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    S2 Cherno -Troll RP and Baiting

    I wouldn't consider myself acting "feral", more or less the insanity of my character dwindled as he witnessed his two closest friends die right in front of him and after everything they've went through together, vanished within' moments. In simple terms, primal instincts kicked in, and given he had no where else to go, he began going around begging and even demanding for food, clothes, items, to each person he met during this time. I would like to note, that I am not naked during this video, my two theory's are that either both of them saw me naked locally, or my character's clothing did not show up at all for everybody within the server, because I was wearing a Ghillie suit, alongside a Wolf Mask. My evidence to back up this claim is the fact I was equipped with a Mosin Nagant, however during the video it did not appear on my character at all during my interaction with them, and during combat. Edit: You can see in the hit logs I used a Mosin Nagant. My role-play I do admit during this period wasn't the best, nor did I really attempt to do my best, mainly because I was sick that day and at the point of which they encountered me, I was tired as well. I do sincerely apologize for this whole commotion, both to everyone involved, and to those having to deal with solving this case. @Nihoolious Also relevant but unrelated, the author of this report messaged myself concluding he would close the report and disregard what had occurred during this whole ordeal. I will provide more context if needed.
  3. DeweyFew

    S2 Cherno -Troll RP and Baiting

    No @Jade, during this time for myself it was late at night from where I was, and didn't feel the need to screenshot or record anything. To be quite honest, I have don't have a clue why I am tied to this report, aside from the only logical reasoning that @Coreena checked my pulse upon her shooting myself and going unconscious. Seeing how nobody here has clear evidence, aside from the posters' provided speculated screenshot of the actual perpetrator, I would just say keep an eye out on a BadRPing player who begs for food, acts jumpy all the time, and clearly has initiative intentions.
  4. DeweyFew

    S2 Cherno -Troll RP and Baiting

    This is from my POV: @Elmo During my walk in the town of Cherno, I encountered an odd behavioral player wearing a ghillie suit and a mask running around, acting about being paranoid about something. He approached me, asked if I had any food or beverages in an odd given tone, and to my reply I stated no. He soon after was acting jumpy, and gave me all of his gear for some odd reason, as if he was being chased or hunted down, I asked him why he was giving me his equipment, but he did not respond but rather ran in the direction I was walking from. It was only until I was beginning to heat up wearing the ghillie suit, that I swam into the nearby ocean and was immediately being shot at from an unknown source, to which case I immediately swam back to shore, took cover from the assailants, and acted in self defense using the Mosin Nagant he gave me, which ended up ending Lewellyn and my life as well. @LewellynMoss Also unrelated, but are you aware of the glitch in DayZ that is occurring where players may appear naked locally by some other players?
  5. DeweyFew

    s2 Cherno - RDM

    Elaboration please?
  6. DeweyFew

    s2 Cherno - RDM

    Here is my point of view of the entire situation that occurred. The group and I were hanging about at Kovars market, until we got word by an individual that somebody was holding up our friend, "Red", nearby in an apartment. We arrived at the scene, myself, @Taryn, and @Saintz all together to save our friend from this person. Saintz managed to successfully kill the hostage holder, however Red was injured during the time of action. Not too long after, I caught word that Saintz was shot and killed by an unknown player. After this news, I decided to meet up with Taryn to find out who exactly killed Saintz during that point of time, it was not too long after we encountered two men, one wearing a leather crafted vest with military clothing, and other wearing generic military clothing. Taryn asked the man wearing the leather vest if he knew who shot Saintz, and to his response, this was his exact response: "Oh yeah, I am the guy that killed your friend, took his vest and loot, now you're dead." It was after this that the man pulled out his sileneced MP5K and emptied a clip straight into Taryn right infront of myself. He spared me, for some odd reason, given he knew I was knowingly with her, but I do remember he informed me to not come after him. After that, I ran straight to Kovar's market, because he was heading in the direction where it was at, to stop him from killing or injuring any other people. It was until I arrived, that he was not alone, and had two other men alongside him, it was until I addressed him, he aimed his gun at myself, and I began opening fire using my Glock 17 in self defense. I did not live long however, his friends alongside himself all together killed myself. This incident has convinced me to record everything I do on this server from here on out, I thought I was safe from RDM, and PVP addicts on this server, but it seems like even in the most unlikely circumstances, it can still happen.
  7. DeweyFew

    s2 Cherno - RDM

    Myself being a witness, this is all true, down to the grim details.
  8. DeweyFew

    Hello yall!

