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  1. Oh lord. Welcome back pal.
  2. Vladdy


    ¯\_(◡ ‿ ◡✿)_/¯ Desu Stop it, youre not one of them. We must lead the resistance ^Yes George dont betray us now.
  3. Vladdy


    Fine! I've watched Naruto a bit... So you are one of "Them" EWWW
  4. Vladdy

    The Origin of Banter - Voodoo's Theory

    Wake me up. Rawr
  5. Vladdy

    Can we have the meme thread back?

    Also polls wont get you anywhere. Look at the desolation thread so many people wanted that but no. What the people want doesn't fit with what staff actually feel like doing unfortunately.
  6. Vladdy

    Can we have the meme thread back?

    Wow nice memes oh wait....... Edit: If you are going to use a dead ass meme spell it correctly? Idk
  7. Vladdy

    Can we have the meme thread back?

    I suggested this to Rolle the other day and it was shot down right away. He said that when he first made it he wanted it to be like imgur or 9gag. What a meme right. Anyway he said that no matter what it makes the community look bad. I also suggested saying to people don't join in if you can not stand memes and banter but was also shot down. But I agree having the meme thread back would be fun.
  8. Vladdy


    [mp3]http://puu.sh/qYCMX/65d9e39463.mp3[/mp3] My favorite type of ASMR. By the legend that is Hop.
  9. Vladdy

    Guess who's back?

    Welcome Back
  10. Vladdy

    Your bestest friends you made on DayZRP

    Oh you will never let me live that down.
  11. Vladdy


  12. Vladdy

    Steam Giveaway

    Binding of Issac would be nice