain what he knows of Fletcher especially presently, where he is well aware of his deep interest in his closest friend, Willow, and insinuates upon playing mind games on him to bring out his self-destructive nature. Being told of his interest in her no longer being present, since he had found rather in Robin at the camp, began to speak of wanting to see how far he can keep it going and Fletcher unknowing of the truth, and remarking that if given the opportunity to kill Fletcher, he would especially in the case if Robin would be hurt emotionally or physically. Pent up with the weight of the truth given, both of us infront of one another, me slightly to his side a bit more purposefully to initiate, breaking out of the pseudo Russian alias I remark, “Fuck you, not if I take care of you first, put your hands up!” And near the end of my sentence, he had begun to raise his weapon already equipped and almost turning towards me to retaliate, I shot him knowing he wouldn’t want me to live having known the information I obtained successfully. Shortly afterwards, Alfred shoots in the direction of where our conversation was, giving myself the right to retaliate upon himself (and Robin if she willingly involved herself). Retreating shortly, looping around and taking notice of himself checking the corpse still, I directly shot him. If I had known that his intentions of coming outside rather to not hunt myself down but rather to provide medical RP, I wouldn’t have likely returned to the scene. Regardless, I was unsure if Robin had logged for the night whilst conversing, but just incase I ran about outside around the camp, I gave the warning of “Whoever is inside this camp, you better have your hands up.”, and shortly afterwards I confirmed knowing of her presence inside seeing through one of the splits in the walls at the front, seeing herself prone and already surrendered if I entered. With my safety ensured, I left the scene in my vehicle and drove to Zelenogorsk where I laid low. After the incident later that day, I was informed of he wanting to plot a revenge or a means of finding out that Fletcher had been the one that shot him that morning, I am genuinely one for getting involved in any sort of intense roleplay - especially getting captured, and OOC I’d be more than happy to work things out with the OP of this report.
  6. No from me chief. It's a short audience of people that are able to seriously RP having a baby - of which are outnumbered by those that either can't or wouldn't take it seriously - it's worked this far emoting it not needing any models. Also with throwing back, I'd personally not wanna see babies being tossed like footballs.
  7. 9/10, lotta work and thought put into the writing.
  8. 9.5/10, catchy and heartwarmin'
  9. Fletcher

    Fletcher's Character / DayZ Artwork

    Where I'll post all my artwork and drawings made myself relating to DayZRP and or DayZ in general.
  10. Great interview! Personally would like to see @Peril be interviewed.
  11. Fletcher

    The Order

    Hot damn - the artwork reminds me of those similar to Marvel comics, love it!
  12. Fletcher

    Fletcher's Edited Things.

    This'll be where I put all my edited DayZ related stills and screenshots. Feedback is appreciated! All content here is free for taking.
  13. After recent events, and the mental decaying of Fletcher within' the past week - out of anger and sheer depression has destroyed his journal, tearing it apart and throwing the separate pieces into his rucksack.
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