    Welcome to the community, I hope you enjoy your stay!
  9. DeweyFew

    Michael Scaletta's Journal

    / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / [ Everything Written Here Occurred In-Game Aside From July 14th, and 27th ] [ This Is Also My First Journal Post On This Forum, And I Will Keep Adding More To This Journal! ] [ It Has Been Great For The Past Weeks Playing & RPing With You Guise! @Saintz, @Vito, @Taryn, @neckrorazul, @Ruan! ] / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / ~ July 14th 2017 ~ Today, I found this book that was completely filled with blank pages, no notes, nothing, so I have decided to take it upon myself to use this as a journal. I've never been a fan of writing inside "journals" or "diaries", always seemed unnecessary to me in the old world. ~ July 27th 2017 ~ Today has been about, one or so weeks after the outbreak, I don't even know why I keep track of the days that go by, it seems pointless. I was jumped yesterday in Kamenka by two armed bandits and was taken far East along the coast, after a few hours, the vehicle stopped, I was dropped off, tied behind my legs, and left in a small town that I've never been to. They left me with the clothes on my back, rugged rags, and a road flare for some odd reason, who knows why. As I am writing this, I am heading North to hopefully find a military refugee camp to stay safe until all of this blows over one day in the future perhaps. I'm probably not going to write in this journal for awhile, I need to focus on my journey and staying alive. ~ August 5th 2017 ~ What a day today has been, I reached the Northern town of Stary Sobor, met up with a group of nice people, and trekked North to their camp where they allowed us to stay here for as long as we wanted whilst providing protection. The camp was pretty nice, I didn't have to share a cabin with someone thankfully. There was a clinic, and a source of water that we could drink out of, not to mention a small farm as well to keep us well fed. They weren't military, more or less civilian I believe, but the woman who was the leader here, Taryn Allegheny, alongside her wingman at the time, Winston West, were very kind, and didn't make anybody in the camp that was a visitor or newcomer like myself uncomfortable. I met a lot of nice people within' the camp, it is very odd to see that after all the shit the world has plummeted into, manners, kindness, and compassion hasn't been thrown out of the window completely. ~ August 8th 2017 ~ I finally have time to write in this journal, after the past three days of hell. After the day I arrived at Taryn's camp, I awoke to seeing men with yellow armbands wearing military equipment, wanting and demanding us to leave the camp. I don't remember the full story of what occurred, some woman that was a scientist, or something I believe, who stayed was taken during the night, and I don't know what happened, nor did I really ask in general. Taryn wasn't at the camp during this whole ordeal, most likely on a loot run with a few others, however Winston was beaten thoroughly as he was the only authority presence there to represent us and his group, some others as well were beaten and interrogated, including myself, though I only got a few bruises and a maybe a cut or two. Nobody at the camp resisted, nor did anyone attempt to, in fear of not only killing theirselves, but potentially everyone in the camp during that time. After we were evicted from the camp, some people traveled in groups like myself, and others just wandered out alone, hoping to find a new group or community perhaps. ~ August 12th 2017 ~ For the past couple days, myself, a few others, and the camp owners, all have been looking for a place to settle and stay at for good after we were evicted. We've been taking breaks on the road here and there, slept some nights, some not, and have been moving consistently. We stayed in a small town temporarily for a day or two, however we all realized that staying there was a bad decision, and decided to move once again. However, today we finally found a place to settle, and stay at, which was somewhat similar to the first campground. It had a few dozen cabins, a clinic, some lunch tables, and a few out-houses for people to do their "business". I have high hopes for this place, it's nice, secluded, and as long as nobody tells anyone on the outside that are dangerous, aside from those we trust where we are now located, we'll be alright for quite awhile. ~ August 13th 2017 ~ Everything in one night was taken and ransacked, tents, supplies, everything down to the last drop of water. To make matters worse, I had lost where the group had gone, since I was gone during that night on a loot run North, gathering supplies for our group. The battery in my radio was drained of energy, which was the icing on the cake on-top of everything that had happened. I spent half the day scouring the South coast looking for my group, I needed a rest, I encountered a survivor, I believe his name was Owen, who informed me of a place called "Kovars' Market", which was a market created inside of an abandoned warehouse on the East side of Chernogorsk. After having a nice long greet with the owner, Stanislav Kovar, I settled down for a bit, took a short nap, and after waking up and walking around a bit, I encounter a random stranger, who turned out to be Italian like myself, was named Joey Dizenzo. I had a nice long friendly conversation with him, he was a pretty great guy, until I asked him if he knew anybody I knew in my group if they were around here, it was until I brought up Winston, that he explained how he was his friend, and not too long after during our conversation, Taryn, Winston, and another individual who was a friend of theirs, arrived to the market. They told me about last night, and how the camp was ransacked and raided as they were sleeping, and have been in Chernogorsk most of the day. It was a great relief finding them again, I am somewhat disappointed in myself for not hugging them both, although that would've been awkward in retrospect. After that, I did some trading in the market, and decided to hit the sack outside in the market inside of a tent I had set-up. ~ August 14th 2017 ~ Today has been a good day, I spent the morning cooking up some chicken that I added some pepper onto, which may I say was fantastic, and did some trading with strangers and people I knew. Apparently two men were fighting over a girl, atleast from what I could tell, and one of the men knocked the other unconscious twice on each round, it was pretty exciting to watch, I'm just glad I didn't bet on either of them. During the fight Taryn arrived at the market, and her and I began talking outside about matters of myself being officially apart of their group, which to my surprise, I was! Later on was not so good, the VDV arrived to town, came to the market, and almost took away my Kalashnikov, before I could sneak past them whilst Winston was speaking to the two officials there. I caught word that we could live up North once again, and after everyone packed everything they could, including a few tents Stanislav graciously gave us since our camp was raided, we headed up North. In the event I leave this journal in a place like Kovar's Market, or somewhere important, I don't think I'll state where we stay and make our home(s) at, to avoid anymore unwanted "visitors". During a supply run later in the evening with myself, Taryn, Winston, and two others I didn't know so well, Taryn has been recently looking at me...rather passionately lately, perhaps of all the nice things I have done lately for the group I am sure as far as I know. I told them I'd meet them back at home tomorrow, being too tired to make the journey back, and decided to sleep in a deer stand until the next day. ~ To Be Continued.. ~
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    Just A Quick Thank You

    A lot of people in this community, including myself, feel the same way as you do with this server and how the DayZ experience should be! I am sure everyone here hope you enjoy your stay today and in the future!
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    Mutated Infected Are Coming!


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    What Makes A Good Character Page?

    Honestly, you just have to put effort and think of a great backstory for your character that intrigues others, but mostly satisfies yourself. Make your page look decent, but also put your own creative elements into the mix.
  13. DeweyFew

    Home Sweet Home.

    Not so pleasant memories.
  14. DeweyFew

    Too early for bandit groups?

    Given how early it is, I'd say Yes. After an apocalypse, either nuclear, infected, zombie, etc. "begins" and the government is no longer present, no doubt would people begin to start looting anything they see valuable, demanding people to give them their valuables, and so forth. Shortly after banditry groups would begin to form, the only differences being their characteristics from other formed groups. It's very plausible to meet people who in this point in time, are in so desperate of need, that they resort to holding up people they meet for their goods. I have zero problems with people forming banditry groups currently, as long as they are in character during a hold up or raid.
  15. DeweyFew

    Scaletta's Journey

    These are pictures each day of Michael Scaletta's adventures.